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Suzunomia (珠洲ノ宮) is one of Finnel's alternate personae, and the most mysterious among them all due to appearing only a handful of times during the course of the game in the real world. Initially, she is unable to remember even her own name, and the only thing she can remember is that she has a mission related to Tyria's song, EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/.. She has quite an aloof personality, and is normally unconcerned about anything else that isn't herself or her mission, although she also has quite a refined and dignified personality, and speaks in an archaic way. Her Mind Guardian is called Aretia.


Origin and True Purpose[]

Suzunomia is in fact one of the Wills of Ar Ciel, and furthermore, her true name is Hymmnosphere, while her current name is a corrupted form of her traditional Goddess name, Suzunomiya, and she is considered as one of the most important Wills due to her extremely high wave frequencies, and the fact that she is the Singing Will that keeps Ar Ciel filled with energy and alive, creating and supplying the Symphonic Power that both the Planet and the other Wills need to keep themselves alive. She played an important role in the conservation of Shelanoir's forest, which was withering away due to the Nyo?s that Saki had given to Shelanoir, and it's even theorized that she was the Goddess who gave Harvestasha the song she needed to save Myu in the first part of her legends.

However, after the Grathnode Inferia catastrophe, the humans created in the Tower of Harvestasha a facility called Moocheriel, which began syphoning away all of the Symphonic Power that Suzunomia struggled so hard to keep creating after the Planet's surface was devastated. This in turn left her powerless and incapable of doing anything, which led to the Planet's Consensus to label her as a useless Will and seal her away into oblivion, pretty much condemning her to die and disappear. This later on led to the Planet's surface being completely covered by the Sea of Death.

Reappearance in the World[]

After so much time being left in the darkness of the limbo, to the point in which she even forgot her own name and purpose, a certain being contacted her. This person turned out to be Ayatane Kureha Kirinami , which was plotting to use the Wills of the Planet as part of his plans to destroy the humans and create a only-Reyvateil empire called Reyvateilia. For this purpose, he made a pact with the Antibody Brain, Ar Ru , which consisted in giving to her a body for her to do anything she wanted in the physical world in exchange for her cooperation in the eradication of mankind. Sensing this as her last chance to escape from annihilation, Suzunomia accepted the pact, believing that the body would actually become hers due to Ayatane never mentioning Ar Ru, and remained dormant inside Finnel during most of her lifetime.

Suzunomia initially reappeared when Aoto and his friends met for the first with Harvestasha VISTA inside Clustania, in which she and Ayatane tricked them into bringing Cocona to their presence in order to snatch her Heart of the Land and kill them. Then, Harvestasha used an Hymmnos Spell in order to force Suzunomia to take over Finnel. However, this didn't work because Finnel's mind continued being on control, and she then began singing the suicidal song EXEC_FLIP_FUSIONSPHERE/. in order to give her friends a chance to escape.

Later on, Ayatane began swaying Finnel's heart into wanting to kill herself by telling her that she was no more than a nuisance and the cause of suffering for all her friends, and taking advantage of the moment, he once again used the Hymmnos Spell that Suzunomia needed to come out again. Finnel struggled the most she could to avoid this from happening, even going as far as to throw herself from the Tower's edge, due to believing that Suzunomia was actually Ar Ru and that she would began the annihilation of all life in Ar Ciel if she awakened, but in the end her efforts proved to be useless, since Suzunomia reappeared in the physical world, and then, after rejoicing herself upon seeing the world again, ran from Aoto and his friends in order to continue keeping Finnel's body to herself.


Aoto and Cocona pursued her, and shortly after, they encountered Suzunomia in the Lymph Ducts, listening to the song that continued resounding inside the Tower. Shortly after, she cursed the song and said that it was the cause of her death, but before she could do anything to Aoto or Cocona, Kukuro appeared and asked her to allow him to talk with Finnel, saying that it was an urgent matter. Suzunomia initially refused to comply with Kukuro's request, but after listening to Finnel's pleas, she had no choice but to allow her to take the control once more.

After rescuing Akane, Suzunomia once again tried to forcefully take the control of Finnel's body. However, due to Aoto's actions (which could include him almost losing his mind to the Border Disease), Suzunomia decided to grant a final request to Finnel before descending with her to Moocheriel.

