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This one of the songs the Claire sings in the bar at Nemo.

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It doesn't carry any kind of magic or special powers, but it greatly tranquilizes the hearts of its listeners and heals their minds, as well as serving as an eulogy to nature in which Claire tries to make her listeners realize that even in such an apocalyptic and ruined world as Ar Ciel is, there is still a great beauty to be found and appreciated.[1][2] It was taught to Claire by the man she fell in love with, a Moon Chanter called Dian that also served as the leader of a traveling musician troupe known as Euphrosyne, when he drew out the song her heart actually wanted to sing and played it for her.[3]

During the events of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, she sang this song as a reward to Lyner and his party for bringing her the strings she needed to repair her lute. The crowd her singing attracted was a great surprise to Lyner and his party, and it also made him realize that Song Magic wasn't the only kind of songs that had power in the world.

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hoho wo naderu amairo no kaze yo
nani wo mita no ka sotto hanashite
tojita sora no haruka kanata kara
yosetekaesu kusa no nami ni mimi wo sumasu
Oh flaxen wind that strokes my cheeks
Please, whisper to me about the things you've seen
I'll focus my ears on the grass waves that come and go
From beyond the faraway sealed sky

tooi tooi anata ni tsutaete
ima mo matteru to
itsuka komorebi no oka de
tsukareta kokoro mukaeyou
Telling you, now you're so far, far away
That even now I'm waiting for you
Someday, in the hill of the sunlight that filters through the trees
I will receive your tired heart

michi no hate de tachitsukusu mune ni
ame wo hitotsubu sotto otoshite
nagai yami wa tokete kawa ni naru
nemuru daichi yuriokoshite haru wo tsugeru
A bead of rain gently falls over your chest
As you stand still at the end of the road
The long darkness melts and turns into a river
The sleeping land is shaken awake and the spring reveals itself

itsumo kotae wa tenohira
dono jidai dono basho ni
umarete mo kawaranai yume wo
You always have the answers
Grasped in the palm of your hands
No matter the place or age
Where we're born, the dreams won't change

tooi tooi anata ni tsutaete
sekai wa hiroi to
habataku tori to issho ni
ikudomo senaka miokurou
Telling you, now you're so far, far away
That this world is so wide
Many times, I'll see you off from behind
As you depart with the flying birds

shiroi kumo wo tsureteyuku kaze yo
yume no tsudzuki wo sotto kikasete
afure souna mirai dakishimete
aoi tane ga fuwari maioriru
yosetekaesu kusa no nami ga mimi ni todoku
Oh wind that carries away the white clouds
Please whisper to me about the continuation of your dream
Embracing an apparently overflowing future
The grass waves that come and go reach my ears
And the blue seeds softly descend upon the land

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

The world that has lost the land,
the world that has lost the sky,
in this world, where there is a limit,
where we cannot go beyond that limit.
Everyone calls this place a dead world,
which is going only towards its own demise,
everyone just calls this place a ruined world,
try to listen, in the middle of the meadows,
try to listen,
while you look at the magnificent clouds running
over the cliffs,
to the murmuring of the streamlets, the throbbing
of the trees,
the whispers of the wind, the shine of the clouds...
The world where you live,
is not a ruined world at all.
One breadth of grass,
and one bug, are both lives that breathe the same
air as all the other living beings.
Try to see and feel the respiration of this world,
then, you should be able to harmonize with the pulse
of this vigorous world.

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