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-"Fried Bread..."-

Tyria is the third Origin Reyvateil, and Administrator of the Third Tower in Sol Cluster and the Tower itself. She is the true form of the goddess that Aurica used to worship in the first game, Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, and the reason for her different appearance is because no one in Sol Ciel had ever seen what Tyria looked like; the images that appeared of her were all fabricated by the imagination of the Elemians. She is also the Reyvateils' master in Sol Cluster. Her personality is very strange, by modern standards. She is very blatant and blunt. She likes food made from flour, such as breads and cakes. Her favorite and most desired food is agepan (fried bread). 


Origins and Life Prior to Ar tonelico 3[]


Tyria’s existence began as a Triangular Nuclear Loop codenamed after one of the Goddesses of the Trio of Elemia, which was designed and created especially by a bright researcher of El Elemia called Kurogane and given to the government organization AHPP (Ar Ciel: Heal the Planet Project), also known as the AAA (Aegis Alliance of Ar Ciel). The purpose for her existence was basically creating a Reyvateil that had a mental and spiritual depth far higher than any other, so she could serve as a mediator between the Planet Ar Ciel and the humans in order to carry out an operation that consisted in implanting a new Core into the planet. The purpose of this was to return the Planet to normalcy after its Core cracked in the Seven Bloodstains Incident, which caused problems that went from changes in the weather patterns to great natural disasters, signaling that the Planet would die if said matter was left unattended.

However, Tyria's depevelopment was rushed due to the many years the β Project took to complete. This was the project in which the Pureblooded β-Types were developed, and because they were considered good enough when it came to their power levels and their production costs were thousands of times lower than those of the Origins, the critics of the Planet Regeneration Project considered Tyria's creation as a massive waste of time and resources, even going as far as claiming that the project could be carried out perfectly with a Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil. However, these were ignorant claims, as Tyria was created especially for this project due to having access to H-Wave frequencies beyond the 1.16x10^8Hz threshold, which was were the Soulspaces of humans and all other Reyvateils ended. This would give her the ability to converse with the Wills of the Planet and even channel them. However, given her rushed development, it was impossible to give her Triangular Nuclear Loop the same specifications that her predecessors: Eoria and Frelia, had. In fact, it could be said that her Triangular Nuclear Loop ended being a defective version of the one used for creating a Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil, which would end up giving her a very short life span if she used her abilities to its fullest. Aside of this, there were great fears that Tyria wouldn't even come online successfully once she was "born", as her cultivation period was shortened from the ones used for Eoria and Frelia, which were ten and five years respectively, to just one.

Early Life[]

However, these fears were put to rest once she came online. However, due to her special characteristics, Kurogane, who also served as a father figure to her, spent the following years performing several cruel and terrible experiments on her in order to draw out her potential. Likewise, given the researchers feared the reach of her powers of accessing and manipulating these ultra high-frequency waves, she wasn't connected to the SH Servers of the First Tower of Ar tonelico and instead, a special server was made for her. Said server was called Harvestasha, in honor of the ancient priestess whose legends were famous throughout all of Sol Ciel.

Still, while Tyria was very happy alongside Kurogane, she also fell pretty lonely due to not being allowed to have contact with any other people, and the fact that Kurogane himself never considered her anything but a science project. Therefore, he treated her very cruelly and didn't shy from treating her even worse when the results from the experiments didn't satisfy his expectations.  Despite this, he loved her in a very twisted way as his more precious invention, and praised her whenever the experiments were successful. This is why Tyria ended becoming so devoted to Kurogane and continued enduring these hellish days, no matter how scared she was or how much she had to cry for it.

However, the most important experiments always ended in failure: these were situations in which Kurogane tried stimulating Tyria's mind in a way that her Dynamic H-Wave broke the threshold that all living beings have in order to make apparent the differences between her Soulspace and that of a standard Reyvateil, most of which consisted in putting her in death-or-life situations. However, moving her feelings in such a way proved to be impossible: no matter what he tried to do, her H-Wave scans always showed flatlines or peaks that weren't anywhere near reaching the threshold, indicating that her emotions remained static or changed very little. This was because he never bothered with letting Tyria socialize and learn what was the true meaning of the emotions she was feeling, and thus, she never got the chance to get attached to anything besides Kurogane himself.

This was the final nail on the coffin of the Third Tower of Ar tonelico project, and the government, upon noticing that Kurogane's experiments and research were a complete failure, they canceled the project and transferred their budget to the Second Tower project, which would be redesigned to accomplish the purpose the Third Tower was supposed to have. Likewise, Frelia would be the Reyvateil that would carry it out in Tyria's place.

Kurogane was indignated upon hearing this, so he went to the headquarters of the AHPP and pestered them so stubbornly that after some time, they finally gave in and granted him permission to restart the Third Tower project, but with a massive catch: his budget was reduced to a meager 1.0% of what it originally was, and thus, he and his followers had to relocate to Sol Cluster in order to continue their work.

Encounter with Eoria[]

During these hard days, Kurogane and famed wave researcher Eleno had an encounter, in which Tyria could have a brief glimpse on how her "older sister", Eoria, lived. She always at the side of her father figure Eleno, and always seemed to be very happy. While Tyria herself didn't admit this until much later, she felt envy of Eoria for having what seemed a father that actually treated her as a person and loved her as such. The second time they saw each other, Eoria seemed to be very tired, which was because the Installs she required to be hard-wired to the First Tower had already started, and were extremely painful and tiring experiences.

However, they didn't have the chance to actually talk until later on, a day before leaving for Sol Cluster, in which Kurogane left Tyria in a supposedly closed daycare while he went to a day-long meeting. The daycare being closed was no more than a front for leaving Tyria there in a way that she wouldn't interact with any other children. However, at that moment, Eoria came in and began talking to her. Eoria introduced herself as Shurelia, and after getting angry at Tyria for calling her a granny, she showed the credit card and card key that Eleno had given her, which could open any of the doors in the Tower. Tyria took advantage of this and borrowed it in order to go exploring the Tower now that Kurogane wasn't there to monitor her movements. They decided to go to a flora and fauna park despite the warnings of both Kurogane and Eleno to never go to that place, and once there, they spent a nice afternoon playing with the animals and eating sweets, which also was the time in which Tyria accidentally planted into Shurelia's mind her obsession for bunnies and that they cried "kyukyu", despite that actually being their death screams. During the return trip to the daycare, Tyria lost Shurelia and had to go back alone, although she ended keeping by accident Eleno's card. This is the reason why Shurelia ended despising her in later years, as she got in a lot of trouble due to losing the card.

Life in Sol Cluster[]

The previous events transpired during the course of three years, and then, Tyria moved to Sol Cluster alongside Kurogane and his followers. Due to upheaval ignited by the Grathnode Inferia calamity, the responsibility of bringing forth the AHPP was transferred to Tyria. This resulted in the lilac festooned Origin becoming a target of the anti-AHPP organization, the worst of the attempts on her life culminating on an head-front attack on her while she was resting inside of the Tower of Origin (Sol Cluster) that Kurogane had built with his meager budget and that served as his base of operations. To contend with assassination attempts by the opposing party, Tyria was given a strict network of bodyguards, one of them becoming her personal bodyguard: the distant Kusunoki Masakado. Until the day when she hummed the Third Tower into existence, Tyria attended Clover Academy under the alias Ria Togasaki, alongside Masakado and her two friends Ruruno Namba and Christia Z Tokita.


However, later on a cell of the mother AHPP organization that had come from the now ruined land Sol Ciel came to Sol Cluster to meet with Kurogane and ask for his collaboration in the execution of the AHPP. However, Kurogane still bitterly remembered the betrayal they gave him, as they were the ones who canned the Third Tower project and instead concentrated their resources in the Second Tower. This caused the negotiations to end in failure, but determined to not give up, said cell, now called the pro-AHPP group, bought the anti-AHPP organization, which changed its objectives from trying to kill Tyria to kidnapping her, all to prevent her from transforming into the Tower. Once Kurogane learned about this, he was so enraged that he fell into utter insanity: believing that the humans were no more than idiotic creatures that wanted everything just to gain power and recognition, even playing around with the only project that could save their lives and the Planet itself, he shifted all the systems for the Tower to Plan B, which would mark the start of the execution of the Human Evolution Project, and a trap for those that ridiculed him, as well as also marking the tragic end of the Planet Regeneration Project.

The Last Hope Extinguishes[]

Thirteen years beside Kurogane had imparted Tyria with a great admiration of the executive. As such, her purpose of becoming the Third Tower was strengthened by a resolve to bring fruition to his dreams. However, Kurogane merely manipulated these feelings now that he had decided the Planet Regeneration Project was meaningless, and had decided to close off its curtains with his own hands, while also doubling as the chance he was waiting for to cause a shock so great to Tyria that she would manifest all her potential. When the time arrived for Tyria to sing EXEC_REBIRTHIA_PROTOCOL/., he ruined the hymn by shooting himself in front of her. While this created an explosive feeling within Tyria's mind, her transformation into the Tower had already begun and she was rendered motionless. She wanted to save her beloved Kurogane, and as the time passed and she became the Tower, her mind wasflooded by an unbearable sadness. Then, the song degenerated into a bunch of static noise, signaling that this was so traumatic to her, that she sealed off all her memories of the event alongside the parts of the song she had yet to sing. This resulted in only a 60% of the tower being constructed.

Story in Ar tonelico 3[]

First Appearance[]

Tyria initially appears in Ar tonelico 3 before the party as a hologram in theLymph Vessel, her physical body having manifested the incomplete Tower of Harvestasha. Her corrupted hymn permeates the upper levels of the tower in an endlessly static-studded melody. During this first meeting, she immediately recognized Filament as one of the Wills of the Planet. She confirmed that she was indeed born to be the savior of the Planet, but that was impossible now because their plans had been thwarted. Tyria then told her that if she really wanted to save herself, and all of Ar Ciel, she would have to go to the Rinkernator and help her first. Then she vanished.

