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How Was Your First Dive?[]

Jacqli: So, how was my Cosmosphere?
Croix: ...Honestly, I don't know what to say about it.
Jacqli: Oh, I thought you enjoyed it a lot.
Croix: It was fun, but I've never had a Dive like that before...
Jacqli: I see. Was that a little too dull?
Croix: What?
Jacqli: What about this setting: You are beeing chased around by a huge man wielding a sword.
Jacqli: If you don't like my current Cosmosphere, I can make it more thrilling and intense.
Croix: I don't know what you are up to, but I don't need those dangerous events in it.
Jacqli: ...You wimp.

With Spica[]

Croix: I didn't know you knew Spica.
Croix: How long have you guys known each other?
Jacqli: Well...
Jacqli: At least I've known her longer than anyone else in this world.
Croix: ...That seems to have a profound implication.
Jacqli: It's just a fact.
Jacqli: ...But you'd better be careful with her.
Jacqli: She may look nice, but she is actually a total fiend.
Croix: (...And you aren't?)

Off Guard[]

Jacqli: Who do you think you are!? That's not an appropriate way of treating Reyvateils.
Croix: Eh?
Jacqli: When we are creating Song Magic, we are completely off-guard.
Jacqli: If you fight with a Reyvateil, it is common sense that you're supposed to defend your partner to the death.
Jacqli: What was with that poor defense!? Are you joking with me?
Croix: No, of course not...
Jacqli: Because if you are, I'll tell you this right now...
Jacqli: Anytime you're fighting with a Reyvateil, you better defend her from your enemies.
Jacqli: Song Magic takes concentration! If you don't protect me properly, I'll start misfiring!
Jacqli: You have to be my shield and defend me to the death.
Croix: Okay...I'm sorry.
Jacqli: ...You are pretty obedient. I'm impressed, good boy.
Jacqli: Anyway, be more serious from now on.
Jacqli: That way, I can concentrate on my Song Magic and support you better.


Jacqli: I didn't know there are so many counterfeit products sold in this world.
Croix: Eh? ...This is the famous Funboon. Don't you know it?
Jacqli: Hahaha...Funboon.
Croix: What's so funny?
Jacqli: Haven't you ever heard about the Funbun?
Croix: What the hell is that? A Funboon imitation?
Jacqli: ...You don't even know of its existence? I guess that's normal in this world, huh?
Croix: Please explain what that is supposed to mean...

Let Me Rest[]

Jacqli: I feel like I've been fighting with you pretty often.
Croix: Yeah...because you're so strong...
Jacqli: I see...Luca or Cloche would love those kind of compliments.
Croix: That wasn't meant to be a compliment.
Jacqli: I know. You're not that calculating, you simple-minded boy.
Jacqli: However, I don't want you to rely on me too much.
Jacqli: Just fight against enemies without a Reyvateil's help.
Jacqli: Otherwise, you'll be in trouble sometimes.

Statesman? Dictator?[]

Jacqli: Speech Square must have the power to make people crazy.
Croix: Really? I think it's quite normal.
Jacqli: Did you know that there's a balcony for giving speeches that overlooks the audience?
Jacqli: When you stand there, looking down at an audience, you feel as if you've become a leader.
Jacqli: Don't you think?
Croix: ...I guess I'd feel powerful, too.
Jacqli: ...Right?
Jacqli: I want to give a speech there. I want to experience being a political leader.
Croix: ...You would be more of a dictator than a political leader.

Go To Bed![]

Jacqli: Haven't you been talking to mee every single night?
Croix: Uh, I think so...
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: Don't you have anything else to do?
Croix: That's mean... Don't you want to talk to me?
Jacqli: It's a good way to kill some time, although there will be less time to sleep.
Croix: I know...I'm sorry.
Jacqli: Not me. I'm talking about you. I don't need to sleep at all anyway.
Croix: Really? You really are incredible...
Jacqli: I know I am, but it was a lie that I don't need to sleep at all.
Croix: ...Don't lie to me...
Jacqli: Don't believe such an unrealistic story.


Jacqli: That place, Rakshek Resort, was it?
Croix: What about it?
Jacqli: There is a resort, right? In other words, we are supposed to relax there.
Croix: ...Uh huh.
Jacqli: But, in order to get there, we have to go through a lot of dangerous places, right?
Croix: ...Uh-huh.
Jacqli: How can such a difficult place to get to be called a "Resort"?
Croix: I see, so you were attacked by enemies when you first went there as well.
Jacqli: A resort that is located in such a region is pretty thrilling.
Jacqli: Maybe I should write a novel titled "The Rakshek Resort Serial Murder Case."
Jacqli: A young couple visits Rakshek Resort and gets lost in heavy snow. To make matters worse, their telecells don't work.
Jacqli: While at the inn, people get murdered one by one. With your personality, you'd be the first one killed... Hahaha.
Croix: You've already decided my role? I don't like those scary stories, anyway.

Do You Like Maids?[]

Jacqli: Croix, you have a thing for maids?
Croix: ...What kind of random question is that?
Jacqli: I mean, there are other restaurants too.
Jacqli: But you always choose to go to that restaurant where that girl is.
Jacqli: Crafting is done the same as the other restaurants.
Croix: Well, yeah, I think so, too.
Croix: It's just that Luca used to work there, so it's easy to get good hook ups and service.
Croix: It's true that other restaurants can do crafting, but not like that place.
Jacqli: ...Yeah, it's not like other places will give us weird and interesting things like they do.
Croix: ...Hey, they come in handy after all, right?
Croix: The service is free, so it's a nice way to promote their business.
Jacqli: It also seems like they're trying to make us test the product...


How Old Are You?[]

Croix: You called Cocona "baby", right?
Croix: Can you stop treating her like a child? She doesn't seem to like it.
Jacqli: Oh, really?
Jacqli: She should be happy because she is seen as being so young.
Jacqli: At least, I know someone who really likes it when people see her as young.
Croix: Girls her age usually don't like to be treated as children in general.
Croix: Besides, you aren't that much older than Cocona, right?
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: It seems like I look much younger than I actually am. In fact, I'm more than twice your age.
Croix: ...What does that mean?
Jacqli: I mean, it is rude to ask a woman about her age. If you understand that, change the subject, boy.

