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This song is the opening theme to Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, though it also has an additional significance due to the Emotional Song Pact choruses featured on it being actually sung during the Imperial Succession Ceremony, serving as a holy hymn used to usher in a new Empress and as a preparation for the Princesses that are about to undergo the Imperial Trials. It could be said that the song is actually sung during the scene where it is heard in the game.[1]

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wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;
fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea;

wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;
fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea;
Space, time, possibilities, collectivity, multiverse,
the waves that cross over every world will save this one.
So they may reach faraway worlds...

捧げるこの想いの波(は)は ゆらりゆらり漂ひて
届くか 星となるか 空即是色の鳥のよう
sasageru kono omoi no ha wa yurariyurari tadayoite
todoku ka hoshi to naru ka kuusokuzeshiki no tori no you
The waves of feelings I'm offering, that sway and float in this world,
will they reach something, or become stars, like the birds of the material nothingness?

溢れるこの想いの波(は)は いろはにほへど いずこへ
afureru kono omoi no ha wa iroha ni hohe do izuko e
These overflowing waves of feelings exist for sure in some way, and they will go to someplace.


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