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Zill is an antagonist appearing in Ciel Nosurge, and returning in Ar Nosurge. She is a Chimon researcher with a deep respect for Genom, as well as a deep disgust in humanity, seeking the betterment of human souls. She once worked together with her lover Undu in Genomirai, until Nero trapped him within her mind, after which Zill went to great lengths to try and save him. She was originally next in line to be Archbishop, but ultimately lost the position thanks to Kanon. She is a strong willed woman who stops at nothing to achieve her goals, and genuinely believes what she is doing will save humanity.


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Zill was born to the Rimonite family, one of the 12 Chimon Mediator families. Her father was the head of the Mediators at the time, and served as Archbishop. However, upon advice from Cosal regarding the selection of the next Archbishop, the Chimon switched to a system valuing ability over bloodline, which her parents opposed. This ultimately lead to the Rimonite family being expelled from the Mediators. Furthermore, Zill was originally next in line to be Archbishop, but due to the appearance of Kanon, she lost that position to her, and had even played a role in Kanon’s ability to synchronize with a high level genom like Cosal thanks to the gRNA virus α she and Undu had developed.


Ciel Nosurge[]

Ar Nosurge[]


QuelI->EX[cez->{kranz}; : Executes a seventh axis movement. Sung in an attempt to send Nero back to her original world, leaving Undu behind in her body.

Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; (beta version) : A song that breaks down the walls between individuals and fuses them into an 8th dimensional being. Used to gather the necessary energy to migrate to the new planet, ultimately leading to many deaths in those that couldn't resist the effects of the song.