Worried, Huh?[]

Jacqli: Let's say I launched a mass destruction magic right at you. What yould you do?
Croix: ...That's a scary thing to say.
Jacqli: I wasn't sure whether you trust me as your ally or not.
Jacqli: Remember when I helped you in Dreamy Fields? I asked if you thought I was going to use magic that would hurt you.
Jacqli: You never gave me a straight answer, so I was still wondering.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: I'm not about to try hard to get your trust, though.
Croix: ...Well, we are newly aquainted, so I'm not 100% sure yet, but...
Croix: You may sound intimidating, but I know you wouldn't do harm to us.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: If you had any intent to kill us, you would do it when we are alone.
Croix: So, I know I don't need to worry about that.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: ...What a naive boy.

Ignorance Is Bliss[]

Croix: Anyhow, we were living on top of some unbelievable stuff, huh?
Jacqli: Are you talking about the tunnels in Dreamy Fields?
Croix: Yeah...I know, it sounds a bit odd, but it was like a world similar to a jigsaw puzzle.
Jacqli: Well, sort of. Blocks, or pieces of the puzzle, if you will, are put together forming one vast area.
Jacqli: There are missing zones that are destroyed.
Jacqli: If I found out about the brittle giant grottoes running underneath us, I'd become an insomniac.
Croix: ...I don't think you would be worried.
Jacqli: Of course not. I was just kidding.
Croix: Please, why don't we have normal conversations?

Cosmosphere #1[]

Croix: Hey, Jacqli, your Cosmosphere...
Jacqli: It was fun, right?
Croix: Was that the right way to get a Paradigm Shift?
Jacqli: Oh, are you not satisfied with it?
Croix: It's not a matter of satisfaction...
Croix: Because I hardly saw you in your Cosmosphere, I didn't feel like I had made it happen to you.
Jacqli: Just forget it.
Jacqli: In any case you made a Paradigm Shift happen to me in my Cosmosphere.
Jacqli: That's all. Is there any problem?
Croix: No, but...
Jacqli: Then, should I give you an assignment before each Paradigm Shift like, you must defeat 100 dragons with bare hands?
Croix: ...No thanks.
Jacqli: Right? The only thing that matters is the result.


Jacqli: I thought you were going to complain to me.
Croix: About what?
Jacqli: About Cocona...
Croix: ...Oh.
Croix: That was what she wanted. It wasn't your fault.
Croix: So, there's no reason for blaming you.
Jacqli: Despite the fact that I first suggested it to her?
Croix: But, it was her own will that made her do that.
Croix: Besides, she hasn't died. There is still a chance for her to survive, right?
Croix: So...even if I wanted to, I couldn't blame you for that yet.
Croix: If she never wakes up again, then I'll think about what I should do about it.
Jacqli: I see... Do as you like.

Legendary Menu[]

Jacqli: Nero-Nero soda reminds me of something...
Croix: Your favorite food or something?
Jacqli: I know a Reyvateil who sucks at cooking.
Jacqli: Her specialty cuisine is based on it.
Croix: Bad cooking doesn't surprise me anymore. I have Luca to thank for that.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: Her cuisine's called "BBQ Soda."
Croix: Wait a second. What did you just say?
Jacqli: BBQ Soda. It's literally a glass of soda with a few pieces of barbecued beef hanging over the lip.
Croix: ...Whew. Just imagining that already made me sick...
Jacqli: But, unlike its repulsive appearance, it is pretty delicious.
Croix: Even if it's delicious, I still would never eat it.

Cute Is Lame[]

Croix: Are you not interested in cute things, Jacqli?
Jacqli: Cute things?
Croix: When we went to the Fancy Shop, you didn't look very interested in anything.
Jacqli: Of course I'm not interested.
Jacqli: First of all, those things are useless, aren't they?
Croix: Well, yeah, most things that are sold at those kinds of shops aren't very useful...
Jacqli: I hate anything that's useless... Whether it's a thing or a person.
Croix: ...That's what I figured.

I Kinda Like It[]

Jacqli: That monster, Zodom, right? He was pretty cute.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: I like the design of it. Maybe I want one of those toys in my room.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: Oh, you didn't like it? I just tried to be girlie like Luca for you.
Croix: Ho, no...I just didn't know how to react to it...
Croix: First of all, what makes you think the design of that monster is cute at all?
Jacqli: There are various types of cuteness.
Jacqli: There are cute things that you can tell why they are cute and those you can't.
Jacqli: Zodom is categorized as the latter. Don't think of it, just feel.
Croix: There's something I can tell you for sure: I never can.
Jacqli: ...You give up so easily. You're gutless.
Croix: I'd rather be a gutless man than think it's cute.

Costume #1[]

Croix: Hey, I want to ask you something?
Jacqli: What?
Croix: The costume that you were wearing...
Jacqli: ...Ah, that one?
Jacqli: Change!
Croix: Wha!
Jacqli: ...This school uniform, right?
Croix: Yeah, that one.
Croix: That's for a male student, isn't it? Don't you feel weird wearing this?
Jacqli: I guess...
Jacqli: ...It's still better than not wearing anything, right?
Croix: ...I won't ask you what that means...


Enjoy Being the Goddess[]

Jacqli: I think whoever made Pastalia Bottles may be a genius.
Croix: Really? I'm not very big on them...
Jacqli: You're not? But don't you think they're interesting?
Jacqli: There is a whole world in such a small bottle. Isn't it neat?
Jacqli: When you hold it in your hand, don't you feel tempted to throw it down and shatter the world to pieces?
Croix: ......
Jacqli: Or, you can shake it up so it's like the world was destroyed by a giant quake.
Croix: It's a souvenir. You should think of decorating your room with it or something, instead.

Cosmosphere #2[]

Croix: Anyway, I didn't expect to fight in the Cosmosphere.
Jacqli: I think some people are not serious enough in Cosmosphere, so I made the battle scene.
Jacqli: That way, they have to fight to death. If they lose, they get hurt and kicked out of Cosmosphere back into real life.
Croix: ...Are you a devil?
Jacqli: Don't compare me with such a weakling.
Jacqli: If you like, I can make a scene in which you charge with bare hands at a large group of demons...
Croix: Please don't... Anyway, do you feel any different since that Paradigm Shift?
Jacqli: I don't know. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Jacqli: Besides, you are supposed to notice it, instead of asking me.
Croix: ...You're right.
Croix: (Maybe I shouldn't say she doesn't look different than before at all.)