Tyria Revives[]

In seeking to heal the fading Saki and Finnel, Aoto and his companions reestablish Tyria’s body via the Rinkernator, where they first encounter her curious mannerisms.

Aoto recognized her as the hologram the had seen previously at the Lymph Vessel. Saki and Finnel stared at her, knowing she was the person who would save them. Katene was beside himself of joy at the prospect of having managed to revive the legendary Reyvateil Origin, Tyria, while Akane was astonished. Aoto was about to gladly announce that Saki and Finnel would be saved, but at that moment, Tyria interrupted him by uttering a single phrase: "fried bread". This left everyone in shock, and prompted Aoto to wonder if she was okay. Tyria then began remembering she had turned into the Tower, and that she had now regained a human shape. Saki went close to Tyria, and then transformed into Filament, who immediately began begging her to save them. Aoto was amazed that she managed to push out Sakia Lumei and came out from sheer force of will, as Hikari Gojo explained. Tyria immediately recognized her as a Will of the Planet, which Filament hurriedly confirmed. She also informed the party that Finnel's personae and all of Saki's other personae were Wills of the Planet as well, which together made the manifestation of the Planet Herself. Aoto interrupted her, and asked Tyria to extend their lives. Tyria agreed, as she noted that before she could save the Planet itself, their vessels would need to be repaired, as the excess of personae were breaking up Finnel's body and Saki's was extremely weakened from the widespread use of her Miracle power; overloading their Triangular Nuclear Loops.

Akane asked if it was possible to boost the supply from the Loops, to which Tyria replied it would be easier if they could be replaced by Selfstabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loops, but that was impossible, as it would be like replacing the CPU of a computer with a human brain. Therefore, she told them that she would restore the Telomere counts of their Triangular Nuclear Loops. Upon seeing Aoto's confused face, Hikari Gojo went and explained that the Triangular Nuclear Loop was the most important part in the bodies of the Reyvateils and that Telomere were the fuel for it, so restoring the Telomere would be enough for their lives to be extended; while also expressing amazement for Tyria's ability to manipulate Telomere. Tyria then asked Filament to let Saki out. Filament first made her promise she would help them to restore the Planet after Saki's life was saved, to which Tyria agreed. Filament then vanished, telling Tyria she believed in her.

Saki then reappeared very confused, but found herself looking at Aoto's happy face, who told her that Tyria would heal her. They then entered into the pods and took a short nap, so Tyria could begin the restoration process. Akane then thanked Aoto again for all his help, to which Aoto replied he should be the one thanking her. Akane then told everyone she would leave, as she had to go verify the situation in Clustania, but asked the party to take good care of Finnel.

Aoto spent a good part of the repair time walking around, which made Tyria comment he reminded her of an animal in a zoo cage. She then asked Aoto if she was worried. Upon noticing it was the case, she told him to calm down, as the Tower had technology that surpassed that found in the rest of Ar Ciel, as this was the only place in the world capable of artificially restoring Telomere. Aoto then asked if she really was the legendary Reyvateil, to which she answered she didn't really know due to having been sleeping the last 700 years, but she could still say she was the Tower itself, as well as its Administrator. Katene then popped up, scaring Aoto, and screaming she was destined to regenerate the Planet. He then proceeded to explain that Tyria was one of the three Reyvateil Origins, although Aoto could only look at him in confusion upon hearing the term. Katene then explained that among these Reyvateils, Tyria was especially outstading, although upon seeing Tyria act in her aloof and weird way, they both had to doubt these claims. Tyria then noticed that Aoto seemed to have something weird in his body, and then she explained he was a Medley or Half-Reyvateil: a male human with active Reyvateil qualities, although he couldn't be strictly considered as a Third Generation. Although she didn't explain well what she meant, she actually referred to the fact that if his emotions got aroused, it would become very dangerous to him: in other words, he was at risk of developing the Border Disease. However, when Aoto tried asking her for more info, Tyria began acting aloof again, which left him incapable of getting any more information. Tyria then commented the girls should be done by know by making the same sound as a cooking clock, prompting Aoto to remark if she thought they were food, and Tyria ask if there was still fried bread in this era.

After the process finished, Tyria informed them that both Saki and Finnel were as new now. This made everyone rejoice because of having accomplished their goal. Tyria then declared this was the end of the story, and congratulated everyone. Aoto then reminded her that she still had to keep her promise to Filament, which Tyria said she had forgotten despite that having taken place just a short while ago. Cocona asked if it was okay for such a person to be the Tower Administrator, to which Tyria replied in third person she was. She then told everyone she had other business to take care off, and left the party. Aoto remarked she was quite weird, while Saki told him she was a very interesting girl, making Aoto tell Saki she was weird too. Saki told Aoto he was being mean.

Joining the Party[]

Tyria shows up again in the Clustania Executive District, wondering why Harvestasha VISTA was shut down. Once the party arrived, Tyria greeted them, saying she was expecting their arrival. Katene immediately got excited to see that his holography techniques had been succesful, and wanted to interview Tyria for a while, to which she declined as she had more important things to do. Aoto then told her that they already had learned that both Saki and Finnel were part of the Wills of Ar Ciel, while Hikari Gojo told her he now understood what she meant back then at the Rinkernator: she was talking about the Planet's regeneration. Tyria joked that they won a trip around the world in a hot air balloon due to their correct guesses, to which Cocona chalked up to her talking gibberish again. Saki then chimed in, asking her how to start the Planet's regeneration, but she didn't know, as she had forgotten the song that was needed for that purpose. If she remembered it, she would remember as well how the project should proceed and be able to configurate the Tower for doing so.

Finnel then asked if she didn't remember any of the song, to which Tyria answered that she remembered the first part, and that it was the song she always sung inside the Tower, which Aoto recognized as the song that echoed in places like Tower Block A and the Lymph Ducts. Hikari Gojo guessed correctly that it was a Hymmnos Extract, and was surprised to hear that such a song could be forgotten like this. Tyria then explained that it was because the song was interrupted during its execution, which is what left the Tower incomplete. Katene suggested using what she remembered of the song and expanding it through the ω Spectrum to load it again in her memory (in other words, using what she remembered to Re-Download the song into her mind), but Tyria dismissed this as impossible. She then asked him if they would be willing to help her, to which Katene excitedly replied that this was his lifelong mission. Hikari Gojo mentioned that theoretically it was impossible to create an spectrum of feelings in the time axis through ω expansion, upon which Aoto said that he didn't understand anything.

Cocona summarized everything as making Tyria remember the song, while Katene suggested going back to the VR21 and using it to analyze Tyria's Binary Field to make her remember the song. For this purpose, he left the rest of the party and returned to Eternus Shaft in order to prepare the machine for this, telling the others that he would call them as soon as it was ready. Tyria then told the party that it was time to reboot Harvestasha and asked who was currently administrating the Tower, to which Akane replied it was her. Tyria then asked her for the reboot key, which left Akane confused, as she had never heard about it. Tyria dumfoundedly asked her how she managed then to update, repair or train Harvestasha, to which she replied that only Ayatane could control her aside of herself, and unfortunately she didn't know if he had the key or where he was at the moment.

An alert sounded at that moment, telling everyone that Clustania's unmanned fighters and guardians were scrambling one after other, preparing to attack Archia and the Tower of Origin inside it. Akane recognized this as Ayatane's handywork, as Aoto asked Cocona if she hadn't defeated him, to which she replied that she wasn't completely sure and that he could have escaped. Fearing the worst, the party decided to go to Archia while Akane tried to stop the guardians from causing trouble. At that moment, Saki noticed that Finnel seemed to be in pain, which was because the persona was trying to force her way out again, but she managed to supress her, at least for the moment. Tyria then urged them to go to Archia, and she joined the party.

Back in the Tower of Origin[]

Pursuing Ayatane, the party arrived at this place after infiltrating the Archia Think Tank. Aoto was amazed at the appearance of the place, despite not understanding why it had that name. Tyria explained that it was the place of birth for the current Sol Cluster, as this was where the Tower of Harvestasha was created when she sang her song. Aoto remarked it must be a very important place to her, which Tyria denied by saying she didn't have any memories of it, especially now it was just an abandoned ruin, which left her unable to feel any nostalgia for it. They then continued their way.

After a while, they reached a chamber that seemed very similar to the Beta Nurturing Center at the Clustania Executive District, as Finnel herself said. There, they heard Ayatane's voice, explaining this was where many Reyvateils were produced around 600 years ago, and he appeared in front of them. Richaryosha announced he was who controlled the Antibodies, and that she felt sick from the fact he tried using them to annihilate the humans. Ayatane turned this back on her, asking her if she knew why he had come. He then proceeded to tell Richa she
had defected Clustania to become a dog of the humans and they were paying the price of her actions. Aoto and Hikari Gojo were left confused to this until Ayatane explained to them that Richa used to do what he was trying to do now without any hesitations, as she was the former Supreme Commander of Clustania. Richa told him to shut up, as he didn't have any right to probe into her life. Ayatane told her she hadn't grown at all and that she should learn about Akane how to supress her emotions. Richa retorted that same emotion supression would begin causing suffering to Akane from now on. Ayatane remarked he didn't care at all about that, and he only cared for the results of Richa's achievements and past actions, as they were what allowed their aspirations to finally bear fruit. Richa told him that he hadn't grown at all, as he was still a self-centered loser. Ayatane turned this back on her, telling her she was every bit as self-centered as him.

