About me

I'm a college student, coursing a career on Systems Engineering, and an amateur translator. I'm currently doing the translation on many Ar tonelico-related materials (such as the Official Materials Collection Books, the Toukousphere, and others), and one of the translators working on the Ar tonelico 2 Retranslation Project. I also have a good part of the Hymn lyric translations under my belt, and I'm also one of the main writers of the Conlang page for the Hymmnos language.

As you all can see, Ar tonelico is one of my biggest passions (together with the Popolocrois series), and when I found about this wiki, I wanted to do what I could to help it become a great information center for anyone that's interested on these wonderful games (even if I'm very laid back/busy, and I don't update very frequently).

And here is my contact info. Contact me if anything important comes up!

E-mail address: d/r/a/g/o/n/0/0/8(at)/h/o/t/m/a/i/l/(dot)/c/o/m/ (without the slashes)


Twitter: aquagon_drag

My contributions

My main contributions would be these:

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