Imitation #1[]

Jacqli: I stole several books from Gerrard's storeroom.
Croix: You really are...
Jacqli: I couldn't finish reading all the books, so I decided this would be the best way.
Croix: Anyways, you had already gotten all the information needed. Did you still need to steal them?
Jacqli: Yes, I did. It was very important.
Croix: Why so?
Jacqli: I personally wanted to read them.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: The books would be happier this way than buried in dust for ages.

If There Were No Jacqli[]

Jacqli: Hey, there's a very scary horror story. Do you want to hear it?
Croix: It sounds kind of interesting. Please tell me.
Jacqli: Okay. It's about you and your friends who got the Implanter.
Croix: What?
Jacqli: You guys tried downloading it onto Luca, but it didn't work.
Jacqli: Why didn't it work? What was wrong with it?
Jacqli: You guys get together and think about the answer.
Croix: But, because Jacqli figures out why...
Jacqli: I don't exist in this story.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: What if i said, " No, " to you and didn't become your ally? What do you think?
Jacqli: How was my story? Interesting, huh?
Croix: That sure was scary in a way, but that's not a horror story.

Bad Sense Of Taste[]

Croix: Hey, Jacqli...what are you eating without my consent?
Jacqli: I don't know. This is some kind of cake, isn't it? I kind of like the way it tastes.
Croix: ...Is ist good?
Jacqli: Yeah, it's not bad.
Croix: But, that is...a Pippencuit, you know?
Jacqli: Is that the name of this cracker?
Croix: No, it's Pippen food.
Jacqli: Oh yeah!? Is's such a waste to feed Pippens with it.
Croix: Stop eating it, or you'll have a stomachache.

Mind Guardian?[]

Croix: Hey, I've been wondering since a long time ago. Don't you have a guardian in your Cosmosphere?
Jacqli: Of course I do have one.
Croix: Oh, of course...?
Croix: But, I was just wondering because I've never seen her before.
Jacqli: You are just unaware of her. You must have met her in my Cosmosphere by now.
Croix: Re, Really?
Jacqli: Sure.
Jacqli: ...Lately, I don't need that girl much, though.
Croix: That girl?
Jacqli: Forget about it. We don't need to talk about her at this point, anyway.

Costume #2[]

Croix: Hey Jacqli, I want to ask you something about the costume...
Jacqli: ...Wait a sec.
Jacqli: Change!
Croix: (Can you just transform without shouting so loud?)
Jacqli: ...You talking about this costume?
Croix: Yeah, that one. I was curious about it.
Jacqli: ...You have such a taste, huh.
Croix: No, that's not it.
Croix: What I want to ask you is, why does the costume come with the gun?
Jacqli: It's pretty hot, isn't it?
Croix: I have no idea of what you are saying.
Jacqli: ...Idiot.
Croix: Anyway, if you have such a good weapon, could you please support us with it?
Jacqli: This is just a toy, I can't use it in real battles.
Croix: ...So why do you carry it, anyway?
Jacqli: Cause it turns me on.
Croix: ...Whatever.

Lovey Dovey, Luca[]

Jacqli: You and Luca get along so well.
Croix: Well, we did live together before.
Jacqli: Oh, like moved in with each other?
Croix: It was when we were little. We're not like that.
Jacqli: Oh, is that so... I thought it was recently.
Jacqli: You guys are talking every day. I thought you were secretly seeing each other...
Croix: Yeah, right... We only talk, like, right now.
Jacqli: ...I see.
Croix: ...Was that bothering you?
Jacqli: ...No.

Lovey Dovey, Cloche[]

Jacqli: I can't believe you talk to Cloche every night.
Croix: Oh, yeah. I have been talking to her every day.
Jacqli: Knowing her, I thought she would freak out about being in the same room with a man at night.
Croix: It's not like that. We just talk.
Croix: If I did anything to offend her, you know my head will be chopped off...
Jacqli: I see...
Jacqli: Well, she looks like she might give in pretty easily.
Croix: Stop giving me ideas...


Good & Bad Memory[]

Jacqli: You've got a good memory.
Croix: What are you talking about?
Jacqli: You remembered the promise you made with Targana, right?
Croix: Don't make fun of me. I made the promise when I was a child...
Jacqli: I'm praising you for living up to your promise even though it was made when you were a child.
Jacqli: I know this guy who not only forgot his childhood, but also the existence of a person he made a promise to as a child.
Croix: ...Who is that guy?
Jacqli: He's beaten me in a duel.
Croix: What! That's incredible!
Jacqli: He was, except for his memory.
Croix: ...What a surprise.

Ruins, Right?[]

Jacqli: I thought the General Store was just a ruin until recently.
Croix: That's...understandable.
Jacqli: If I hadn't been with you guys, I would still have thought it was.
Croix: But you at least knew the existence and location of it.
Jacqli: I was thinking it would be a good hideout in case of emergency.
Jacqli: So, I'm glad I got to know there is a person living there.
Jacqli: Otherwise, if I entered the house to hide myself from my enemies, that girl would so freak out and scream...
Croix: Where does that idea come from? You may have to hide from enemies some day?

Cosmosphere #3[]

Jacqli: Congratulations on your Paradigm Shift. Kay, conversation's over.
Croix: ...Don't end it so abruptly. I haven't even said a word.
Jacqli: I don't want to let you talk.
Croix: You have to! I've got things to ask you.
Croix: It feels like a Paradigm Shift is supposed to have a meaning behind it.
Croix: I didn't see that much change after them, but at least the world changes its shape because of them, right?
Jacqli: ...Who knows?
Jacqli: In any case, you'll Dive into me again, right?
Croix: Yes, I will.
Jacqli: You haven't seen the end of the story yet. Of course you can't quit it yet.
Croix: Not just that...