Ayatane then asked everyone if they knew what this place was, to then reveal this was the location of the source of life for the Reyvateils, the SH Server itself; as the devices in Clustania were only mere terminals and the lives of the Reyvateils were all controlled here. Ayatane then explained that while Reyvateils were far superior to humans when it came to combat, the only reason why Clustania and Archia continued coexisting was because Archia could just kill them off by shutting down the SH Server. He then added that once they gained the control of the Server, there wouldn't be any obstacles to Clustania and he would be able to create his paradise of Reyvateilia. At Aoto's exasperation, Ayatane told everyone that the Reyvateils were the Mothers of everything and the only beings capable of creating a new planet, while the humans were mere garbage that had to be purged, and that's why he had made a pact with the Antibodies: in exchange for the body of a Reyvateil, they would help them to exterminate humanity. Finnel immediately realized she was the body Ayatane mentioned, which Ayatane confirmed immediately. This enraged Aoto, who screamed at Ayatane for all the suffering he had caused to Finnel because of his idiotic pact. Ayatane replied he didn't care at all for the emotions of the vessel, but before Aoto could do anything, Finnel told him to ignore the ramblings of this madman, and asked Aoto to defeat him to be able to save the world. Ayatane merely laughed at the idea, revealing he wasn't an ordinary human, and he actually belonged to the Teru: a race that had disappeared from Sol Cluster since many decades ago. And not having enough with that, he announced the Antibodies had given him much more power, more than what Archia could hope to attain with their Human Evolution Project. When Richa asked him what he would do, Ayatane went completely crazy, ordering them to behold his appearance, the body of the new divine ruler of the world. Thus, he transformed into a massive monster similar to a dragon. While everyone was still shocked at this, Tyria told them to snap out if they didn't want to die, which made Aoto charge head first into battle.

Ayatane was utterly defeated by the party, which left him badly wounded and shocked that beings he called trash could have defeated him like this. Tyria asked him if he had Harvestasha's reboot key, to which he replied Archia had been controlling Clustania during a long time, so they would be the ones that had it, and despite their claims of neutrality, they had been toying with the lives of the Reyvateils all this time. Ayatane then announced the party would regret having killed him, and that if they left the world in Archia's hand, it would become a true hell. He then fell dead to the floor.

Saki wondered which one of the factions was actually in the right, to which Finnel replied that neither: they both were trying to destroy their world for their own selfish reasons, which was an statement with which Aoto agreed. Raphael then arrived at the scene to Richa's surprise, and announced the Antibodies were retreating. They then headed back to his office in the Archia Think Tank.


After returning from the Tower of Origin, Raphael thanked Aoto and his friends for having solved the Antibody crisis, which Aoto replied wasn't done for him. Raphael told him to not be so hostile and recommended forming a truce, as they shared a common objective. Cocona angrily why they would need to do that, to which Raphael replied because their enemies were the formidable Antibodies, and both Finnel and Saki had descended using these creatures, but Archia didn't have anything that could match them now they had lost Saki's cooperation and her power as the Vaccine. Hikari Gojo called him out on his selfishness, asking why they would accept that offer. Raphael replied they were doing it for the sake of the world, which left Aoto without any options but to accept. However, he also told Raphael they wouldn't be his allies, and he would fight just because he wanted to put an end to the long-standing war between Clustania and the humans. Raphael agreed with his conditions, as they just needed their help. Aoto asked how they would fight the Antibodies, so Raphael commented they had gained a bit of hope, and greeted Tyria.

Tyria asked who he thought he was to ask her that, and after introducing himself, Raphael noted on Tyria's status as an Origin and how beautiful she was. He then commented that the research of the Ancient Faction hadn't been in vain if they managed to pull off the impossible feat of creating her holography. Tyria asked him if he wanted something from her, or if he just wanted to say hi. Raphael revealed he had something to ask her, as Archia had in their hands an special Hymn Crystal that only she could use, created by Kurogane himself. Upon hearing this, Tyria realized very surprised it must have been the crystal for Cosmoflips, which had been lost for a very long time. Raphael confirmed it indeed was Cosmoflips, the song which allowed to fuse a Will of the Planet with the singer. A song that was essential for the Planet Regeneration Project, and left the project in standby for over 700 years due to being missing. Raphael noted it should have been Downloaded into Tyria, and while the project was ruined, it would be still possible to give some use to the song. Tyria got the gist of the plan: she would absorb Ar Ru into her Soulspace so her individual consciousness would eventually fade away. Hikari Gojo asked if this wouldn't cause any harm to Tyria, to which Raphael replied that Kurogane was said to be a genius and that he respected Tyria from the bottom of his heart, so it would be unthinkable that someone like him created something that could possibly bring harm to her. Tyria told him that she would perform the Download, as she trusted Kurogane more than anyone.

Gojo still had doubts about this, to which Raphael replied that the Archia Think Tank always tried to protect humanity, and to dispel his doubts, he also told Gojo that they weren't responsible for his sister's death, although this didn't convince Gojo at all. Raphael then instructed Tyria to go to other room to perform the Download, but then Gojo and Cocona volunteered to accompany her, as if Archia really didn't have anything to hide, they wouldn't have any problem performing the Download in their presence. Raphael allowed this, so Hikari Gojo advised Aoto to go back to the inn to get some rest, and allow Saki and Finnel to recover a little. Tyria also suggested this, as she would need the help of both girls later on. Finnel and Saki were left confused by this, so Tyria explained to them that as they were Wills of the Planet, they would be the only ones who could communicate with Ar Ru in equal standings. Both girls agreed to help Tyria with this, and then she left with Gojo and Cocona to Download Cosmoflips. Aoto and the other girls, for their part, returned to the city. Tyria, Gojo and Cocona met back with them shortly later in the inn, and then they decided to go to Moocheriel in order to stop Ar Ru.

Upon reachin Moocheriel's core, Cocona noticed the Heart of the Land floating above, and how its size had grealy increased. Tyria realized it must be due to a Will residing now in it, and most likely it was Ar Ru's due to her being right below it.

Ar Ru noticed Tyria's presence, and asked her if she was the Tower's will. Tyria answered that yes, and tried to ask her the following: for Ar Ru to fuse with her and lead the Planet to its restoration. However, Ar Ru declined the offer, as that was something the Planet's Consensus didn't want to happen, and when Tyria insisted on this, Ar Ru threatened to kill her and the party if they didn't leave the place. Upon noticing Ar Ru's reaction, Tyria noted the negotiations had failed and that they wouldn't be able to communicate with the Wills of the Planet without the use of Cosmoflips, so she decided to begin singing and ask the others to protect her. Thus, she began singing EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/.

Aoto told the party that their chances were pretty bad, given their enemy was the Antibody Brain herself, but they still had to hold Ar Ru off until Tyria had finished singing. The party agreed, and the battle began.

However, they were unable to do much against Ar Ru's great power, so Saki tried to reason with her as a fellow Will of the Planet. Noticing this was impossible, Hikari Gojo advised them to retreat for now.

As they withdrew, they noticed that Finnel had disappeared, and upon looking back, they saw the mysterious person standing there. She went up to Tyria, and told her that she wanted to talk to her ever since she had appeared in the world again; and that she could only get out now because Finnel was exhausted. Aoto screamed at her to make her relinquish Finnel's body, but the girl only told him that she wouldn't do that, and that she wanted to talk about something with Tyria. The girl then asked if the song resounding throughout the Tower was hers', to which Tyria answered affimatively. Upon hearing this, the girl ordered Tyria to give her power back, as that Song had caused Moocheriel to drain off her power. Seeing the party's confusion, Tyria explained that Moocheriel actually was the second energy source made to complete the Tower, and that the girl was likely other Will of the Planet. The girl then added that someone called Harvestasha had promised her to give her back her power, and asked if that had been a lie.

This prompted Aoto to ask if she wasn't a friend of Ar Ru, which the girl answered by asking if that was the name of the one co-residing in her soul. She also told them that she knew of her existence, but nothing else; and that she had come right after the girl had arrived at Moocheriel. Upon hearing these things, Tyria realized something important: that despite having moved from Finnel's body to the Heart of the Land, their Soulspaces were still linked, so it could be possible to find Ar Ru by Diving into Finnel. She also explained this would be the only possible way of communicating with her due to her aggressive nature in the real world. Aoto then went and asked the girl for where Ar Ru was in her Soulspace, to which the girl agreed under the condition of Tyria returning to her the Symphonic Power she had been drained of. Tyria complied with this, so the girl gave them Ar Ru's location under the human's coordinate systems: she was at 4.6x10^17 Hz, which Tyria summarized as Soulspace Lv. 17. This left both Cocona and Aoto shocked, as they couldn't believe that such high levels existed, until Tyria explained them that these levels were far too high for humans and only beings superior to them had access to them due to their initial levels being at Lv. 10. She also added that normal Dive Machines only supported up to Lv. 9, so Hikari Gojo suggested them using the VR21 Dive Machine Katene had discovered to reach Ar Ru at that level. This got Aoto all fired up, but Gojo remarked that Diving into such a level could only be possible in theory: these levels had such high levels of energy that would outright kill any normal humans who entered them.

Tyria told them that she could protect the Divers entering into such places, but only up to a certain degree; and that she also knew about that ancient Dive Machine. She then told Aoto to take her to the VR21. The girl then told Tyria to not forget her promise, and disappeared. She then turned back into Finnel, and after checking if she was okay, Aoto and the others departed for the Old Eternus Galleries.

High-Level Dive[]

The party went back to VR21 deep in the tunnels to try and Dive into Finnel to converse with Ar Ru in the Soulspace. Katene greeted Tyria and told her they would be able to make her remember the Song. However, Hikari Gojo stopped him, and told Katene that there was something else they had to take care of. After the pertinent explanations, Katene showed them his understading of the situation, revealing he knew about EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. and the importance it held for the Planet Regeneration Project, which was why the faction of his father Kiraha, the Ancient Faction, spent many long years looking for it. Gojo asked him if he knew any other details about it, or why Kurogane had refused to Download it into Tyria, but Katene unfortunately didn't know the answers to that, as his father had shut down the Tower's Mainframe and discarded its boot key, which he chalked up to him being insane. However, he still was startled to find out that Raphael was the one who had possession of Cosmoflips' Hymn Crystal, which Gojo rationalized as him trying to keep it away from the hands of the Ancient Faction. He then told the party he would get ready for the Dive, and Aoto to call him whenever he was ready.

