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The Tower to the Heavens (天界の塔, tenkai no tou?, lit. "Heavenly Tower") is the structure that connects the Second Tower of Ar tonelico with the satellite Sol Marta, making it into an orbital elevator of sorts.

Near the top, it has a rest area called the Hot Spot, which is maintained by a Maintenance Droid called Reki.

It can be accessed through the Hill of Metafalica at the highest floor of the Bell Strike Hall after Viena has been sung at the Conductor Activator.


(coming later on...)


This area marks the beginning of the marathonic succession of dungeons that serve as the ending of the game, so it would be a good idea to finish all synthesis quests (excepting for the ones requiring books or materials from this area onwards), find all the Dualithnode Crytsals and capture and cure all possible IPDs before coming here. The Tower to the Heavens itself is a long climb through a series of lifts, topped with a somewhat high encounter rate and strong monsters, so being careful is never a bad idea in battle. The Hot Spot near the end serves as brief respite and also doubles as a Dive Shop, so it wouldn't a bad idea to make use of its services before proceeding into the Sky Plains.

Later on, after defeating Zodoma for the second time in this area, it becomes possible to Dive into Frelia, thus opening access to this game's Binary Field, so the player should make sure to not miss this out.



  • Fever Modar
  • Dual Razor
  • D-Crystal: Abyss
  • Pira Theory 5
  • Brave Baton


Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 20


  • Zodoma


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Nea 6 None. Roaming Sour Pom x2
Nilo 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed None.
Luria 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Thunder Wyrm
Nenem 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Heatdigger
Breezy 9 None. Roaming Sayri
Puku 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Redplant Cover
Sono 5 None. Roaming None.
Raisha 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Type III
Naomi 9 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Zero

Talk Topics[]


  • Apparently, the Tower to the Heavens was going to be more complex during development, as some of the dialogues found in the game's text dumps make reference to Shun and Croix pressing some switches in order to turn off barriers that impeded the player from advancing. However, in the final build of the game, these dialogues can't be triggered and the switches, while visible on the game, they themselves can't be examined and thus serve no function.
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