Jacqli's Bookshelf[]

Croix: Are the bookshelves in the Cat Mansion yours, Jacqli?
Jacqli: Not all of them. But I keep some of mine there.
Croix: I see...then the journals on those are yours, too...
Jacqli: You didn't read them, did you?
Croix: What are you so mad about?
Jacqli: I'm asking you read them or not?
Croix: I didn't. We hardly had time to even read a book, right?
Jacqli: ......
Croix: I really didn't!
Jacqli: Okay. I'm glad you didn't see that.
Jacqli: Had you seen it, I would have...
Croix: ...You would have...?
Jacqli: ...Do you really want to know?
Croix: ...No, I'd rather not. Thanks.

Imitation #2[]

Croix: Jacqli, you took something from the bookshelf at the Rakshek Resort.
Jacqli: Yeah, I found a very interesting book.
Croix: What is the book about?
Jacqli: I'm not telling you. It's just for my personal use.
Croix: What, for your personal use!? That's not gonna help us with anything that we're trying to accomplish here.
Jacqli: Well, it will help me.
Croix: Well, then... That's the same thing as stealing.
Jacqli: Hey, what would you do if you found a treasure chest?
Croix: Well, I would open it and take the treasure.
Jacqli: See, you would do the same. I don't see any problem here.
Jacqli: Plus, no one is going to notice that I took the book.
Jacqli: It's not like I broke into someone's house and robbed their stuff.
Croix: ...I have nothing to say to you.

Dangerous Object?[]

Jacqli: That weapon shop gives out some dangerous things.
Croix: One time, as an "experiment", she gave me a spear that blew up out of nowhere...
Jacqli: I didn't find any dangerous things like that anywhere inside the shop...
Jacqli: I even looked through places where they might hide it.
Croix: Ah...well, it happened once before.
Croix: They bundle the spears and put them in the corner of the shop. Out of nowhere, one of the spears blew up.
Croix: The rest of the spears caught on fire and blew up half of the shop.
Jacqli: ...Sounds like a disaster.
Croix: Since then, I think they started storing those explosives in a well protected area.
Jacqli: ...I don't understand why anyone would "well protect" such a dangerous material that blows up randomly.

Never Eat It Raw[]

Croix: Hey, what are you eating?
Jacqli: I dunno... It's very chewy and kinda good.
Croix: It's called a Kururuku Meatball on a Stick, and it's full of goodies that girls need!
Jacqli: Well, I'm not a girl. You mean, it's good for a lady like me, right?
Croix: Well, yeah. I guess so...
Croix: ...That's not heated all the way.
Jacqli: It's good cold. Plus, meatballs are supposed to be cold right?
Croix: Um, well no...
Jacqli: It's too much work anyway. Plus, this is good cold, so I have no problem with it.
Croix: ...Don't you think you're being too lazy?

Costume #3[]

Croix: Hey Jacqli, about your workout outfit...
Jacqli: Change!
Croix: ...Can you do that after you finish saying it?
Jacqli: What about this?
Croix: Why are you only wearing the top of the sweats?
Jacqli: ......
Croix: If you're so cold, shouldn't you cover your bottom too?
Jacqli: ...You're such a tasteless fool.
Croix: ...Shouldn't you answer my question before you call me a fool?
Jacqli: There won't be no point in wearing a workout outfit if I covered my shorts!
Croix: ......
Jacqli: ...You're so unintelligent. I'm just wasting my time talking to you.
Croix: ...Am I being so wrong?

U.F.O. ?[]

Croix: What was that monster that we fought in the Mikry Forest?
Jacqli: Oh, you're talking about the Nyo??
Croix: You know about them?
Jacqli: Yeah, I know all about Nyos?.
Croix: ...Why are you talking in the form of a question?
Jacqli: That's their name. It's not just Nyo. It's Nyo?.
Croix: Nyo, huh?
Jacqli: No, Nyo?.
Croix: This is so complicated...


What A World[]

Croix: Hey, what kind of world did you come from?
Jacqli: Not much different than here.
Jacqli: ...Ah, but there might have been more naive peace lovers in the other world.
Croix: That means it's peaceful. So different than our world.
Jacqli: I'm not sure about that...
Jacqli: It was almost terminated a few years ago.
Croix: ...That's pretty much the same as our world...
Jacqli: But there are much more peace-loving idiots there, for sure.
Jacqli: Even the administrator of the tower ecapes her duties and travels around the town sometimes.
Croix: ...What a slack administrator.
Jacqli: Well, I guess that means it's so peaceful there.


Croix: I talked to Spica about this earlier, but is there such a place where you can walk naked?
Jacqli: ...You pervert.
Croix: No! I mean, is there such a chaotic place in this universe?
Jacqli: Well, at least, I have never worn clothes there until now.
Jacqli: People always told me to wear clothes, but I always liked to be naked.
Croix: ...All they did was tell you to put clothes on?
Jacqli: Someone jealous of my figure called the police, and I had to run away from them. Insecure people really get on my nerves.
Croix: That's not the point...

Cosmosphere #4[]

Croix: So you said that the climax is coming up next?
Jacqli: Yes, I did.
Croix: Is it really ending? I have a feeling it's going to continue for couple more chapters...
Jacqli: No, that's not true. The ending is going to be unbelievably great.
Croix: Oh, is that so?
Jacqli: I have a way to end it at anytime anyway.
Jacqli: I'll just be like "Our battle has just begun!" or like "We are going to change the future!" and that usually settles everything, right?
Croix: ...Isn't that called like being shutoff, or lazy?

Cloche's Bodyguards #1[]

Jacqli: What are those things surrounding Cloche?
Croix: Oh, Cloche's bodyguards? It's more like a fan club.
Jacqli: Fan club? I see, she's not a maiden for no reason.
Croix: Well, the fan club was formed pretty recently.
Croix: But they trust Cloche and always have her back. They're actually good people.
Jacqli: I see...
Jacqli: ...She needs a fan club to save herself. She's got a long way to go.
Croix: Well, it doesn't mean that she's weak..