Awakening Memories[]

After Tyria had joined Aoto's party, and they headed once again to Moocheriel in order to stop Ar Ru, Tyria tried fusing with Ar Ru using the Song that had just been Downloaded into her: Cosmoflips. However, this first attempt ended in failure due to the party being unable to synchronize their feelings with Ar Ru and due to the fact that they couldn't fend away the Antibodies the necessary time for Tyria to finish up the Song, so they had to retreat. At that point, Suzunomia reappeared, and made a deal with Tyria: in exchange for learning the exact frequency bands in which Ar Ru was located inside Finnel's Soulspace, Tyria would shut down Moocheriel to allow Suzunomia, and by extension the Planet, to regain their own power. Tyria agreed to these conditions, and after telling the party that Ar Ru was located in the frequencies 4.6x10^17 Hz of Finnel's Soulspace, which was roughly equivalent to a Lv. 17 Cosmosphere, she surrendered the body to Finnel once again.

Suzunomia appeared a final time on the real world after Aoto established direct contact with Ar Ru, and Finnel and Saki had crafted a song especially made for conveying their feelings to her. At this time, Suzunomia remembered her name and purpose, and after introducing herself to the party, she explained everything about herself to them, and told them her story. After doing this, she realized that the Planet's Consensus had begun to accept and need her existence once again, and due to this, she decided to leave Finnel alone.

Role in the Soulspace[]

In Finnel's Soulspace, Suzunomia initially appeared as the entity that desperately wanted to snatch away Finnel's body, as also shown by the actions of her Mind Guardian, Aretia. This even reached the point of Suzunomia being the plaintiff at a court hearing in which Finnel was being sued for a contract breach.

However, once the Planet's Consensus began to accept her once again, and she realized how much Finnel had suffered due to her own actions, as well as due to Ayatane's evil machinations, she decided to help Finnel. She was the only of the Wills residing inside Finnel's body that resisted the total collapse of her Soulspace, and once Aoto managed to give enough feelings back to Finnel, she and Suzunomia sang together a song, Song of the Circling Stars, to fully create a brand new Soulspace, which contained the feelings of Finnel, Suzunomia, Yurisica and Soma all joined in harmony.

Finally, Suzunomia appears as the teacher in charge of the film club in the Elemia Island additional chapters of Tyria's Soulspace, and she also serves the role of plot expositor and sidekick to Aoto's attempts to save Ar Ru from becoming a sacrifice to keep the island afloat.


Suzunomia is the final persona that can be unlocked for Finnel, and she is unlocked at the start of Finnel's Lv. 9 Cosmosphere, which requires the player to have locked into her ending beforehand.

Suzunomia has an orchestral and majestic sound to her mix of Finnel's Hyumas, and her attack song consists of her Mind Guardian throwing solidified words and sounds to the enemies. The attack covers a conical-shaped area in front of Suzunomia, which increases in width the further she Purges. As for stats, she has a high attack power which is only second to Finnel herself among the Bodies she has available. Suzunomia also has above-average stats in Defense and HP, making her the most balanced Body that Finnel can acquire. Her only drawback is that she needs many Beat Ups in order to Purge to Lv. 2 and Lv. 3, but she can Purge rather quickly to Lv. 4 and to execute the Flipsphere.


Initial (Lv. 6) Lv. 50 Lv. 99
HP 124 1956 4339
Attack 218 3431 7612
Defense 18 115 241

Purge Graph[]

Purge Graph - Suzunomia

Numerical Form[]

Purge Lv. 1 (Initial) Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4
H-Value 15 15 25 30
E-Value 12 60 120 180
S-Value 10 30 60 90
  • H-Value: Number of Beat Ups needed to reach the "Purge Ready!" condition.
  • E-Value: Speed rotation of the Heart and Speed at which the Burst Gauge increases.
  • S-Value: Probability of entering in Scramble State during a battle.

Flipsphere Info[]

Flipsphere Graph[]

Flipsphere Graph - Suzunomia

Waveform Data[]

Point Value Number of Waves
20 Points 6
40 Points 2
50 Points 0
60 Points 10

Fondness Levels[]

This is a numerical representation of how much the Persona needs to like Aoto before they will agree to strip during Song Synthesis:

Strip Lv.

Lv. 1 -> Lv. 2

Lv. 2 -> Lv. 3 Lv. 3 -> Lv. 4
Necessary Fondness 20 10 40

Favorite Gifts:[]

Increase in Fondness Present(s)
10 Acorns & Mushrooms
8 Fresh Veggies

Kururuku Punch

Gergo Energy Bar


  • The letters that appear at the end of her Flipsphere mean "I want to show up in the Toukousphere soon!" This joke was compounded by the fact that she was the very first Ar tonelico 3 character to appear in the Toukousphere, and she also was the most excited to partake in it.
  • In her character model Suzunomia has brownish-tan eyes while in all her artwork she has mint green eyes.
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