When they were ready, Katene told Finnel to enter in one of the Pods, while Saki reassured her that everything would be okay. Then, it came Tyria's turn, so Katene asked who would be the one to contact Ar Ru. Aoto thought it would be Finnel, but Katene told him that Tyria would serve basically like a telephone and that Finnel and her couldn't perform the communication, so they would need someone else to talk with Ar Ru. When Katene told the party they would require someone with an ample experience in Diving, both Cocona and Hikari Gojo turned their gazes to Aoto, so he didn't have more choice than to go through with it. Katene then gave them a briefing of their little mission: Aoto would first Dive into Tyria, and using her Binary Field as a shield of sorts, he would Dive into Finnel down to Lv. 17. However, he also began hesitating under the possibility of something happening to Tyria due to how deep this Dive would go, but Tyria told him to not worry, as due to her unique nature, she had the capacity of reaching frequencies even deeper than that. This encouraged him, and offered to use everything he had to support the party. The rest of the party cheered them on, and thus, the Dive began.

Once inside Tyria's Binary Field, Aoto was astonished to see how different the place was from the Cosmospheres of Saki and Finnel, which Tyria explained was because it was a virtual world modeled from her memories. She then explained why Lv. 17 was so dangerous: it was filled with high frequency energy waves that no human would be able to withstand, so her own high frequency waves would protect him like a scuba diving suit. She then told Aoto to follow him to execute the Paradigm Shift to that level. However, when they got out from the temple where they were and got into the city, Aoto couldn't hide his surprise to how different it was from his previous Dive experiences, to the point in which Tyria had to tell him they weren't here to play. She then told Aoto that there was a pressure bulkhead somewhere in this place, which would serve as the door to Lv. 17, and told him that once they had gone there, they wouldn't be able to be in that place for a long time. She then left Aoto, as she had to prepare to support him. Aoto didn't know which was the way to the pressure bulkhead, so he had to find the way on his own.

After he finally got to the pressure bulkhead, Tyria greeted him, and told him to get ready for opening it. However, she first gave him several warnings: first, when the bulkhead was opened a tremendous torrent of energy would hit him, so he should brace himself for it. Second, the Binary Field was were Tyria's main programs were installed, so he shouldn't try to toy around in it, as otherwise that could cause undesirable effects on her psyche and even overwrite her memories. Aoto protested it seemed like they were doing something very dangerous, so Tyria told him he should have realized that before, and opened the bulkhead. Instantly, an overwhelming torrent of waves hit Aoto, greatly injuring him, and making him comment that he would fall unconscious if he lost concentration even a little. Luckily, he didn't have to find Ar Ru, as she was right before him.

Strangely enough, she didn't recognize Aoto, which Tyria explained was because she didn't have any Dynamic or Static H-Waves belonging to her in this place. Aoto replied he didn't care, and he just wanted Ar Ru to answer his questions. He asked Ar Ru why she attacked the humans, and what kind of grudge she had against them. Ar Ru just replied she wanted to save this Planet, and that she actually didn't have any grudge against the humans. Aoto told her that if she didn't hate the humans and actually wanted to save the Planet, she should just stop what she was doing; and told her he wanted to save the Planet too; and asked her if there was no way for them to exist and support each other. Ar Ru replied that his feelings were very strong, but she was unable of understanding them, and blasted him with powerful energy shocks. However, at that point, he was saved by Sarapatra, Saki, Filament, Soma and Yurisica, who had come to help him, as he was their final hope. Soma told Aoto that after she had met him, she started believing that coexisting with the humans was possible, and she wanted Aoto to convey these same feelings to Ar Ru. Filament then told him they had created an special Song to deliver their feelings to Ar Ru, which would become greater and more powerful the more filled with feelings it got: it would allow to convey feelings without harming its target. And after receiving encouragement from them, Aoto woke up from the Dive.

Ar Ru's Capture[]

The party returned to Moocheriel to attempt convincing Ar Ru again.

At the entrance, they met with Richa, who informed them that Moocheriel had become an Antibody hive and that she would support the party with her forces: they would repel the Antibodies while Tyria sang Cosmoflips to her. Hikari Gojo tried to talk with her, but Richa just told him that she would go ahead to attract the attention of the Antibodies. She then ran off, which made Aoto comment she was acting strangely.

Upon reaching the core, they found Richa awaiting for them, who reported the situation had improved and the Antibodies had dwindled enough for them to approach Ar Ru. Aoto thanked her, and the party proceeded. However, Hikari Gojo stood for a little longer and asked Richa if she wasn't injured. Richa replied she was okay, and Gojo thanked her for everything she had done. Richa turned away, and suggested to hurry.

Once they got up to Ar Ru, Richa told them to hurry, so Tyria began singing EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. once again. Aoto the faced Ar Ru, and although there was the possibility of her not understanding his words, he asked her to listen: they wouldn't harm, and instead, would convey their feelings. They then entered in battle, with the Vanguards protecting the Reyvateils while they sang the song the personae had crafted and Tyria continued singing Cosmoflips.

This time around, Tyria managed to sing the song to the end and absorbed Ar Ru into her Binary Field, thus completing the persona fusion between them. After the blinding light vanished, only an unconscious Tyria remained in the ground. She woke up, and the others ran up to her and asked if she was okay, to which Tyria
just replied she could now understand the Planet's language, and due to the fusion, she could feel the messages the Planet was sending them. She then walked up to Aoto and told him that Ar Ru wanted to talk with him, so Aoto agreed to do it. Tyria transformed into Ar Ru, who told him that she wouldn't harm them and wanted to ask him something: why did he stop the Vaccine's song?

Aoto replied it was because he wanted to save both Saki and Finnel. Ar Ru asked if he would do even if that meant the destruction of the world, to which Aoto honestly replied he didn't care about the future of the world back then, and if saving them meant sacrificing the world, he would gladly do so. Ar Ru remarked he was a very
interesting human, and also told him that the humans thought Ar Ciel was a bowl or some other item they had made, but the truth couldn't be more far from that: the Planet wasn't an object. Ar Ru also added she understood very well these feelings because she felt the same way about the Planet, especifically that they both didn't
hate the people, but if they were harming something precious to them, they would fight back against them. Aoto asked if she was satisfied with his answer, to which Ar Ru replied she was very curious about which path he would begin walking to the future, so Aoto suggested her to continue watching it through Tyria's eyes. Ar Ru agreed to do so, but if Aoto betrayed her expectations, she would take over Tyria's body and handle the situation the way she thought it was the best.

Ar Ru then explained that Tyria enabled herself to communicate with the Wills of the Planet and that she herself only acted in the name of Ar Ciel. She also added that if she could return to the Planetary Core, she would be able to further discuss this with the rest of the Planet's Consensus. She then wished Aoto good luck, and chanted an spell in Ar Ciela: an order to the Antibodies to retreat, before disappearing and leaving Tyria in her place.

Tyria asked Aoto how the conversation went, to which he replied Ar Ru had agreed to observe the situation for now and offered to help them. Knowing this, Tyria suggested to give her nickname: Arru, which Aoto noted sounded exactly the same. Tyria then told him to just call her Ria, to which Aoto refused. Then they passed to more serious matters, as Tyria asked Cocona to store away the Heart of the Land that was still floating above them, to which she complied. She stood below the Heart and chanted an Hymmnos Spell, reabsoring it into her body. Then Tyria chanted other Hymmnos Spell to shut down Moocheriel, so it wouldn't continue draining off the Planet's Symphonic Power and producing Antibodies, thus fulfilling her promise to Finnel's mysterious persona, giving great relief to both Saki and Finnel. Tyria reminded them that there were still a lot of problems they had to fix, so Richa suggested them to head for Eternus Shaft. This left Aoto confused, as they were supposed to go back to Archia next. Richa then explained that it was because the VR21 was in there, and they needed to examine first Ar Ru's status in Tyria's Binary Field. Hikari Gojo told her to stop and that he knew what VR21 actually was, to then ask if their objectives were actually quelling Ar Ru. Richa was left dumbfounded to these questions, so Hikari Gojo asked her if this wasn't related to the Human Evolution Project due to her acting so suspiciously. Richa told him that she wasn't hiding something and that this wouldn't be for something that would harm them.

However, after the others left the core, Gojo told Richa he was pretty sure about her hiding something, and that he really wanted to believe on her. He then asked her to tell him the truth once more, to which Richa apologized for not being able to do so. Gojo simply replied he couldn't continue being with her under these conditions and left her alone, which made Richa break down into tears.

When they reached Moocheriel's entrance, they encountered Jack and Krusche, who asked them if they were successful in absorbing Ar Ru. Aoto told them it wasn't their business, to which Cocona added they didn't trust them due to all the trouble they had caused. Krusche told them this was actually important to everyone here, and that she needed to talk with Tyria. Likewise, she suggested them to avoid going to Eternus for now. Aoto asked why, to which Krusche replied he would do better asking that to Richa, which left Gojo very disappointed. Cocona asked why they were telling this to the party, to which Krusche replied it was because Archia seemed more and more shady the more they investigated it, due to their discovery of the Human Evolution Project's documents. Cocona remarked it was annoying to trust them, but admitted they were very good at gathering information, and they would do better to escape with Tyria. However, at that moment, Richa threw a blast of Song Magic to blind everyone, took Tyria captive and threatened to attack the party with her soldiers and guardians should they take even one step. Gojo told her to stop, to which she replied she really wanted him to love her, but it was too late now, as once Gojo knew everything in which she was involved, he would never want to see her again. She then ran off.