What Are You Up To?[]

Croix: Hey...about that crystal that can manipulate the Divine Army...
Jacqli: Oh, so you are interested in it after all.
Croix: ...You're not planning on anything stupid are you?
Jacqli: I'm not planning on anything. It would do you no good even if I did.
Jacqli: Id would be different if regulating all the machines at once. But they're all different.
Jacqli: So, I can't do anything even if I wanted to.
Croix: Meaning, you would have if you could...

Costume #4[]

Croix: Jacqli, I need to speak to you about your swimsuit.
Jacqli: Change!
Jacqli: You mean this?
Croix: What else would I be talking about?
Croix: I just think it needs more material to cover yourself...
Jacqli: Well, I thought so too.
Jacqli: I thought about going old school and wearing something like Shurelia does.
Jacqli: But that's not being very unique, so this is the result.
Croix: Uh, no... That's not what I mean...
Jacqli: I know my body isn't quite fit enough to wear something like this.
Jacqli: So i combined the floaters and such...
Croix: (I was only concerned about her catching a cold...)
Jacqli: Well, you probably don't understand the style...
Croix: (...How long are we going to talk about this?)

Binary Field Story #1[]

Croix: About the Binary Field. It's such a strange story.
Jacqli: You think so? I think it happens a lot.
Croix: Why do I still have bad eye sight in the virtual world...
Jacqli: Oh, you don't like wearing glasses? I acctually like it. I think you look good with glasses.
Croix: Re-Really? Well then they're not too bad...
Jacqli: ...You're so gullible. How cute.
Croix: Stop making fun of me!
Jacqli: But you do look good with glasses. You look smart with them.
Croix: ...So you're saying I don't look smart without them.

What Is "That"?[]

Croix: About what Spica was saying...
Jacqli: Pervert!
Croix: Wh-what do you mean!?
Jacqli: Never mind. I just wanted to say that.
Croix: You're so loud. People are gonna get the wrong idea.
Croix: ...So, what was Spica talking about?
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: ...Perv.
Croix: Wh-what... I'm sorry! I won't ask anymore.
Jacqli: (...He is so fun to pick on)

Embarassing Thing[]

Jacqli: Accessories are the same anywhere.
Croix: What do you mean?
Jacqli: I was thinking about the Thread of Binding. Don't you think it's kind of silly?
Croix: Well, yeah...
Croix: We're probably the only people who travel with it.
Jacqli: ...I know someone who did.
Croix: ...You serious?
Jacqli: I'm more surprised that it existed in this world too.


Good Job[]

Jacqli: Cloche's speech was pretty impressive.
Croix: Eh?
Jacqli: Didn't you think so?
Croix: Ah, yeah, of course I thought so, too.
Croix: But, I didn't know you would ever praise others...
Jacqli: I'm not praising her. I'm just telling the fact.
Jacqli: She got stuck in the middle of it several times, though.
Jacqli: I don't even want to know what would have happened without the cheers.
Croix: ...What a surprise. I didn't think you were paying attention.
Jacqli: Hm, are you exited to see a different side of me?
Croix: Eh, excited?
Jacqli: Anyway, I do recognize her effort.
Jacqli: However, if she comes to ask, I'm going to give her a strict criticism.
Croix: ...At least give her some nice ones, too.
Jacqli: This is my way of being nice.


Croix: I still can't believe that I downloaded into you.
Jacqli: Believe it or not, the fact will not change.
Croix: I know that but...
Jacqli: Are you saying that you regret doing that to me?
Croix: No, not at all.
Jacqli: Well... If that's the case, I don't really care.
Jacqli: You know, you should be bragging about this.
Croix: ...Who am I supposed to be bragging about this to?

Cosmosphere #5[]

Croix: Is there an ending to that story in the Cosmosphere?
Jacqli: Id ended didn't it?
Croix: Maybe for you, but Luca and Lady Cloche didn't think the same...
Jacqli: ...And you, too?
Croix: ...Yeah.
Jacqli: Humph... Don't get so nosey if you're just watching.
Jacqli: There are many types of endings to a story. Happy endings, bad endings, and endings that don't make any sense.
Jacqli: A story doesn't continue after the ending, whether you like it or not.
Jacqli: Meaning, that story ended where it di. Just get over it.
Croix: ...I see. That's a bummer.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: I could make a sequel.
Jacqli: But that will only happen if I feel like it.

I Love Taking Baths![]

Croix: I didn't know you were into taking baths.
Jacqli: Not like into it. I'm just a little interested in the ways.
Jacqli: It's better to add something to it, than just taking a bath.
Jacqli: I was just thinking of different ways.
Croix: I see. I do want to use that thing called Fruity Pallet.
Jacqli: That's a good idea.
Jacqli: I didn't know dunking myself in a bath was such a relaxing thing.
Jacqli: I regret not taking a bath until recently.
Croix: ...You're making me get a second thought about your lifestyle.

Costume #5[]

Croix: That Funbun...
Jacqli: Change!
Croix: ...Will you listen?
Jacqli: I am. What do you want?
Croix: Well, um...
Croix: ...Will you at least wear some pants or something?
Jacqli: But it covers everything.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: Plus, people are more interested in the design. They don't even notice it.
Croix: ...That's impossible.
Jacqli: ...Let me tell you something.
Jacqli: This shirt is a little big on me, so if you pull it down just a little, it might fall down completely...
Croix: What the hell are you saying!? I wouldn't do such thing...
Jacqli: Oh really? You look like you're interested.
Croix: Even if I was, wouldn't it be inappropriate?
Jacqli: Oh, so you're note denying it. Would you like to try it?
Croix: ...Are you teasing me?
Jacqli: I'm not ashamed of my body, I don't have a problem at all.
Croix: Well you should. And, I'll never do that to you.

Let's Talk A Lot #1[]

Jacqli: It hasn't been too long since I started traveling with you guys, right?
Croix: I guess if you say so. It feels longer than it really has.
Jacqli: True... It's probably because of you, Croix.
Jacqli: We do talk a lot like this.
Croix: Yeah... Well I don't want to force it if you don't want to.
Jacqli: Oh, you're not at all.
Jacqli: It's not like I'm yawning to the conversation. I'm having fun.
Croix: Oh, really? Well, I'm glad.
Jacqli: If i get bored, I'll just kick you out.
Croix: ...Is that what you were thinking?
Jacqli: I'm just joking... Wasn't it funny?
Croix: I can see you really are doing that though...

