Sol Ciel Map Full 1

Full view of the Sol Ciel region.

This is the region used as the setting for Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia. Its name, Sol Ciel (ソル・シエール, soru shieeru?) , means Shining Sky/World in the Hymmnos Language.

It's known for being the area where both the Father of Sound Science and his descendant, Eleno, were born. Eleno was known as the great researcher on his times, and thanks to him, it was that the Tower of Ar tonelico was finally built in this region. This region used to have good diplomatic relationships with the rest of the world, except for the region of Sol Cluster, which were their most bitter enemies.

These diplomatic relationships were what made possible the construction of the Second Tower in Metafalss, and also, what made possible the unification and standardization of the Hymmnos dialects under the Central Standard Note.
Sol Ciel Map Full 2

Map of Sol Ciel denoting how all the areas are interconnected between themselves and the Tower of Ar tonelico.

Sol Ciel

Karulu village and the middle section of the Tower of Eoria, both representative parts of the region of Sol Ciel

It was formerly divided into three kingdoms: Valna, Blast and Sylva, which then came together to form the nation of El Elemia, but after the Grathnode Inferia catastrophe, the survivors moved into the floating land that was created some years after the Tower, the Wings of Horus, and established in there, founding the city of Neo Elemia as their main capital. Neo Elemia was lost together with millions of lives when the Right Wing of Horus fell into the Sea of Death during Mir's Rebellion, so now, its current capital is the Airport City of Nemo.

Historically, this region was founded by nomads that came from the other side of the sea, from the region of Sol Cluster. Part of these nomads went further to the north to found the region of Metafalss, while the rest settled on the most flat part of this region, called the Grassroads Plains.

Culturally, this region had always the best weather and soil prior to the Grathnode Inferia, which was what allowed its inhabitants to prosper without much effort, in contrast to the inhabitants of harsher regions such as Metafalss. This also was reflected in their myths and legends, such as the famous legends of Harvestasha. This also was reflected in their laid-back and benevolent disposition, and the final development of Sound Science as we know currently was from the influence they received from their contact with Sol Cluster, which also stems from the great love they had for the songs since immemorial times. However, Harvestasha's myth was also one of the causes that sparked the thousand-year war they held with Sol Cluster, since it featured Harvestasha "killing" a Goddess, which to the Clusterians was considered as a sacrilege due to considering Gods as absolute beings.

Noteworthy Places

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