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One of the songs heard during the Normal Endings of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.

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This is the song that can be heard during Finnel's normal ending, which briefly describes her life as a world of darkness that was illuminated solely by the stars shining in the faraway night sky, until Aoto appeared. She wished to be loved by him, and once he returned her feelings, she was finally able to grasp these faraway stars and escape the darkness. This allowed her to be thankful for being born in this world and attain happiness regardless of how short her life might be.

And while not directly related to its main purpose, this song can also be heard during the final level of Finnel's Cosmosphere when she and Suzunomia create a new world through their singing.

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星を辿り 真っ暗闇に隠れた
小さな夢 あなたの側で
hoshi o tadori makkurayami ni kakureta
chiisana yume anata no soba de
mitsuketa koto
I'll never forget
these dreams about chasing after the stars hidden in the darkness
Being at your side, I could find
these small dreams

悲しい傷抱えて 痛みに気付かず
ただ独り 歩く道
眠れない夜更けに 見上げた空の果て
kanashii kizu kakaete itami ni kidzukazu
tada hitori aruku michi
nemurenai yofuke ni miageta sora no hate
mebatakeba hoshi mo namida mo ochiteiku
Embracing my sad wounds, unable to notice the pain
I just kept on walking by myself
When I looked at the end of the skies late in these sleepless night
both my tears and the stars fell whenever they twinkled.

あなたと出逢い 共に過ごす奇跡
触れ合い 微笑み合い 重なる度に
見えない景色 鮮やかに映り始めた
kurikaseu hibi no naka de
anata to deai tomo ni sugosu kiseki
fureai hohoemiai kasanaru tabi ni
mienai keshiki azayaka ni utsurihajimeta
In these days that repeated over and over
it was a miracle that I met you and that we spent so much time together
Touching each other, smiling at each other, being together
That started making the sceneries I couldn't see into vivid images.

てのひらが あなたの声が
mune no oku no fukai kiri ni todoita
tenohira ga anata no koe ga
itoshii koto
I'll never forget
Your hands and your voice
Their love reaching through the thick mist
in the depths of my heart

星のように 真っ暗闇を照らして
小さな夢 ひとつひとつ
hoshi no youni makkurayami o terashite
chiisana yume hitotsu hitotsu
I'll always be
illuminating the deepest darkness like a star
One by one, let's make true
each of these small dreams

あなたとならば 生きていける不思議
触れ合い この心も抱きとめながら
優しく撫でる幸せが 強さをくれた
obieteta mainichi kara
anata to naraba ikiteikeru fushigi
fureai kono kokoro mo idakitome nagara
yasashiku naderu shiawase ga tsuyosa o kureta
Mysteriously, I was able
to continue living at your side through these frightening days
While touching each other and embracing you within my heart,
The happiness from getting gently stroked by you gave me strength

てのひらが あなたの声が
mune no oku no furui kizu o iyashita
tenohira ga anata no koe ga
ureshii koto
I'll never forget
Your hands and your voice
Their happiness healing the old wounds
in the depths of my heart

Was yea ra knawa enne xl mea yart yor.
Was touwaka erra irs an yor.

Was yea ra knawa enne xl mea yart yor.
Was touwaka erra irs an yor.
I was able to wish for something ever since I met you
I want to be with you

星はいつも 心の中輝く
怖くない あなたの側で
hoshi wa itsumo kokoro no naka kagayaku
kowakunai anata no soba de
ikiteiku kara
Thank you
The stars will always shine within my heart
Since you're at my side, I'm not afraid
And I can live on now

Was yea ra knawa enne xl mea yart yor.
Was yea erra melenas yor,
aiph mea morto dyya.

Was yea ra knawa enne xl mea yart yor.
Was yea erra melenas yor,
aiph mea morto dyya.
I was able to wish for something ever since I met you
I want to love you
Until my very last day

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

I like the night sky. Because stars are always there.
The darkness of the night is my heart. Before, there were no stars on that dark night sky.
It's pitch black everywhere.
I have nowhere to turn to, and I cry in solitude.
However, nobody can see me like that. I was alone, in the truest sense of the word.
On a certain day, one brightly shining star appeared in the night sky.
"Come here." "It's not dangerous."
I headed towards that star. I was worried at first
But a sense of calmness soon overtook my heart, and I began to run towards that star.

When I look up, the night sky was filled with stars.
The rivers of the sky lead towards the brightest star like a path.
I want to go there as well.
If I go, then I'd definitely be able to accept myself.
Because under the illumination of starlight, I'd be able to see myself for the first time.
You who are illuminating me. I want you to see much
Much of me, who is brightened thanks to your light. I want you to watch me forever.

And I will try to enlighten a star within this darkness, using my own strength.
My star will be at your side
You, who are brightly shining, so that it can accept all of your light
And also to support your shine.

Let's walk on the bank of the heavenly river
Gather the fruits of the stars of hope in our hands and eat them.
Let's go to the hill that stars fall on
And heal our wounds through the blessing of raining stars.

We'll always be together
Even if you go down to the earth
I can watch over this world in happiness
Surrounded by the numerous stars you gave me

Thank you, for lightning up stars in my heart
Thank you.

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  • A more accurate translation for the song's title would be Song of Cartology, or Song of Starcircling, since these both are the terms to which the kanji 星巡り (hoshimeguri) translates, especially considering that this serves as an image song for Finnel.
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