Confrontation at VR21[]

Once there, Hikari Gojo asked Katene if he was okay, to which he replied he was okay. However, they were too late to do anything: Katene had extracted the Soulspace Map from Tyria's data and was giving it to Raphael. Gojo first thought he was betraying them, but Mute explained it was because Raphael threatened him. Cocona called Raphael a coward, while Mute tried to persuade Katene on not giving the map over. Aoto told Raphael he had already learned about the murky secrets of the Human Evolution Project, and that he would stop him. Raphael merely laughed and told him he didn't understand the lofty destination of their long path of learning, as they were trying to realize the now obsolete Planet Regeneration Project the defunct Ancient Faction carried back in the day.

Raphael explained that project was a lost cause from the start because the Tower of Harvestasha lacked the amount of Symphonic Power to carry it out, to then say that Kurogane had lost his position due to committing such a terrible miscalculation in his plans, which finally drove him to commit suicide. Although this greatly enraged Tyria, due to knowing that a large part of this was an utter lie, she couldn't reply at all. Raphael then told him that compared to Kurogane, the Human Evolution Project was practical, allowing humankind to evolve and acclimate to the Planet; but also committing the stupid mistake of ignoring that Kurogane himself was the man who originally came up with that project as well and proposed the basis for its execution. Raphael continued with his rambling by saying that Reyvateils were essential for the project, as the mental structure of the humans hadn't been completely detailed at the time, but for the Reyvateils their mental structure was already fully mapped out and the process tested thoroughly, so infusing the humans with artificially active Reyvateil genes was the only way to accelerate evolution.

Aoto wrote him off as a complete psychopath, while Hikari Gojo screamed in rage that for such a ridiculous purpose, the life of his younger sister was used and thrown away like a lab animal. Raphael realized he had talked too much and asked Richa if she was ready. Richa answered she was and began walking behind Raphael. Gojo tried to stop her, asking if she was okay with this. Richa told him to leave her alone, as he already had discovered everything and there wasn't any reason for him to continue wanting to be with her. Gojo replied he still wanted to trust her, no matter how hard it was for him to forgive the atrocities Archia had committed. Upon hearing this, Richa asked if Gojo would protect her, and if he would revive her if she died. Gojo couldn't really grasp the meaning of this, and thus Richa ran off before he had a chance to tell her anything else.

Mute burst into tears due to this mess being all her fault, as Katene wouldn't have been coerced into being part of this if she wasn't around. Katene consoled her by saying that it wasn't her fault and it wasn't something that could have been avoided. She then screamed she would never forgive Raphael. Tyria finally voiced how enraged she was at Raphael's ramblings, as Kurogane never committed any mistakes or miscalculations, although she couldn't recall he actually committed suicide, but for an entirely different reason. Cocona told the party they couldn't back down now, and thus the rest of the party agreed to go back to Archia to stop that lunatic and his insane ambitions. Katene told them they would follow them once they had finished cleaning up this mess, and that they would do something to take revenge of how Raphael had used them.

Rebooting XP[]

Having chased Raphael from the VR21 chamber at the Eternus Old Galleries, passing through the Archia Think Tank and the Tower of Origin, Aoto and his party finally cornered him in this place while he and Richaryosha were preparing for the execution of the Human Evolution Project, which would kill most of Sol Cluster's Reyvateil population and turn all humans into horrible abominations called Reyvaroids.

Upon entering the Module Harvestasha located at the very center of the Shell, Aoto and Saki remarked it looked very similar to Harvestasha's chamber in the Clustania Executive District, while Cocona corrected them by saying it was identical. Tyria explained it was because Harvestasha lived in this place too, leaving Hikari Gojo surprised. Tyria explained this particular version of Harvestasha was called Harvestasha Module XP, also known as the Master Frame, leaving Gojo to conclude she was the one who Kiraha had shut off. Tyria continued by explaining that the Harvestasha over at Clustania was called Harvestasha Module VISTA, also known as the Sub Frame, who Cocona realized was the one who forced her to deliver the Heart of the Land. Cocona was enraged upon learning she was on Archia's side all the time, and that she had Jacqli dancing in the palm of her hand like a monkey. At the center of the room, Gojo spotted Richa and immediately ran up to her, followed by the rest of the party.

Richa, heartbroken, asked Hikari Gojo why he had come to this place. Gojo told her that she shouldn't sing that Song, but Richa only replied she knew about it, prompting Gojo to ask why she insisted on singing it. Richa told him because she didn't want to lose the place to which she belonged, so she had to make sure to lead this project to success. That's why she would sing to continue living. Gojo couldn't understand why not succeeding in the project's execution would kill her, but he also told her that if she wanted, she could continue living longer, he would even help her to get back on her feet after she left the Think Tank, and protect her from all her enemies. Richa then came out of nowhere and asked Gojo to marry her. This left Gojo shocked, to which Richa added that if he accepted, she would immediately resign from the Think Tank. Gojo told her this wasn't time for joking around, to which Richa replied she wasn't, and added she would abandon this project if Gojo became the place to which she could return. Gojo didn't refuse, but also told her this wasn't the proper place for exchanging such important vows. Richa called him a coward and screamed he didn't follow the course of action she had been predicting him to take. However, before Gojo had a chance to say anything else, Raphael appeared behind her and told Richa this wasn't the time for a lovers' quarrel. Aoto spotted him, but before he had the chance to do anything, Raphael told Richa the stage was set, and that they would become gods as soon as she finished singing. Richa just complied, afraid of dying and disappointed, and despite Gojo's pleas to not do it, she just bid farewell to him while crying, and began singing the song that would put an end to everything: EXEC_Z/.

Instantly, she became entranced by the feelings contained in the song, so she wouldn't respond to anything anyone said to her and the party had to fight her in order to cancel out the song's effect. However, Raphael wasn't going to allow them to do it so easily, and summoned a couple of robots to stop them.

The party finally managed to knock Richa unconscious, cancelling out Z and leaving the Human Evolution Project impossible to accomplish for the moment. Raphael was shocked they could have managed to do this, and before he had a chance to run away, Mute appeared and bear-hugged him, leaving Aoto an opening to shatter the crystal in the back of his neck. Aoto took advantage of the chance and used his weapon to destroy it: as Raphael had abused so much of the crystal's power and had gotten a too deep link to the SH Server to use them, its destruction had the same effects that the stopping of a Nuclear Triangular Loop would have in a Pureblood Reyvateil: he turned into water and died.

Aoto and Mute were left tired because of this, prompting Saki to ask if they were okay. They both answered they were, while Mute asked what had happened to Raphael. Finnel just remarked he had vanished away after the crystal was broken, which left Mute very glad that they had finally gotten rid of him. Hikari Gojo, on other hand, was busy making sure that Richa was okay. Aoto asked about her condition, so Gojo replied her injuries weren't very severe, but still needed treatment, so he would take her back to Archia. After they both left, Tyria called the party's attention to more important matters: Raphael had dropped the Harvestasha boot key he carried around upon dying, and this accidentally had rebooted Harvestasha. Finnel remarked she seemed different from the Harvestasha over at Clustania, which Tyria explained by saying she was more amicable than VISTA. Cocona then stepped in and asked Harvestasha XP if she was the one who sent the message to Jacqli about delivering the Heart of the Land to her. XP was confused about the name, as she didn't knew anyone called Jacqli or something called the Heart of the Land, but she also explained that a long time ago, a Reyvateil called Mir invaded the Third Tower using a secret communication channel she had found in the First Tower of Ar tonelico. Back then, XP had asked Mir to undertake the Planet Regeneration Project, as they both had the means to do so, but XP lacked the knowledge on how to create the most essential part for it: the Autostabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop. Mir told her she had a few ideas of her own on where to find it, so XP asked her to tell her if she discovered anything. This allowed Cocona to finally connect the dots, and told XP the names Tesseractal Nuclear Loop and Heart of the Land meant the same item. XP was surprised to see it actually existed, but unfortunately, she didn't know how to use it. Tyria explained it was because the Planet Regeneration Program hadn't been installed in her yet, and asked her if she could communicate over with Harvestasha VISTA. XP told her she couldn't, and she hadn't received signals from her for a long time. Tyria remarked that VISTA must have shut down entirely, and after seeing Aoto's confused face, she explained that both XP and VISTA were necessary to carry out the Planet Regeneration Project, so they would have to boot VISTA and for that, they would need her boot key. With the conversation with XP finished, the party returned to Archia City.

VISTA Problems[]

The party returned once again to the Clustania Executive District. Once they reached Module Harvestasha, Tyria told Aoto to prepare the boot key, and then she pronounced an Hymmnos Spell to reboot her. As soon as the reboot was completed, Tyria greeted Harvestasha like an old friend, while Harvestasha sarcastically called her "Ms. Defective" and wondered how she could walk so normally. She then began making fun of the fact that Tyria was currently in a holography body, which prompted Tyria to ask who had customized her into "Shitframe" mode. However, at that moment, Harvestasha recognized Aoto and his party, and angry over the fact that Finnel forced her to shut down, disabling her DH Sensors and controllers, she sent a group of Guardians after them. Tyria was already fed up with her, and thus pronounced other Hymmnos Spell to shut her down, to then inform the party that Harvestasha was broken because someone had fiddled with her programming, and unless they reprogrammed her, the Planet Regeneration Project would be impossible to accomplish. Saki asked if it was actually possible to modify her personality, to which Tyria answered that they would need to go to Ku in order to do it. Aoto almost fainted when he heard that Ku was located at the very top of the Tower, and that they would need to climb through the Tower to reach that place, as no airships could reach that point due to the Blastline. Cocona then asked why they put Harvestasha's maintenance terminal in such a difficult-to-reach place, to which Tyria answered that if it wasn't done that way, it wouldn't be possible to perform maintenance on both of Harvestasha's cycles, which would render useless any reprogramming they did; and that the terminal was there due to security reasons. Akane then left them to oversee the work the Clustanians were doing to help the Archians, while the party left for Ku.

