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Soma (ソーマ, Sooma?), is one of Finnel's alternate personae. She is feared by the others as the Clustania's deadliest hitman. Despite wearing a clown outfit, her movements are very fast. Purging her outer clothing reveals a girl with long dark hair, wearing a sweat-caked nightgown, a result of the overly warm clown outfit. Her Mind Guardian is Kabotatsu.



Soma is one of the Wills of the Planet, one of the several aspects that make up Ar Ciel's consciousness. Her role is the regulation of life created by Modifiers like Saki and Shelanoir, and of the natural selection of the species. To fill her role, she is tasked with some of the dirtiest tasks entrusted to the Maintainers, and is often the cause of natural disasters. This is what caused her to be known in Ar Ciel's mythology as Soumanomiya, the God of Violence and Catastrophes. There's even a famous myth about her in Sol Cluster called "Red Shoes", in which she personally murdered an evil man who mistreated children.


After the Grathnode Inferia and the creation of Moocheriel, the Planet had gotten so angry at her inhabitants due to destroying what little of Her remained, that she created another Modifier called Ar Ru and entrusted to her the task of resetting the Planet, which she did by creating and sending Antibodies to harvest energy from the Blastline, and from the organisms they killed. Under this situation, Ayatane Kureha summoned her during the 3700's in order to have a much easier time in exterminating humanity for the creation of Reyvateilia. However, as Ar Ru thought it'd be dangerous if she went by herself, she also brought Soma with herself into Finnel's Cosmosphere for her self-protection. This was what allowed Soma to reappear in the physical world after millenia, and she began obeying Clustania's orders as their deadliest assasin in order to keep Finnel alive, as if her body died, she would be forced to return to Ar Ciel and be left unable to do anything to help the Planet. It's been revealed that one of her victims during this time was the husband of Auntie Leu, who was Finnel's boss while she worked at Yokkora.

Soma-true form

Soma in her true form

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga[]

Soma first appears in the story when Aoto, Tatsumi, and Saki are escaping from Blue Canyon Hamlet. She attacks them in the middle of the night on their way to Eternus Shaft, but she escapes before Saki uses her Miracle power, having felt something odd about her. She appears once again when the party leaves the Fallen Heaven Peak, and there, she is chased by Aoto and finally reveals her true identity to be Finnel. She also takes the time to torture Finnel by reminding her about her mission, and that she doesn't do what Soma says, she will kill Aoto. After this she makes another appearance when the party meets Tyria's hologram inside the Lymph Vessel, where after almost attacking each other, she challenges Tatsumi to see who would be the winner in the V-Boarding Grand Prix being held in Archia, which he gladly accepts.

At the Grand Prix, Soma attacks Tatsumi in what she explains was just meant to scare him and pulls his hat off revealing his hair. The two break out of the track and Tatsumi escapes to the Garvelt Bridge with Soma following. When Soma meets him he has already turned back to Cocona and she makes a deal with her that she'll give up being an assassin if Cocona comes to meet Harvestasha in Clustania with her. Cocona accepts but adds on to the deal that Soma has to Uninstall the crystal that allows her to come out against Finnel's will. The party arrives to see the two and Cocona explains herself after which Soma decides to go along with the deal and has Aoto remove the crystal from her body. She appears for the final time after Finnel sings her hymn EXEC_FLIP_FUSIONSPHERE/. to save Finnel and Akane since the two were shut down from Archia having released a virus into the SH Server.

Role in the Cosmosphere[]

Soma first appears in Finnel's illusion cosmosphere with an unknown role that Aoto assumes to be assassinating Finnel. She tries to kick Aoto out of the Cosmosphere but fails after Finnel appears and Soma escapes. She doesn't appear again until after the illusion cosmosphere is over.

In Lv. 2 she is a person fighting against Yurisica in a battle over the land. She is defeated by Yurisica in this level thanks to Finnel's cooperation. In Lv. 3, she competes in the roulette game along with everyone else. She decides to carve out her own destiny by cheating and ends up getting caught and being one of the only three not to reach the end along with Finnel and Yurisica. She then aids Aoto, Finnel, and Yurisica in figuring out that the game was rigged by a hyuma in the roulette so that Finnel would lose.

