(Tower Inside [A5 and A6 Sectors] 362F and 475~477F, 塔内【A5~A6区画】362F, 475~477F?, lit. "tou-uchi [ei-5~ei-6 kukaku] 362 efu, 475~477 efu") is a rather large area of the First Tower of Ar tonelico, which can be accessed from the Crescent Chronicle, the Ion Plate and the Frozen Eye.


As indicated above, this area can be accessed from three different areas of the Tower, interconnecting them all. However, this place isn't accesible until after Shurelia has joined the party, and even then, the player needs to have Installed Green Crystals into their Green Magic spells in order to have the necessary power and shooting speed to destroy the doors that block the passage into this place. It's one of the largest and most complex areas in the entire Tower, due to the labyrinthine layout of its floors, and due to being filled with tough enemies. However, it also hides some nice treasures, Grathnode Crystals and recipe for anyone that goes out of their way to explore it.

This area is completely optional, and there isn't any need to visit it to beat the game.




Number of Random Battles in This Area: 15

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