After climbing a little the tubes and elevators opposite from the road leading to the Rinkernator, the party reached up a dead end. Tyria explained it was because the Warp Gate leading further up was sealed to keep away any invaders intending to gain access to the top of the Tower. She then pronounced an Hymmnos Spell and unlocked the gate, leaving Aoto very surprised. She just laughed and told him that after they crossed the gate, his eyes would be bombarded by sensory trasures. They then continued their way to Ku.

As they continued climbing, Aoto noted he was pretty tired. Tyria just encouraged him, as they were about to reach the top of the Tower. Aoto then noticed how high they were, and upon asking at which altitude they were, Tyria explained they were at 4300 Stons above the ground. Aoto remembered at that moment that the Tower was Tyria's body itself. and was surprised at how advanced the technology of the First Era was, and as Tyria herself said, she and Harvestasha were both made from it. Aoto asked if they were like chilhood friends, to which Tyria replied that sort of. However, noticing Tyria's saddened face, Aoto asked what happened, and knowing that Tyria wouldn't tell him, he guessed it was due to Harvestasha's "Shitframe" personality. He also reminded her that she could return Harvestasha to her normal personality, and reassured her that this problem wouldn't worry her for much longer. Tyria told him she now felt better, and she was sad because Harvestasha was the only being n the universe she called a friend. Aoto remarked it'd be okay for as long as she was fine, and that she looked much cuter whenever she smiled. Tyria thanked him, leaving Aoto embarrassed. He then asked Tyria how it felt to be the Tower, which she had trouble explaining. She summarized it as eating clams and suddenly bitting a piece of gravel stuck to their shell. Aoto couldn't really understand and asked her for other example. Tyria was amazed that he couldn't understand, and remarked there was huge generation gap in comparison to 700 years ago. Aoto then told her it must feel great to have total control over the world due to being the Tower, which Tyria denied, as she was tired of it and wanted to do something else. After Aoto asked what, she replied she wanted to be a gal wife, and added she really liked how it sounded. Aoto was left shocked, and could only say that he could imagine some men being into that. Tyria then asked if she could become his gal wife, getting Aoto all embarrassed. She then explained she had learned a lot about that kind of human wives, about how they wore aprons on their naked bodies and made food for their dumb husbands, to then ask them if they wanted to take a bath first, take dinner first... or take the wife herself first. Aoto remarked that was pretty off the mark in his opinion. Tyria then repeated the question if he would like to marry her, to which Aoto replied it wouldn't be very bad. Tyria replied that she would fill his lunch box with octo-sausages, and after Aoto showed his confusion at what were these, they continued their way.

After a good while, they finally reached Ku, at the very top of the Tower. Cocona remarked on how spectacular and different the place was, while Tyria told them to get ready. She stepped forward and pronounced a Hymmnos Spell to unlock the pod, which shot up from Ku's floor when she finished. Tyria then explained it was like a Dive Machine, so they would be Diving into Harvestasha's Binary Field to restore her. Hikari Gojo hesitated, as entering the Dive Field meant for the humans that their minds would be dismantled into information packets and destroyed. Tyria told him to not worry, as they would just enter into remote controlled simulation of the Binary Field, and the effects on their senses would be similar to that of normal Dives. Cocona added then it would be like the real world: anything that happened to them wouuld be felt as real, and if they died, that would be their end. Tyria then directed them to the Pod.

Once inside the Binary Field, Tyria searched for a while for something, and after she found it, she told the party they could access Harvestasha from it. The party was very surprised she could find something like that, as every part of the Binary Field seemed the same to them. Tyria explained that each part controlled a different section of the Tower, even if their eyes couldn't see any difference between them. Aoto just remarked he didn't understand anything while Saki commented Tyria was amazing. Tyria then told everyone to get ready to call Harvestasha, and pronounced a Hymmnos Spell to bring her out. In fact, Harvestasha appeared immediately after she finished, telling them it was quite rude to enter her mind without taking their shoes off and that's why she hated humans. Tyria retorted that some of them weren't even human to begin with, to which Harvestasha replied they were the same thing, as anything accompanying the humans would be in the same level as them. Tyria remarked she had quite an horrible personality, and told her they would fix her up. Harvestasha then smiled and prepared for that, so Tyria decided to begin at once: she pronounced a set of two Hymmnos Spells which would have the effect of shutting down Harvestasha and reformatting her personality settings. However, Harvestasha noticed what would have happened and cancelled them off, asking her if such a defective Origin was actually fixing her correctly. Tyria told her she knew what she was doing, as she was in the process of deleting her horrid personality. Harvestasha began screaming that she wouldn't forgive that Tyria was trying to delete her, so Tyria just explained she would just copy her original personality back from the Tower's backups, and said farewell to her. However, Harvestasha screamed she wouldn't let her do it, and began executing commands to change the security levels and summon an infinite number of guardians around her. Aoto commented his body began feeling numb, which Tyria explained was because Harvestasha was restructuring herself and linking to the Tower's security systems. She finished her series of commands by starting to sing chmod b111000000/n, thus transforming into her battle mode. Aoto was shocked to see this, so Tyria told him to not give up and do his job. Harvestasha just replied by saying that a Level A assault against the Subframe had been recognized, she was installing a security patch with full specs, and was preparing to eliminate the "viruses". Tyria asked them if they were ready, so Aoto and the others had no choice but to head into battle.

After the battle finished, Harvestasha disappeared, so Tyria explained that she had removed Harvestasha's personality skin, and now the auto-backups were up, her normal personality should be restored by now. Saki and Finnel were glad they could do it, and when Harvestasha finally awakened, Tyria greeted her, by saying it had been a long time since they saw each other. Harvestasha excitedly greeted her back, while also adding she believed they wouldn't see each other again. Aoto commented her personality seemed completely different, like Tyria had said. Then everyone took the time to explain what had happened, so Harvestasha apologized for having caused them all this trouble. Aoto told her it wasn't her fault, but that it still was weird, and asked her if she really was THE Harvestasha. Tyria answered she was Harvestasha's original personality, which was created when she became the Tower. Cocona then asked why her original personality had been replaced, so Harvestasha told them she had reviewed her log history and found that the "Shitframe" skin had been installed around 400 years ago by a man called Ayatane, and its description stated "She despises humans and has strong urges to annihilate them. She is frustrated by the humans still existing, and derives happiness from turning them and the Reyvateils into vegetables. Her final goal is the extinction of humanity and the creation of a Reyvateil empire, yet plans to keep a few humans alive and drive them like cattle". Finnel remarked it sounded horrible, while Cocona recognized it as something that Ayatane would actually have written, although his ancestors were the ones that actually did it. Tyria just called him a psychopath. Harvestasha then asked if there were any improvements on her side, as she couldn't find any of Rebirthia Protocol's programs installed into her. Aoto couldn't understand what they were talking about, so Tyria explained it was the song they always heard inside the Tower.

Depending on if the player has completed her Lv. 2 Binary Field or not, Tyria remarks either that she remembered the song or that she hasn't yet. Regardless, Tyria told Harvestasha she would sing it when she was ready, so both Frames would get programmed with the information necessary to carry out the Planet Regeneration Project. Tyria then told Harvestasha she would confirm her physical linkages and reboot her, and told her they would see each other again in the real world. Harvestasha said goodbye to her and disappeared, as well as thanking the party for having reprogrammed her.

Back in the real world, Tyria commented they had reformatted Harvestasha successfully, and that her personality was again back to how it used to be. All they needed to do now was rebooting her back at Clustania and sing the song. Thus the party decided to go back to the Clustania Executive District.

Remembering the Song[]

Tyria was then given another chance to achieve her ultimate purpose: full construction of the Third Tower and reinvigoration of Ar Ciel. However, the origin could not wield the requisite song, Rebirthia Protocol, as a portion of its contents had been rendered inaccessible. In an effort to circumvent the problem, she opened her Binary World to Aoto who succeeded in freeing her of the bug. They then headed to the Clustania Executive District to reboot VISTA. This time, Tyria rebooted Harvestasha, who gave them a very warm welcome. She then asked Tyria to confirm the current date, as she told them it currently was 22/7/3353, to which Tyria answered that they would have to adjust her clock, as the current year was 3775 AD, which left Harvestasha astonished as she asked if she had slept so long. Tyria then informed her that she had good news: she finally had remembered the song, and it was time to restart the Planet Regeneration Project. Tyria thanked Aoto for his help, to which he replied that she should better save her thanks for after the planet was regenerated. She then asked Kurogane if he was watching over her, wherever he was, and told him she would succeed his will. Tyria then began singing the song she waited 700 long years to sing: EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/.. As she sang, Harvestasha XP appeared in the Module, and thus, both Harvestashas began exchanging information protocols as the Mainfield Program was installed into them, making them aware of the roles they were supposed to play during the Planet Regeneration Project, and programming them with all the required information for it.

Once she finished the song, Tyria confirmed that all processes had been executed successfully. Aoto then asked in amazement if Tyria was actually going to use the XP Shell to head to the Planetary Core, which she confirmed: the XP Shell was actually a bullet they would use to send the Heart of the Land to the Planetary Core and embed it as the new heart of the Planet. Hikari Gojo asked if this was everything that the Planet Regeneration Project was about, which Tyria confirmed, and compared it to the implantation of an artificial heart. She then asked the party to accompany her into the core, to which Hikari Gojo asked if it wouldn't be enough to just put the Heart into the XP Shell and let Harvestasha handle the rest. Unfortunately, that couldn't be, as it would require to put to sleep the (metaphysical) immune system of the Planet, which is pretty much impossible without strong enough feelings. Otherwise, if they just launched the Heart into the core, the Planet would instantly reject and melt it away, so they would need to persuade the Wills of the Planet into accepting the new Heart first. This would be no easy task, given that the Heart was man-made and the Planet had decided to exterminate mankind. This is why Tyria asked the party to accompany her: so they could protect her while she communicated with the Planet using a song.

