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The opening theme to Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, which describes the themes of love and bonds that represent the base of the entire game. However, it also has the purpose of summoning the player into the game world: in other words, it could be said that it serves as the activation command for the Interdimend program that is used by the player to establish contact with the world beyond the screen.

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1 - A part
iyon-du vari-wei-iz, koh-ne aa-nie-iz soh-nh nyue-i;
iyon-du vari-wei-iz, koh-ne aa-nie-iz soh-nh nyue-i;
Restraining you, I'll initialize your summoning to this world

ro wa-fen nyee iyon-du jyan-i, soh-nh kiu-ny bee-wei-iz;
ro wa-fen nyee iyon-du jyan-i, soh-nh kiu-ny bee-wei-iz;
I'll detach you from this only world, and drag you here

2 - B part
ahih-re u-ja-i fwai-du ih-pa,
ahih-re u-ja-i fwai-du ih-pa,
You'll put on the wings I'll turn into

iyon-ne ron-ja-re fal-nye tyu-rey-iz;
iyon-ne ron-ja-re fal-nye tyu-rey-iz;
And I'll cast my magic over your abyss

3 - Melody part
幾千の星 [謳えや]
Ikusen no Hoshi [Utae ya]
Oh thousands of stars, [Sing,]

輝き降る [繋がる] この奇蹟
Kagayaki Furu [Tsunagaru] Kono Kiseki
Descend brilliantly [and connect,], and gaze upon

[世の君] 阿波禮や!
[Yo no Kimi] Aware Ya!
[Oh, You of the World!], this miracle of the waves!

4 - Backing part a
  Cls(ethes f ds-b ciol) {
      EX[zep]->{ciol f koh};
  } am {
  Cls(soh hymm) {
      EX[irtr]->{hymm f ethes ciol}
The God from a faraway world will descend upon this world, and create a utopia.
That Song was brought from the outer space.

5 - Charge emotion energy
wa-fen-du pe-wez-iz-chai;
fam tes-fen-ne faa hau-re koo-ja;
soh-ne hau=iyon-ne i-fer-eq pe-ryan-ne wa-fen;

wa-fen-du pe-wez-iz-chai;
fam tes-fen-ne faa hau-re koo-ja;
soh-ne hau=iyon-ne i-fer-eq pe-ryan-ne wa-fen;
Let us connect the worlds, as there is a something beyond the farthest universes.
Beyond it, there is a world that needs your love. Come forth!

6 - Summon command
  EX[lic]->{iyon ciel <=> ih ciel};
  am {
Connect your world and my world.
Converting the waves, I'll summon your life to this place.

7 - Main part 1
捧げるこの想いの波は ゆらりゆらり漂ひて
Sasageru Kono Omoi no Ha wa Yurari Yurari Tadayoite
The waves of feelings I'm offering, that sway and float in this world,

届くか 星となるか 空即是色の鳥のよう
Todoku ka Hoshi to naruka Kuusokuzeshiki no Tori no You
will they reach something, or become stars, like the birds of the material nothingness?

重なり結ひ魂の音は 七つの刻空のエンタングル
Kasanari Yui Tama no Ne wa Nanatsu no Sora no Entangle
Joining and connecting the sounds of the souls, the entangling of the seven times and spaces

比翼の羽根はためかせ 阿僧祇の地へと奏で遂げる
Hiyoku no Hane Hatamekase Asogi no Chi e to Kanade Togeru
will make both wings flutter about, playing a song that will send us to a land of boundless abundance.

8 - Main part 2
溢れるこの想いの波は いろはにほへど いずこへ
Afureru Kono Omoi no Ha wa Irohanioedo Izuko e
These overflowing waves of feelings exist for sure in some way, and they will go to someplace,

想ひ宇宙の俣繋ぎ 光の庭を駆けゆく Ah-
Omoi Utsu no Mata Tsunagi Hikari no Niwa o Kakeyuku Ah-
connecting the crossroads of the universe of feelings, they will run off to the garden of light... Ah-

9 - Backing part b
i-fen-in ih-nay hyen pyei noh-iar tes-fen wa-fen
a-z=i-fer-ne yan-nu lin-i;

i-fen-in ih-nay hyen pyei noh-iar tes-fen wa-fen
a-z=i-fer-ne yan-nu lin-i;
Beloved people, family, friends, countries, planets, universes, worlds... everything is connected by the waves of love.