In Lv. 4 she joins with the three again to get the manasphere and defeat the villian who controls the fantasy land. It's in this level that clues about her true identity begin leaking out, as she takes the role of an ex-Demon King who lost interest in taking over the world. In Lv. 5 she finally joins together with Finnel when the two try to Paradigm Shift with Aoto so they proceed to the next level. They find out only one can move on so they fuse, but upon reaching the Stonehenge, they are told that their fusion made them use up their time twice as fast, leaving them stranded in this level as it explodes on them, supposedly killing them.

In Lv. 6 she is imprisoned after being put into a death-like state with Aoto. After this Aoto wants to meet Finnel who was already dead in this world, so he asks Soma to kill him and she gladly accepts his request. They meet again in Lv. 7. when Soma appears to attempt to kill Finnel, but this Soma is revealed to actually be a fake as the real Soma appears in her dress to protect Finnel. declaring she broke her own neck to follow Aoto. She tells that she will never don that costume again and kills the fake Soma, to then kill the Supervisor that was making Finnel's life mpossible. She then moves onto Lv. 8 along with Aoto. There herself, Yurisica, and Aoto witness Finnel being tortured and her defense system explains that she wants it for how useless she is. Aoto then plans to destroy the defense system and become a guardian for Finnel, which he does only if the player is on Finnel's route. Soma and Yurisica agree and kill her defense system. At the end Finnel's cosmosphere falls apart and herself and Yurisica are left very weak.

After Aoto enters her Lv. 9, Suzunomia helps Finnel to restore the destroyed Soulspace by singing Song of the Circling Stars with her, on which all of her personae put their feelings to give their own little gift to Finnel's new world. Soma's gift to Finnel was a golden waterfall that she calls "Golden Shower".


Soma is described as being a tsundere and cruel person. However, it's revealed in the game that although Soma appears to be cruel and unfair to Finnel she actually does care about her a lot and just wants to save her life by getting the Heart of Gaea so she can extend Finnel's life, which is explicity told out when she calls out Ayatane on being a dirty liar because he never mentioned that he planned to kill off Finnel by having Suzunomia substitute her. She also is shown through talk topics to actually have a crush on Aoto. Also, part of her cruel and sadistic side actually comes from the millenia she was forced to weed out lives in the name of the Planet's own balance.

In Finnel's Cosmosphere Level 6, Kabotatsu also refers to her as being kiredere, or Snapping Lovey-Type.


Soma is the second persona available to Finnel, and while she appears at several points during the course of the game's story, she can't be actually controlled until after the persona fusion that takes place midway through Finnel's Lv. 5 Cosmosphere.

Soma's mix of Finnel's Hyumas has a more distorted and rock-like sound to its music, and her attack consists of her Mind Guardian, Kabotatsu, throwing herself into the enemies to then explode in impact; while the final level of her attack has her swallowing up all the enemies to end up self-destructing herself. These attacks start as an straight line in front of Soma, but as she Purges, more lines are added to the target range: first a vertical one, then two diagonal ones. In respect to her stats, Soma has average HP and attack power, but her defense is unrivaled among the personae. Finally, while her first two Purges can be triggered rather quickly, the other ones required a rather high number of Beat-Ups to be triggered, especially for her Flipsphere, which requires a total of 50 Beat-Ups.


Initial (Lv. 6) Lv. 50 Lv. 99
HP 118 1854 4112
Attack 192 3019 6699
Defense 19 126 265

Purge Graph[]

Purge Graph - Soma

Numerical Form[]

Purge Lv. 1 (Initial) Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4
H-Value 20 25 40 50
E-Value 10 60 120 180
S-Value 8 30 60 90
  • H-Value: Number of Beat Ups needed to reach the "Purge Ready!" condition.
  • E-Value: Speed rotation of the Heart and Speed at which the Burst Gauge increases.
  • S-Value: Probability of entering in Scramble State during a battle.

Flipsphere Info[]

Flipsphere Graph[]

Flipsphere Graph - Soma

Waveform Data[]

Point Value Number of Waves
20 Points 10
40 Points 0
50 Points 0
60 Points 10

Fondness Levels[]

This is a numerical representation of how much the Persona needs to like Aoto before they will agree to strip during Song Synthesis:

Strip Lv.

Lv. 1 -> Lv. 2

Lv. 2 -> Lv. 3 Lv. 3 -> Lv. 4
Necessary Fondness 40 20 10

Favorite Gifts:[]

Increase in Fondness Present(s)
10 Ketchup Burger Steak
8 Dog Roll

Chocolate Plate

Doublehump Melon

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