Tyria then said she wouldn't force them to do it, given the large risk of them dying during this mission, but Aoto still decided to go forward with the plan, and the rest of the party decided to go as well. However, Harvestasha XP had to crash their little celebration, as there was still a problem that prevented them from going to the Planetary Core: the Tower lacked the Symphonic Power necessary for the launch, as well as completing the parts that weren't materialized when Tyria sang Rebirthia Protocol 700 years ago, and this was what rendered the project impossible during the last 700 years. Cocona then suggested bringing Symphonic Power from outside Sol Cluster: from her own Tower, located over at Metafalss. Tyria told her it would be possible if they managed to send a large amount of energy and absorb it through the Kaira Absorption Plates. Cocona then told them that Sasha could figure out a way of doing this, and thus, they decided to go to Archia to consult it with her.

Normal Ending[]

During the night previous to Cocona's singing, Tyria went to visit Aoto and declared her love to him. It was there that Aoto revealed he knew about Tyria's condition and how regenerating the Planet would reduce her life span so much that she wouldn't live beyond a few more years. Despite this, she expressed her feelings of always wanting to be at his side, no matter how short their time together would be.

That's why Aoto took the decision of postponing the execution of the Project for a year, in order to travel throughout the world to find a way to save the world and Tyria at the same time. However, Tyria didn't appear to bid farewell to him when he departed, but this was just to surprise him: she appeared inside a box in the airship Aoto was riding alongside Jack and Krusche, who with Sasha's help had installed a relay antenna in the airship so Tyria could travel alongside him.

Completion of the Tower[]

After having helped Jack and Krusche and receiving the necessary materials for completing Sasha's newest satellite, she Downloaded into Cocona a Song that would allow the party to transfer Symphonic Power from Infel Phira over at Metafalica to Sol Cluster, which they needed to complete the Tower of Harvestasha and start the Planet Regeneration Project. Sasha advised them to head to the areas around or right above the XP Shell, as that was the place with the best transfer speed for feelings. Therefore, the party returned to the Tower of Origin and boarded the elevator that was just right before the entrance to the Shell, carrying them to the highest point of the Tower of Origin.

Once they arrived there, Aoto remarked it was the time for Cocona to sing, and Tyria asked him if he thought it would go well. Aoto was fully confident in Cocona's skill, so he replied back that everything would go okay. A moment later, Hikari Gojo received a call on his Telemo from Sasha, who informed that she was ready to launch the satellite, while Gojo told her they had just arrived at the place. Sasha acknowledged this and told Cocona she could start singing whenever she wanted. Cocona began getting nervous again, and after inhaling deeply, she stood at the border of the platform where the party was to ready herself, while the others gave her their support and showed their trust in her.

Cocona was still unable to begin singing due to nervousness and uncertainty that her Song would be enough to convince the other IPDs to help her, but at that moment, she heard the cheers from everyone in Archia, and then, she understood why Gengai and Aoto had been acting so suspiciously that morning: they had been rallying support for her. She thanked them, after inhaling deeply once more, she put all her energy into it, and began singing the song: METHOD_HYMMELI/., under the watch of everyone in the party, Jack and Krusche, all of which were looking at her moved and impressed.

At the same time, Sasha launched the satellite, which a while later, was hit by a massive wave of Symphonic Power that came over from Metafalica: Cocona had managed to convince the other IPDs to lend her their power. Then, the Symphonic Power dispersed and fell through to the Kaira Absorption Plates in the upper areas of the Tower, finally materializing all the incomplete portions that couldn't be created 700 years ago due to Kurogane's sabotage. A gigantic manifestation of Tyria appeared shortly later, who then began aiming to the Planetary Core, getting ready for launching the XP Shell.

Cocona fell down to the ground after she finished singing, but told everyone she was okay when they ran over to check on her. Aoto congratulated her for having done such a great work, and to see how everyone below was praising her achievement. Saki and Finnel joined as well in congratulating her, and Cocona thanked them. Tyria then informed the stage was set for regenerating Planet, and that they should head for the Core right now. However, she first asked them once more if they were sure about this, as this journey could cost them their lives. Aoto told her they were still going to do it, to which both Saki and Finnel agreed. They then went back to Archia to thank Gengai for his help, and to make their final preparations for the trip to the Planetary Core.

Confronting the Planet[]

They then returned to Harvestasha XP's Module, and found her accompanied by Harvestasha VISTA. VISTA announced the time for departing had arrived, while XP told them that she would be escorting the party and that she hoped that the party didn't mind her company. Tyria thanked her, while VISTA said goodbye to her predecessor, who told her to take care of the rest of the Tower. VISTA gladly announced she would accomplish the role for which she was created: making sure the XP Shell had its trajectory set to reach the Planetary Core, and that to prepare for this, she would reset to her default settings, thus disappearing to head back to her own Module at Clustania. XP then explained she was the Master Frame, and that her role was connecting Tyria with the Wills of Ar Ciel, or in other words, being the Dive Machine and operator that would allow them to Dive into the Planet's Soulspace. She then explained that if they were successful in performing the connection, Ar Ciel's Soulspace would manifest in the real world, and told the party that once that happened, the rest of convincing the Wills of Ar Ciel to accept the Autostabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop would be left to them. Aoto agreed to do it, and XP asked Cocona to bring the Tesseractal Nuclear Loop before het. Cocona complied and used the same Hymmnos Spell she had used back at Clustania to extract it from her body, which came out enshrouded in its shell and far larger than when she had absorbed it back at Moocheriel, much to the surprise of the party. XP explained that the XP Shell was now ready to contain the Planet's Soulspace, and that the Heart had grown so much because of the feelings that Tyria had created when she sang Cosmoflips.

Harvestasha XP then asked the party if they were ready, to which Aoto answered they were, so she told the party to head to the control room. However, she also warned them that once they entered the room and closed off the door there wouldn't be any way to turn back, to which Aoto replied that they had brought with them the strong feelings they had received from the people, and that they were going into this with no regrets. The rest of the party agreed with this, and each of them voiced their own determination to save Ar Ciel. Tyria then summoned her Linkage armor, and used it to finish up Harvestasha's linking with herself and prepare the XP Shell's course for the Planetary Core.

Once in the control room, the door was sealed off and Tyria began uttering the commands necessary for preparing the XP Shell for launch. She drew the power that Cocona had brought from Metafalica to Kaira, redirected it to the railgun located in the lowermost section of the Tower of Harvestasha and loaded the XP Shell into the rails used by the Granvert Gauge, all while her gigantic form appeared at the side of the Tower and prepared to shoot it. When the preparations were finished, Aoto screamed it was time to go while Tyria gave the final order, which caused her gigantic form to shoot the XP Shell, making them go below the Tower and through the Sea of Death at maximum speed. However, when they had passed the layer of clouds and could see the surface of the Planet, they were horrified: it was no more than a vast, cracked and rocky wasteland through which rivers of lava flowed. A computerized voice then told them to get ready for the landing, while Saki expressed they had finally reached this point while the XP Shell crashed into the lava and began its way to the Planetary Core.

After the landing, they left the control room while Tyria asked if they all had managed to get out of it safely. Aoto answered they were, so then Tyria gave them the summary of their mission: the XP Shell was currently going at around 3200 Stons per second to the Planetary Core, so they would be arriving there in around 10 minutes, but before they arrived, they had to leave the Wing and go to the Dome. Aoto was confused to this, so Tyria explained the Dome was the place they would use to contact the Wills of the Planet, and it was actually XP's Module Harvestasha. But when they were setting off for the Dome, an alarm began echoing, while XP notified them that something was attacking the Shell and its structural integrity was weakening. A moment later, a group of Antibodies appeared before them, so they had to act to not get devoured.

Aoto couldn't believe these things had invaded the XP Shell and were attacking them, while Hikari Gojo noted they seemed to get more aggressive the more they approached to the Core. Tyria told him that was the case, and that they weren't controlled by Ar Ru anymore: they were now being controlled by the Planet's Consensus. Tyria then advised to hurry up, as if the Dome was destroyed, the plan would be done for. However, when they reached the barrier wall that separated the Wing and the Dome, they found it was closed off. Tyria remarked it should be open, but the attack of the Antibodies triggered its emergency lock-down. Cocona asked if there wasn't a way of opening it, to which Tyria replied they could do from the operation room, which was in the opposite side to the door. They finally found the switch to open up the barrier wall, but found it was being guarded by even more Antibodies, so they had to get rid of them in order to operate it. After eliminating the Antibodies, they could finally open up the door and the alarm stopped sounding, but then they were informed by Harvestasha they would be reaching the Core in three minutes, so Tyria told them they had to hurry up.

The party finally managed to get back to the Module Harvestasha, and Aoto asked as soon as they arrived is they were still on time. Harvestasha answered they were, but just barely. Aoto then sarcastically asked if wouldn't have been better to have stayed in the Module from the first place, given all the time and energy they wasted fighting the Antibodies. Harvestasha agreed with him on that, but also told him that his body wouldn't be able to withstand the 200 Gs force that the XP Shell received for its launch, as the Module lacked the gravity controller present in the control room. She just laughed at Aoto's face, and told him to get ready for the Dive. Cocona asked if she really was going to Dive into the Planet, to which she replied she would while Tyria took care of contacting the Wills of Ar Ciel, and that she would take care of the rest once contact had been established, which would allow them to speak with the Planet. When Aoto asked about it, Harvestasha explained that this wasn't like a regular conversation, and that they would have to feel her voice, as the Planet would talk to them using the Dome and they would have to use all their senses to send her their feelings. Aoto couldn't really follow her explanation, so Tyria just told him he would understand when they started the process, and that he should talk to her when he was ready.

