Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Temple Guard
テンプルガード (Temple Guard) (tenpurugaado)
Temple Guard
Monster Card:Priest2
Level HP
45 3317
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1283 1047 0 51
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 18 0 18
EXP Leaf
96 185
Location Singing Hill (only during the ambush in Aurica's Route)

Temple of Elemia - Center Area

Class Priest
Abilities Temple Strike

Verse of Curse

Grade 4 Drop Paradox Eye
Grade 3 Drop Dokkoi Set
Grade 2 Drop Beak Breath
Grade 1 Drop Dark Solution
DescriptionSecurity guards who protect the Temple. They have special abilities to heal in addition to their spear attacks, so don't rush blindly.

Severely improved versions of the Priest Ghost, the Temple Guards have much higher stats and even gained a Lv. 1 Stored Attack, Verse of Curse, which make them more dangerous in comparison. However, and unlike what the description states, they don't have the Healing skill, which makes them much less of an annoyance to deal with than other Priest-type monsters.

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