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This song is an insert theme that can be heard in most of the important story scenes for Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, such as the Download of the Hymn Crystals. Despite having lyrics, it's mostly an instrumental BGM.

Voices of Joined Lives
At1-OST Information
Unaltered Nameつがう命の声 (Tsugau Inochi no Koe)
AlbumAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia Original Soundtrack
SingerAkiko Shikata
ComposerKen Nakagawa
ArrangerKen Nakagawa
LyricsKen Nakagawa
Translated Byaquagon


fukaki yumeji utsuroi..
A changing deep dream...

生命 生まれしとき
強く光 放つ星は 謳い
inochi umareshi toki
tsuyoku hikari hanatsu hoshi wa utai
When a life is born,
The star sings as it releases a strong light

誓い 捧げられし子らは
chikai sasagerareshi kora wa
hito no naseru waza wo koete
The children that offer their vows
Surpass the techniques created by the people

闇を裂け 二人の番えし声
yami wo sake futari no tsugaeshi koe
Oh duet of joined voices, rip apart the darkness!

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