Tyria asked Aoto if he was ready, but since Aoto had forgotten to prepare a few things, he told Tyria that he still needed some time, which made Tyria laugh at him and remark he was very scared. Aoto told her he wasn't, but also asked her why the sudden personality change. Tyria told him she didn't know either why she laughed like that, but most likely it was because she felt this was her last chance to do it.

When he was definitively ready, Aoto informed Tyria that they could begin at any time, so she told Harvestasha they would begin Diving into the Planet now. Harvestasha declared the Dive sequence would begin now, but also, that the party could experience a great shock from the point of impact and that when Ar Ciel's feelings were projected into the Dome, something unexpected could get projected too: whatever would appear would be left completely at Ar Ciel's mercy. Harvestasha added that all she could do was warning them that this could be dangerous and that they should get ready for the worst possible scenario. She then began booting up the Dive program. Tyria thanked the party for accompanying her all this time, and added that when the Tower failed to be created 700 years ago, she thought this world was done for. However, she continued awaiting amidst despair and spending her strength in keeping the Tower functional for this precise moment. She now was fully confident that the Planet Regeneration Project would end in success this time, as 700 years later, all their feelings and hopes had gathered into this very place.

Tyria also thanked Aoto for thinking about her, as he was the only person who actually cared for her in such a way. She reassured him that she was born for this moment, and instead of scared, she was glad because she would be able to experience Ar Ciel's revival with someone she loved, and that she never expected for something like this to happen. Aoto assured her that he would always be at her side, and Tyria thanked him for this.

Harvestasha then announced the Dive program had been booted, the HF Antenna was ready to be extended and that the DH Wave band tuning was completed. She also added they had reached the Planetary Core, and the final countdown would begin shortly. Now the time had finally come...

The party then stood looking at the Heart of the Land while Tyria declared the Dive would begin right now, to then order the HF Antenna located in the Shell to open up, while everyone in the party began asking Ar Ciel to please show Her memories and feelings through the Heart of the Land, which She did: while She began singing a song that reflected Her feelings towards mankind, XaaaCi, the Module Harvestasha and its structures were completely covered in a green and lush grassfield that extended as far as the eye could see with a vast and blue sky right above. However, that didn't last for long: the blue sky soon enough covered with menacing dark gray clouds, the green lands cracked and split, while lava flowed throughout them and thousands of Antibodies began flying from them... it was the memories of the Planet from both the Grathnode Inferia and Moocheriel's activation, all while an enormous Antibody they had never seen before approached them. Everyone remarked on the size of this monster, while Tyria noted it was most likely the Planet's final line of defense, considering its murderous intent. However, its intentions soon became apparent, as it grabbed the Heart of the Land between its extremities and began trying to crush it, so the party had to fight it so the Heart wouldn't end up in pieces and the plan thrown to waste.

After they destroyed the Antibody, it revealed finally something else: it was the pure manifestation of the Planet's Consensus, as Saki and Finnel explained. Tyria added that 700 years ago, the AAA had given Her the name Ciela. Saki then decided she would give Ciela her memories about their journey and the promise that Aoto had made, while Finnel agreed to do the same: how all her friends were nice to her, and how Aoto had protected her. Saki clarified then that they wouldn't attack her: they would use the same Song Magic they used to communicate with Ar Ru. However, Finnel added they couldn't convey their feelings if they were interrupted, so Aoto promised to keep the Antibodies away from them in the meantime, while Hikari Gojo asked them to contrate in their singing and Cocona to leave the monsters to them. They then began their final battle...

After a long and tiring battle, Ciela finally accepted the feelings of the party, and vanished amidst a shower of blinding light. At that moment, Aoto noticed that the Antibodies stopped attacking them, and Harvestasha came in to announce that Ar Ciel had begun fusing with the Heart of the Land. At first, the party couldn't believe they had managed to do this, but after Hikari Gojo told them, they rejoiced at their great success: Ar Ciel was now saved!

However, Tyria told them this was no moment for celebrations, and Harvestasha explained why: the Dome would be left in the Planetary Core, and the Wing would be detached from it in 180 seconds. Aoto didn't really follow, so Tyria explained that aside of leaving the Heart of the Land in the Core, they would leave the Dome as well for it to serve as a shell to it, so it would be detached and only the Wing part of the XP Shell would return to the surface, so that means they would fuse with the Core too if they didn't leave the place at once. Harvestasha then told them to hurry up, while Aoto asked what would happen to her. Harvestasha explained she would remain there, as she had to operate the Dome until the very last moment to make sure the Planet successfully linked with the Heart. At that moment, the countdown for the detachment began being announced, so the other party members told Aoto to hurry up. Aoto thanked Harvestasha for everything she had done, and as they left, she smiled gently to them, knowing she would disappear once her job was finished...

The party then ran through the hallways of the Dome, hearing the countdown, until they reached the hallway that separated both modules. However, at that moment...

Aoto noticed that Tyria seemed to be lagging behind, and when he asked her what happened, Tyria told Aoto she would remain there, as the Wills of the Planet were calling her to go to their side, and apologized to Aoto as she turned back. Tyria added that he didn't need to worry, and that she would tell the other Wills how awesome he and the others were. She then told Aoto that he was the only human to ever make her happy, and that she would become one with the Planet for the sake of protecting him. However, as she said her goodbyes, Aoto grabbed her by the arm and told her that he needed her at his side, and that he would take back her to the surface. Tyria replied she wasn't even human, and that she didn't even know how longer she would live, as she could die even at that same instant. Aoto screamed he didn't care about it, and that he just wanted Tyria to remain with him. Tyria began crying while she called herself a defective Reyvateil, and told Aoto she wanted to be at his side. Aoto embraced her, while Tyria accepted she wanted to be at his side, and when they were reminded of how little time they had until the modules detached, Aoto patted her head and suggested to hurry up. They managed to get back to the Wing just right before the barrier wall closed off for good.

Upon returning to the surface and getting out of the Wing, Tyria tried awakening Aoto, who had fallen unconscious during the return trip. She admired the resurrection of the Planet alongside the rest of the party, but while the others were celebrating this historic achievement, she followed the lone sound of a song away from them, and found Ar Ru, singing alongside the other Wills of the Planet for the revival of the Planet. By infusing life into the world and achieving her purpose, her time was resultantly plucked short leaving Tyria with little time to live.

Tyria and Aoto spent many happy days together, determined to make the best of their time together, given how short Tyria's life would become due to all the energy she spent in reviving Ar Ciel.

Binary Field[]

Tyria opens her Binary Field for Aoto to explore, an adventure that plays out like a visual novel, produced by Tyriasoft. What the hero experiences is a fabrication of her memories leading up to the tragedy that fell the day she sought to create the Third Tower. Aoto plays the role of her aegis, Kusunoki Masakado, who Tyria describes as aloof and uncaring. He is charged with freeing the missing piece of Rebirthia Protocol by forging a deviating path through history.


EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. - This Hymn enables conversations with the planet, and without it the other Song is useless. This Song should've been downloaded into Tyria 700 years ago, but Kurogane neglected it. Luckily it was kept safe by the Archia Think Tank. This song also functions to fuse Tyria with Ar Ru, making Ar Ru one of Tyria's personae.

EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/. - This Hymn functions as a multiple purpose program: it serves to transform Tyria into the Tower of Harvestasha, create Harvestasha VISTA by duplicating Harvestasha XP, an installing the Main-Field Progam for the Planet Regeneration Project in both Harvestashas. But due to a specific incident in her past, Tyria forgets the lyrics for this Song. Fortunately, because of Aoto's intervention in Tyria's Binary Field, she was able to remember all the lyrics for this Song.

Tilia's Ending Song: 光の中に(In the Light)


  • "The reward for two correct answers is a trip around the world in a hot air balloon."
  • "That middle-aged man is a liar. His pants are going to catch on fire."
  • "Agepan."
  • "Ah! It's about time they're done. Ding! Ooh, this looks delicious."
  • "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, but I would rather go to the mall... No mo' homework for me."
  • "Like a mermaid. Shahnahnahnahnahnah! You're a mermaid."

Talk Topics[]

See Talk Topics: Tyria


  • Although Tyria is supposed to be the most advanced among the Reyvateil Origins, due to her capability of accessing Soulspace frequencies far higher than the ones accessible to either humans or other Reyvateils. Unfortunately, she is also the most handicapped of them all. Like Shurelia, she has an HD-Cellophane installed and her Soulspace was programmed as ROM, making her unable to have a changing personality and learning. Second, her Triangular Nuclear Loop is a model that has a limited lifespan, unlike Shurelia's and Frelia's, which supposedly can keep them alive eternally. However, unlike the Loops that the Betas have, Tyria's Loop doesn't have an actual time limit, which means that she could drop dead at any moment without any warning.
  • As a Tower Administrator, Tyria does have a Linkage armor, and it has similar functions to Shurelia's. However, she only dons it in battle as a means of protection, and as a way of boosting her power through Purging due to her link with the Wills of the Planet that were brought to the land by the Antibodies that Archia captured and connected to the SH Server in their attempt to trap Ar Ru. In fact, it's this linkage to the Antibodies what allows her to be one of the only three Reyvateils in all of Ar Ciel that can increase their power through the Purge method. Outside of battle, she rarely wears it unless she needs to synchronize with a part of her Tower body, or directly control any of the functions of the XP Shell.
  • Tyria has Shurelia (Eoria) listed as part of her dislikes for this reason: during their first meeting, she saw the way in which Eleno treated Shurelia, which left her a tremendous impression. In contrast to Eleno, who treated Shurelia as her own daughter, Kurogane treated Tyria as no more than a experiment, and feeling jealous of Shurelia due to the great difference between their adoptive fathers, she began to dislike her.
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