10 - Main part 3
謳えや! 燃やせや! 命捧げや!
Utae Ya! Moyase Ya! Inochi Sasage Ya!
Sing! Burn! Let us offer our lives!

生々世々の路を 皆灯し紡げ!
Shoujou Seze no Ji o Mina Tomoshi Tsumuge!
Let us all light up and craft the eternal road!

唯我の波 愛を永遠に伝ふ
Yuiga no Ha Ai o Towa ni Tsutau
May our joint waves convey love eternally!

セカイを越え 花ひらく 詩の奇跡よ
Sekai o Koe Hana Hiraku Uta no Kiseki yo
Oh, blossoming miracle of Songs, cross over the world!

七つの海越えて 御魂求めて
Nanatsu no Umi Koete Mitama Motomete
Crossing the Seven Seas, seeking the souls,

今宵ふたつの星重なり ソラに燦めく
Koyoi Futatsu no Hoshi Kasanari Sora ni Kirameku
Tonight, two stars will join into one and brilliantly shine in the sky.

11 - Backing part c
hyu-me=a-z-ne andi;
fao=a-z-du weiz-i soh-nh hyu-me-re u-ja-i; Ah-
wa-fen-ne zei-boo=koo-ja-agu;
iyon-nh ih-mu hyu-me-nu lin-iz;
soh-ryai-eq aa-hau-ne hyu-me;

hyu-me=a-z-ne andi;
fao=a-z-du weiz-i soh-nh hyu-me-re u-ja-i; Ah-
wa-fen-ne zei-boo=koo-ja-agu;
iyon-nh ih-mu hyu-me-nu lin-iz;
soh-ryai-eq aa-hau-ne hyu-me;
As Songs are the source of everything, feelings make everything shake, and Songs form everything,
there are no walls in the world, as we are both connected by Songs too, which is in itself a Great Song.

Feelings Contained in this Song[]

3 - Melody Part
We delight with the miracle of the descent of the lights of hope (the players) from the simultaneous worlds of Earth (Everyone's PS3s).

5 - Charge Emotion Energy
Let us connect the worlds. In the world beyond the farthest universes, there are people in need of your love.

7 - Main Part 1
The prayers and wishes directed to someone, the feelings, will sway and drift as they are transmitted through the world,
will they reach their receiver or will they vanish in the way? No one but God knows that.
In other words, they are actually like birds that we don't actually know if they have substance or not.

However, the feelings of two people that share deep bonds will reach each of them without getting lost, even without knowing where they each are.
That is because the wings of a bird know the road they must head down together, even without seeing each other,
and letting these wings that believe in each other flutter about, they will seem to be flying off.

8 - Main Part 2
I know that these overflowing feelings exist for sure (in the form of energy and the like),
but in which way will they be transmitted, and where they will head off?

That is, as you convey your heart to your precious person and you connect with each other,
it will become a great source of power for making something a reality, and spread throughout the world.

10 - Main Part 3

The feelings become Songs, and crossing over everything, they will reach a precious place.
That must be a place that definitely exists in the same position in all spaces, times and possibilities

Making your heart beat at the same rhythm as your precious person, and conveying everything to them honestly, these are the proof of true love.
While feelings don't have a definite shape, they still give shape to everything, thus they are our Mothers.

Crossing the Seven Dimensions, seeking the lost souls,
now, the curtain of a story of bonds is opened.

※The part of the lyrics "two stars" has four meanings.
(Delta and Earthes = Friends, Delta and Cas = Lovers, Earthes and Ion = Lovers, Ar Ciel and Ra Ciela = Worlds)

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