Binary Field Story #2[]

Jacqli: You're going into the Binary Field. Is everything okay?
Croix: Yeah, it's going really well.
Jacqli: Not that. I'm worried that you might be forgetting about your real task.
Jacqli: The Binary Field is supposed to be used to take a break, you know?
Jacqli: Don't forget about that.
Croix: Yeah, I know... I'm sorry.
Croix: You thought of that story, right? I got caught up in it, because it's so interesting.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: I'm sorry, I'll stop for a while.
Jacqli: No, that's not good. You've come this far, so just finish it.
Jacqli: I don't want you thinking about it while doing something else.

Goddess Dignity[]

Jacqli: I can't believe the Divine Army went against the Goddess.
Croix: Didn't think they were going to come at us.
Jacqli: I felt like we were in a play or something.
Croix: I wouldn't want to be in a play where I might die.
Jacqli: I agree with you.
Jacqli: The Goddess has no dignity, anyway. I'm not surprised.
Croix: You shouldn't say that... But I don't disagree.


Croix: When did you make up with Spica?
Jacqli: We were never fighting to start with.
Croix: You're still saying that after all that?
Jacqli: Even if we were, I don't hold grudges like children.
Jacqli: We're both mature adults.
Croix: ...Are you talking about how old you are?
Jacqli: You shouldn't try to talk about how old a lady is.
Croix: Oh, I guess I'm wrong...
Jacqli: It's inevitable to face a little comlication here and there during your life.
Jacqli: And if that happens, friends are supposed to make up soon.
Croix: I see. You're right, Jacqli.
Croix: If you and Spica weren't friends, you guys would've been off a bad term now.
Jacqli: We're not friends!
Croix: You just contradicted yourself.


It's Bothersome[]

Croix: Jacqli, can you at least warn me before you use your magic?
Jacqli: That's too much work. I reject.
Croix: Don't be so harsh!
Jacqli: I know how to control my power. Is there any problem?
Croix: But it would be difficult to deal with the oncoming enemies right after you used it.
Jacqli: Fine then. I'll cast a spell strong enough to burn down all the surrounding area.
Jacqli: That should get rid of the oncoming enemies too, right?
Croix: ...You will probably blow up everything, good and bad. Just don't do that.

Ordinary Dive Shops?[]

Jacqli: You can't even Dive in this android without a Dive Machine.
Croix: Is it different with the others?
Jacqli: Well, they don't use anything like that mediocre Dive Shop uses.
Jacqli: Plus, it's not a place like that anyway.
Croix: True...
Croix: But it shouldn't be a problem if we can Dive, right?
Croix: It would be confusing to use something totally new anyway.
Croix: They're probably doing this to make use feel comfortable.
Jacqli: I think you're being too optimistic about this.


Croix: Jacqli, what's so girly about the Shifting Bernia?
Jacqli: The Bernia part, of course.
Croix: So...what about Bernia?
Jacqli: ...You can't feel it!?
Croix: What do you mean, feel?
Jacqli: Ridiculous... You can't even feel that from your own weapon?
Croix: Yeah, and what am I supposed to feel from it?
Jacqli: Doesn't matter! You feel it with your mind and soul.
Croix: (...This is probably something that I will never understand.)

Cosmosphere #6[]

Jacqli: So, how was my Cosmosphere?
Croix: Am I allowed to talk about it?
Jacqli: I'm asking you about myself. There shouldn't be a problem.
Jacqli: But, don't talk about what you did there.
Croix: I see... Well, to be honest...
Croix: I looked just like the other ones, but of course the experience was different.
Croix: Just as you said, I can't just go in there and have fun.
Jacqli: I see... So my Cosmosphere is like other Reyvateils.
Croix: Um, well... I thought it was tougher than usual.
Jacqli: If you think of levels 1 through 5 being normal, you've now stepped up to another difficulty level.
Croix: One through five had fighting, and the enemies were pretty tough, too.
Jacqli: It shouldn't have been so hard, since you were able to push through with power.
Croix: It's not just that...

You Like It Big?[]

Jacqli: So do you like 'em big?
Croix: Like what big?
Jacqli: Breasts.
Croix: ...Are you sexually harassing me?
Jacqli: That's not what i'm trying to do...
Jacqli: I take baths with Cloche a lot...
Jacqli: ...That's when I noticed the difference.
Croix: (Not imagining it...not imagining it...)
Jacqli: It, it's not like I felt like a loser or anything.
Jacqli: Even if they're small, I'm not ashamed to show them off!
Croix: Well, you shouldn't be showing them off!
Jacqli: It, it doesn't matter! I'm just asking if you like them bigger!
Croix: Oh, me? Um...
Croix: ...That kind of stuff doesn't really matter to me.
Jacqli: Oh, really... That's good.
Jacqli: I mean, w-well, judging a lady by her breast size is so wrong anyway!
Croix: Ah, yeah... You're right.
Croix: (I actually do care a little, but I shouldn't say that...)

Costume #6[]

Croix: Do you always wear that to sleep? It looks so uncomfortable with all that frilly stuff.
Jacqli: You worry about the smallest issues.
Croix: I guess it doesn't matter...
Jacqli: What a waste of time...
Jacqli: Don't you know I sleep naked?
Croix: ...Wha?
Croix: H, Hey, you're not supposed to talk about that!
Jacqli: Oh, well, you asked.
Jacqli: I want to be comfortable when I sleep, don't you understand?
Croix: ...Not really.

Binary Field Story #3[]

Jacqli: I think this was the first time we were in the Binary Field without an interruption.
Croix: Have you been to one other than Frelia's?
Jacqli: I'm sure, I have many times for some reasons.
Jacqli: But something always happened...
Jacqli: Changing scenarios because the ending was bad, ghost disturbance, adding another ending.
Croix: ...Sounds like a mess.
Jacqli: That's right. That's why I'm so happy nothing is happening this time.
Jacqli: The Binary Field is so great when there are no interruptions.
Croix: It's also risking your life most of the time...

