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The Triangular Nuclear Loop (中核三角環, Chuukaku Sankakukan?), also known as the Core Triangle Ring, or Third Dimensional Core Triangle Ring, is the part that serves as the heart of a Reyvateil.


The Triangular Nuclear Loop is a body of plasma encased into an shell made both to preserve its form and protect it, with the Reyvateils' brains serving as the shells for the respective Loops.[1] The Loop also contains in each one of its hexagonal hinges (the hexagon-like structures in the vertices of the triangle) special Dynamic H-Waves that control the growth of the Reyvateil's body, as well the Telomere that control their life spans. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Loop controls completely the life, growth and death of the Reyvateils.

However, because the Third Generation Reyvateils don't have a Triangular Nuclear Loop, they don't enjoy the same benefits as the other Reyvateil kinds and are instead doomed to have a short life: 40 years max in most cases.[2]

The maximum FFT Spectrum Oscillation the waves emitted by a Triangular Nuclear Loop can have is of 5.28 x 10^11 Hz.[3]


The role of the Loop is emitting Dynamic H-Waves, which are then absorbed by the Parameno component of the Reyvateil's body and converted into Dynamic D-Waves by her Grathnode component, which are what keep their bodies in existence. Therefore, the Triangular Nuclear Loop is a Dynamic H-Wave generator at its core, and while it could be used for other purposes beyond maintaining the life of a Reyvateil, so far no other practical uses have been found for it.

On the other hand, the hexagonal hinges contain a specific kind of Dynamic H-Waves that are released expressly for the purpose of allowing the Reyvateil to grow and mature, all according to the parameters she has programmed in her D-Cellophane. Once these Dynamic H-Waves have been completely depleted, the Reyvateil won't grow anymore, which happens approximately at the age of 18 years.[4]

Each Loop is also linked to a specific Soulspace Address and a Spiritual Standard Frequency, and due to this, the SH Server and the Loop keep a constant communication to ensure that the Reyvateil is still alive. However, if the SH Server doesn't receive a PING from the Triangular Nuclear Loop for more than two hours, the Loop will automatically shut down, killing off the Reyvateil and making the SH Server declare her as dead, freezing off her Cosmosphere as stored data.[5]


While it isn't commonly known, there are actually three kinds of Nuclear Triangular Loops in existence: the Origin Model, the β Model, and the Tyria Model.

Origin Model[]

This is the model that both Shurelia and Frelia have in their bodies, and it also was the first kind of Triangular Nuclear Loop made. Supposedly, it has nothing in common with the other models aside from the name, although no explanations are available at the moment in how different they are from each other. The only fact that is known about them is that they were created as a combination of the Sound Science that existed in the First Era with the magic characteristic of the Teru, and they are impossible to create with the technologies found in the Third Era.[6]

However, it's known that unlike the other models, this one doesn't have a life span limit imposed on their Reyvateils due to not needing Telomere, which allows their possessors to continue living for as long their SH Servers keep functioning.[7]

β Model[]

This is the model used in the creation of the Pureblooded β-type Reyvateils, and was developed between the creation of Frelia and Tyria. This is the model for which most of the information explained on this article applies, and is the standard used for the creation of new Reyvateils.

Unlike the Origin Model, this Triangular Nuclear Loop has a functional limit of 150 years, due to being programmed to cease functioning as soon as the Telomere it has run out.[7] This was done for two reasons:

  1. To avoid the Loop from shutting suddenly, and prevent any potential anomalies from manifesting in the Reyvateils due to the Loop malfunctioning.
  2. To keep alternating between the multiple personalities that the common subconscious of the Reyvateils, β-6D, has in her Cosmosphere.[7][8]

However, while the functional time it has is formally of 150 years, other factors like the Reyvateil overexerting herself by carrying large feats, such as using EXEC_FLIP style Song Magic, could cause the Telomere to deplete at a faster rate, diminishing the life span of the Reyvateil. This model was also used for the creation of the only γ-Sublimate Reyvateil.[7]

Tyria Model[]

This is the last model of Triangular Nuclear Loop, and was especially made for the Reyvateil Origin Tyria. It's similar to the β Model, except for a single fact: it doesn't have a definite life span limit, and will stop functioning as soon as the Telomere it contains are depleted. Given the great Telomere consumption to which Tyria was subject due to her duties as the creator and Administrator of the Tower of Harvestasha, this means that she will have a much shorter life span in comparison to the Pureblooded β-type Reyvateils.[7]


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