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Tenba (天覇, tempa?, lit. "Tempa") is the corporation that introduced Grathmeld to the world, brought prosperity to the people, and in the current days, tries to continue discovering the secrets of the Tower. Its main headquarters are located in the floating island of Firefly Alley, and its current president is Ayano Raizer Elduke.

Likewise, it also has various research facilities throughout all of Sol Ciel, including the Tenba Labs located in Firefly Alley, and the research facility that was devastated when one of the Hexagonal Plates fell upon it. This place is known currently as the Fallen Hexagonal Plate.

Meaning of the Name and History[]

The corporation's name originates from the meaning of the kanjis 天 (Sky/Heaven) and 覇 (Supremacy), and together they mean [That which will dominate everything in this sky]. This is because in the landless world of Sol Ciel, Sky is used to express many things that could mean [Land/Earth] to us. However, Tenba's origins go back to a long time ago, when it wasn't anything but an small store in a country town, called the Sakura Store. The person that founded it was called Houmei, and the store used to be just a Grathmeld retail store. From his name, you could guess that this man was descendant of the people that lived in Sol Cluster in the First Era, and he was the landlord of the city of Nemo at that time, when Gasaki and Leila came to him requesting funds to research Grathmelding. As the first shop manager, he worked in the Sakura Store, and after him, after passing through three important phases, it grew into the largest corporation in the Wings of Horus, the corporation of Tenba.

Grathmeld and Tenba[]

Tenba holds all the privileges and techniques related to Grathmeld. For any organization or individual to be able to use Grathmeld, it needs first the authorization from Tenba. The branch of Tenba called by the acronym GDC (Grathmeld Development Council) is in charge of the authorizations, and furthermore, it also researches on technological innovations to make the Grathmeld techniques the most efficient possible. The affiliated organization/individuals have to pay an annual fee, which are collected from their stores as royalties, and these are used as researching funds. This also allows Tenba to share equally the new discoveries and developed know-hows with all its associates. Even if this causes the monopolization of Grathmeld, it also gives the maximum benefit to the corporation. Still, to prevent the misuse of Grathmeld by ignorant people, and them causing disasters, there are a great number of control plans. However, because Grathmeld has been approached as if it was a natural phenomenon (though actually it is a program made by Shurelia), the GDC allows the non-associates to use it freely. However, in these cases, they cannot use the investigation facilities under the jurisdiction of the GDC, nor they can buy or sell Grathnodes in the shops.

Operation Details[]

Firefly General Research Center[]

A Grathmeld operation integrated research establishment under the direct control of Tenba.

Public Transport Corporation [Hynemos (All day)][]

As the branch that manages the traffic network Trams that run through Airport City Nemo and Firefly Alley, and in addition, the 3 long-distance routes and the 7 routes that run in the Wings of Horus, is the largest transportation company in Sol Ciel. This company was the one that developed the Rotating Flipper, which is the machine that allows to control the airships.

Grathmeld Development Council (GDC)[]

Named in short "GDC". It's the branch that undertakes by itself all the permissions and rights concerning Grathmeld. If you get a bad record here (ie: get disliked by everyone in here), you won't be able to buy Grathnode Crystals in the shops, nor you will be able to attend the schools under the jurisdiction of Tenba.

Information Network "Grathnet"[]

This is the branch that manages the public information network Grathnet. This network distributes information to the individuals and information shops that have a contract with this branch and have personal computer terminals. Its main activity is distributing information to the information poles that are in the street of each city. These are like giant TV screens on the streets, and can be found everywhere on Nemo, though certainly, in the village of the outskirts there is one as well.

Firefly Alley Construction Agency[]

This branch is charged with the job of the construction, management and development of Firefly Alley. Currently, they have very busy days with the maintenance of the island.

The (Re)Discovery of the Reyvateils[]

The people learned again the word Reyvateil various hundreds of years after the Third Era started, but that was actually because they didn't know that the Reyvateils were a different race. During these times, the Sakura Store had overstocked on supplies and was falling into financial difficulties. And the key to recovering from these difficulties was the strange genetic disease called the Tattolist Disease, because its treatment was one of the items that the Sakura Store had: the Diquility crystals. After that, it was proved that all the cases of this disease were all a marked result of the hereditary Reyvateil characteristics. At once, the Sakura Store made a comeback and changed its name to [Tenba], and became able to partake in all kinds of business.

Even if the Church of El Elemia can give to its Reyvateils their doses of Life Extending Agents, it would be more correct to say that they actually can do so because Tenba originally "discovered" it.

Tenba as an Army[]

The people was always attacked by monsters and other kinds of threats, and to be able to resist them, both Tenba and the Church of El Elemia made special Reyvateil units. Tenba began researching on measures for counterattacking these countless abnormal beings that rampaged through this world, and made the biggest army on the now demilitarized country of Sol Ciel. Tenba established 18 strategic points throughout the Wings of Horus, and whenever the towns and villages were attacked, they would come immediately and counter these attacks. Since the number of the people that could be attacked was so great, the priority for mobilizing the Reyvateils would be given to the ones waiting on the nearest point to the area being attacked. And in that way, they could recover themselves from that situation. Especially safe is the Special Economic Zone of the Airport City Nemo and its three satellite cities, given that their inhabitants pay a fee both to Tenba and the Church for individual contracts, which end turning into safety guarantees. The exception to this are the frontier villages, where the contracts are done in conjunction between Tenba and the Church. Given that the sum of money to pay is so great, the payment is generally divided between all the villagers. However, if even one household in the village doesn't pay, then the village won't receive the same kind of protection that Nemo has. Tenba has only fought once with other party until now: the Teru Tribe. The Teru Tribe are the guardians of the Tower, and because of that, they attack anyone that is obstinate enough to continue advancing through the Tower in search of explanations for its mysteries. Because of this, Tenba's desire to unravel the secrets of the Tower and advancing the civilization has found them as only an enormous hindrance. However, given that Tenba has Reyvateils brought up as combat personal, and furthermore, they have the power of the Grathnode items and the fruits of their researches, it's still unknown if the Teru could stop them with that raise of power.

The Treatment of the Reyvateils[]

In regards to the Reyvateils that work in Tenba, their jobs and the treatment they receive are dependant on their rank. The D-Class ones receive the hardest jobs, so to speak, they are pretty much treated as simple shields. Still, each Reyvateil is paired with a partner that is charged with her protection, and they respond differently depending on the rank and the characteristics of the Reyvateil. An A-Class Reyvateil is paired with an excellent partner, but the D-Class ones aren't paired with an specific partner. At the time of a mission, from 10 to 20 D-Class Reyvateils will be assigned to a single Class-A or Class-B partner.

The A-Class Reyvateil are so respected because of the great power they are able to use, that both them and their partners are decided by themselves, and set up the table to let them become potential lovers. On the other hand, the D-Class Reyvateils aren't seen as anything else but servants.

People Related to Tenba[]