Fit For Training[]

Croix: I got so nervous when i heard Raki is invincible.
Croix: I thought she was going to come attack us right after this battle.
Jacqli: That wouldn't happen.
Jacqli: Being invincible is pretty handy, you know?
Jacqli: I know someone who was like that. She would get stronger and stronger after every defeat.
Jacqli: They use that to become stronger.
Croix: ...Really?
Jacqli: It's true. I fought with them and lost.
Croix: ...I wouldn't want to be on their bad side.


Are You Listening?[]

Croix: Can you please warn me before you use the magic?
Jacqli: What? Why would i do that...?
Croix: Hey, are you listening to me? Didn't I tell you that before?
Croix: I mean, you do you job of destroying things, but that could attact more enemies...
Jacqli: Then I'll have to destroy them all.
Croix: ......
Jacqli: So you're telling me to be responsible for the enemies if I use magic.
Croix: Well, not like that...
Croix: (I don't think she understands the most important thing...)


Jacqli: Frelia looks like a tough, responsible girl.
Croix: Looks like? She needs to be.
Jacqli: That's true. ...I want to show her that.
Croix: Who are you talking about?
Jacqli: The administrator of the tower in the world I came from.
Jacqli: She still cries for my help trying to get around in her own tower.
Jacqli: She trips and falls down all the time, too.
Croix: ...Sounds like a mess.

Cloche's Bodyguards #2[]

Jacqli: About that Cloche Clan...
Croix: You mean the bodyguards?
Jacqli: It doesn't matter. Anyway, it's expanding so fast.
Croix: Yeah, so many people have joined.
Croix: But they are going to help us during the battle, so it's a good thing.
Jacqli: ...Well, true.
Jacqli: But it would be embarrassing if we lose with all that support.
Croix: ...I hope we will never have to encounter someone so strong.

Cosmosphere #7A[]

Jacqli: I can't believe you're still alive after how many times you dived into me.
Croix: ...Am I supposed to be happy about that?
Jacqli: Oh, I am complementing you.
Jacqli: To be honest, I didn't think you could go any further after the world I created.
Jacqli: Even if you did go to the 6th level, I just thought you would die or give up.
Croix: Do me a favor and stop talking about me dying.
Croix: I don't think I'll die, but you're almost convincing me that I might.
Jacqli: That's what I'm trying to do.
Croix: ...How horrible.
Jacqli: But...even then, you will keep doing it for me, right?
Jacqli: I do...believe in you.
Croix: Of course. If you keep accepting me, then I'll keep doing it till the end.
Jacqli: Okay... I'm counting on you.

Cosmosphere #7B[]

Jacqli: ...Should I thank you?
Croix: About what?
Jacqli: You let me have a Paragidm Shift again.
Jacqli: Honestly, I can feel it strongly this time.
Croix: ...Can I ask what it's like?
Jacqli: ......
Croix: Sorry, was that a bad question?
Jacqli: No, it's not like that...
Jacqli: I just...I just don't know how to explain it.
Croix: ...If you feel lighter or happier or something, I would be happy.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: Yeah, I think that's the right word for it.
Jacqli: I'm looking for the next Paradigm Shift, Croix.

Let's Talk A Lot #2[]

Jacqli: I figured out why I'm so sleepy lately.
Croix: Are you tired?
Jacqli: It's because we're always talking till late at night.
Croix: ...I'm sorry.
Jacqli: Why are you apologizing? I didn't say it's a bad thing.
Croix: But if that's the reason why your sleepy, I feel bad.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: ...Are you worried about me?
Croix: Of course.
Jacqli: ...I see.
Jacqli: ...It's not bad being cared for.

Plan On Bullying[]

Jacqli: I think, I want to take this Decorative Mail with me when I return to my world.
Croix: ...You like it?
Jacqli: No, I just thought about it now.
Jacqli: See, you can use it to hold candles.
Jacqli: I can bring it back like it's a birthday cake.
Croix: ...That could be interesting.
Jacqli: The problem is: How would I make it hold 700 candles?
Croix: ...What did you say?
Jacqli: I bet she would come crying at me if I put all 700 of them. I can't wait.
Croix: Anyway, you're just trying to find a way to be mean, huh?

Favorite Outfit[]

Jacqli: I actually like this outfit.
Croix: Is that a handmade jacket? I guess it counts as an outfit.
Jacqli: It's so light and warm. It's perfect.
Croix: That's what jackets are for.
Croix: You're supposed to wear it inside the house like a coat.
Jacqli: ...Oh, is this supposed to be worn over something?
Croix: What's with the obvious question?
Jacqli: Oh... I don't want this anymore.
Croix: I'm not gonna ask why, but you change your mind so quickly.

Costume #7[]

Croix: Jacqli... I want to talk about one of your outfits.
Jacqli: ...You mean Miros?
Croix: Yeah, that... Oh, you don't need to...
Jacqli: Change!
Croix: Didn't need to do that!
Jacqli: Too late.
Croix: Whoa! Go change! You can't be wearing that here!
Jacqli: Oh, why? What's wrong with this?
Croix: I wanted to tell you to get a jacket, since you're like half naked in it.
Jacqli: ...Why?
Jacqli: The bottom is already covered and my hear covers the top.
Croix: The wind could blow away your hair.
Jacqli: No problem. I'm used to it.
Jacqli: I'm not embarrassed to show my body.
Croix: You're embarrassing me...
Jacqli: Does it bother you? ...I could show you more, if you like?
Croix: ...Are you teasing me?
Jacqli: You're asking for it. You need to stop acting like a child over a naked body.


Cosmosphere #8[]

Jacqli: ...... Croix: What's wrong? Does you stomach hurt?
Jacqli: I'm very serious right now! Don't ruin it!
Croix: I'm sorry... What's the matter?
Jacqli: ...I'm just worried about what the Cosmosphere me is doing.
Croix: You shouldn't worry about that...
Jacqli: But I can't tell because of the Cosmosphere now...
Croix: Isn't that normal? Luca doesn't know that either.
Jacqli: Then what is it like there? You're so deep down, you must find something interesting.
Croix: Well...
Croix: ...It's nothing weird, but there is one big difference between you two.
Jacqli: Tell me! I might not forgive you, but just say it!
Croix: You don't need to freak out...
Croix: Well, um, so...
Croix: ...She has a very innocent smile.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: ......
Jacqli: For, forget it! Just forget about it!
Croix: H, hey, stop! Calm down, Jacqli!

