Tastiella de Lu
TastiellaArt Information
Kanji/Kanaタスティエーラ・デ・ルゥ (Tasutiēra De Rū)
Unaltered NameTastiera de Rue
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
English Voice ActorMona Marshall
Japanese Voice ActorYoshino Nanjō

Tastiella was originally a high priestess of Em Pheyna during the Second Era. According to Shurelia, she sacrificed herself in order to seal Mir. She now acts as the Crescent Chronicle's terminal to oversee the physical world and therefore can only move within Em Pheyna and the Crescent Chronicle proper. Her "body" is severely damaged later in the game, but she manages to oversee the end of Lyner's journey and congratulate him, before bidding farewell and disappearing, thus dying as she wished.

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