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The most basic enemy among the Machine-types, although this particular monster comes in two versions: one fought at the very start of the game, and other commonly found near the end of Phase 1.

Event Version[]

This is the version fought at the very start of the game, back at the Blue Canyon Hamlet. This monster comes accompanied by a few Light RT A, and although it isn't very strong, it's very resistant to physical attacks. This is because the battle in which it appears also doubles as the tutorial for fighting alongside the Reyvateil and using Song Magic, so there isn't really much to say about it: attack the Light RT As if you wish until you defeat them, and once Saki's Song has been charged for long enough, let it loose to defeat the Type 1.

Normal Version[]

As expected from being encountered much later, this version of the Type 1 is also much stronger than the previous one, and it also adds nigh immunity to Fire and Ice, total immunity to Poison and high resistance to Curse to the table, aside of being also much more resistant to physical attacks. However, you should be fine if you can manage to get your Reyvateil to Purge fast, so you have to wait less to unleash your Song Magic and destroy it.

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