Want Me To Tell You?[]

Jacqli: ...So I have something.
Croix: Oh, the Stripe Bread Undy? I can't imagine equipping that.
Jacqli: ...You wanna try eating it?
Croix: Um... This?
Jacqli: If you want, I can try wearing it, too.
Croix: ...No, no don't! Don't do that.
Jacqli: I don't really care...
Jacqli: Just don't bite into my butt.
Croix: I'm not gonna eat it! Don't assume that I was going to.
Jacqli: I-I knew that! You don't need to be so serious. I was just joking!
Croix: (She looks more freaked out than I am.)

I Like Intelligent Men[]

Jacqli: Why do you only wear your glasses when you're off?
Croix: I can't have it hanging around during the battle, you know? I can still see without them anyway.
Jacqli: Oh, I see... But you look so smart when you have them on.
Croix: When I have them on... You know, I'm pretty intelligent too.
Jacqli: I'm not saying that you're not. If you're so conscious about it, why don't you keep them on all the time?
Jacqli: Why don't you try Mens Glasses. They're for battles too.
Croix: Hmm... But...
Jacqli: Plus, I like guys that look smart.
Croix: R-really... Well, I'll think about it.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: What?
Jacqli: ... I wasn't expecting you to react like that, and now I don't know what to say! Stupid!

Affection Kills Last Boss[]

Jacqli: Um, Croix...
Croix: What's wrong? This isn't like you.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: You like girls...that use magic?
Croix: ...Luca, Lady Cloche and you all use magic.
Jacqli: We're Reyvateils. Not magicians.
Croix: ...Okay.
Jacqli: You know, like...Cocona.
Jacqli: If you like that kind of girl...
Jacqli: ...I could try and be like that, too.
Croix: ...Is that why you've got a Riraruru Stick here?
Croix: But you need to work on your facial expressions first.
Jacqli: ...I can't do it well outside of Cosmosphere or Binary Field.
Croix: Just try it. I want to see you smile.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: ...Li-like this?
Croix: ...You sound awkward, but you got it.
Jacqli: Oh, okay...good.
Croix: Hm!? That's a good face.
Jacqli: What, this...
Jacqli: Uh gah!?
Croix: Wha-What's wrong, Jacqli?
Jacqli: Ugh...
Jacqli: My face pulled making expressions that I normally don't...
Croix: ...I think, I like you better just as you are.

Looks Comfy[]

Jacqli: About your house...
Croix: It's nothing to brag about.
Jacqli: ...Well, that's true.
Jacqli: But...it's very cozy.
Croix: Cozy? What do you mean?
Jacqli: ...I mean that.
Croix: No, I don't get "that".
Jacqli: I mean!
Jacqli: ...I wouldn't mind living here, or something...
Croix: Ohh... I see.
Jacqli: That's what I mean...
Croix: ...Well, we have things to settle first, right?
Jacqli: ...True, we shouldn't talk aobut it now.
Croix: Yeah, right.
Jacqli: ......
Jacqli: Well... I'm looking forward to it.

Years Ago, I Would...[]

Jacqli: This is such a bummer, Croix.
Croix: What is?
Jacqli: Here, this.
Croix: Gift Wrap Ribbon? What about it?
Jacqli: I used to live naked.
Jacqli: So if I just equip this...
Jacqli: ...Do I have to keep explaining?
Croix: ...Do you want to give it to me, or something?
Jacqli: Well, I don't know? ...Do you want it?
Croix: ......
Jacqli: You get embarrassed so easily.
Jacqli: ... I like that about you.

Costume #8[]

Jacqli: Croix, I need to tell you something.
Croix: Yeah, what is it?
Jacqli: ...Change!
Croix: Your outfit?
Jacqli: ...Yes, this one.
Croix: What's the problem?
Jacqli: The problem...
Jacqli: ...I don't think this looks good on me. I want to change it.
Croix: You don't think it looks good?
Jacqli: Can't you see it!? First of all, I'm not okay with the color white.
Jacqli: Plus, the color white reminds me of someone.
Croix: Lady Cloche?
Jacqli: No, someone I used to know.
Jacqli: ...And Luca keeps looking at me when I wear this, too.
Jacqli: I'm just embarrassed.
Croix: ...I see.
Croix: I think you look good in it.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: But if you don't like it, then we can...
Jacqli: Fine then... If you say so, I'll bare it for a while.
Croix: well, no, you don't have to...
Jacqli: I said it's fine, so just get over it!
Croix: ...You're so selfish. But I'm glad you're okay with it.

Costume #9[]

Jacqli: ...I was thinking about that outfit.
Croix: That black one?
Jacqli: So you were too.
Jacqli: Change!
Jacqli: This one...
Croix: Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
Croix: That is supposed to be like that so...
Jacqli: But you see what I'm thinking, right?
Croix: ......
Jacqli: There, just say it. Whatever you say, I won't get hurt.
Croix: Oh, well... Then, um...
Croix: You look like you're going to a funeral.
Jacqli: ......
Croix: Um, are you...okay?
Jacqli: No, I was just... thinking the same thing.
Jacqli: ...This outfit should've been white.
Croix: W-well, you still look good in it.

Taste in Clothes[]

Jacqli: Hey Croix...I wanted to ask you something.
Croix: What is it?
Jacqli: This outfit... Do you happen to like this kind of outfit?
Croix: Um, well... I don't not like it.
Jacqli: ...I see.
Croix: Well, no... I think it's cute and...
Jacqli: ...So you do like it?
Croix: ...Yeah. Plus, you're wearing it.
Jacqli: ...You don't need to compliment me. I don't have anything for you.
Croix: Anyway, why do you ask?
Jacqli: I-I only own this one outfit.
Jacqli: So... I was gonna buy an extra pair...
Jacqli: So I just thought that I'd buy something you like.
Croix: Oh, really... That's really nice of you.
Jacqli: Alright...
Croix: (I'm more surprised about the fact that she only owns one set of outfits...)

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