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The Water Mill (揚水歯車, yousui haguruma?, lit. "Water-pumping Gear") is a large hydroelectric engine that produces Symphonic Power from the rain water that falls on the canals built on the surface of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico. Given the large amounts of energy it can produce, it is a vital part of the life of the people of Pastalia, as their industries and the Vertical Elevators all use it as their energy source.

On the other hand, Telmina (テルミナ, terumina?, lit. "Termina") is a large hall that gives access to all of the Vertical Elevators that run throughout the Second Tower. Said elevators are a series of lifts that go from I to IX, in order of oldest to newest, and thus, they serve as an important way of transport for the Pastalians.


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Both the Water Mill and Telmina are counted as part of the same area in-game, which is the reason for them sharing the enemy encounters, general appearance and background music. On the other hand, each of its three major sections is counted as an individual place, which is why the IPD Radar only detects IPDs present in the area in which the player is currently and ignores the ones in the other two areas. Aside of this, navigating both places is relatively simple, although they will have to return frequently to this place to use the Vertical Elevators to go to other places. This area will also give the player a tutorial fight against enemies with Jamming abilities the first time they access it.



  • Fallen Leaf
  • 320 Leaf
  • Kettle Rice
  • Grathnode Ring
  • Curel A
  • Geugo
  • D-Crystal: Hate
  • Pira Theory 1
  • Gergo x 2
  • Songstone x 3
  • Light Feather x 3
  • 500 Leaf
  • D-Crystal: Evil Will (only after defeating IPD Nats)
  • D-Crystal: Fury (only after defeating IPD Spoura)


Number of Random Encounters in This Area: 8


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Luna 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Typer Zero x2
Nea 6 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Sour Pom x2
Aura 3 After the first battle with ??? in the Speech Plaza at Pastalia. Stationary Blue Wyvern x2
Spoura 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary None
Sherry 8 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary None
Nats 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Pumpkin Hero x2
Ibuki 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Necromancer x2
Higure 1 None. Stationary Sesame Pom x2
Laloon 2 None. Stationary Wyvern x2
Harukaze 9 After Luca sings Hartes ciel, melenas walasye. at Rakshek. Roaming Sayri
Sono 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming None

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