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A bonus song included in the album Singing the Stars ~Hoshiyomi~ Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side Blue, which is focused on the nature of the Star Singers, reason why it was given this name. It also, like its sister song Chanting the Moon - Tsukikanade -, tries to make its listeners to become more aware of the importance of melodies in their lives, and in which ways they affect their feelings.

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Wee yea ra ene foul enrer
Wee yea ra ene foul enrer
I always think that Songs are mysterious
Wee yea ra ene hymme syec mea
Wee yea ra ene hymme syec mea
That Songs are what shake the depths of my heart more than anything else

Torinokosareta hitomi no oku ni
Left behind inside my eyes

Kodoku wo daite ikiru shoujo wa
I am just a girl who lives embracing her loneliness

Hagureta hoshi no hikari wo kazoe
Counting the myriads of lost stars

Yoru no yami ni mi wo furuwaseta
I trembled in the darkness of the night

優しく髪を撫でて あなたは言った
Yasashiku kami wo nadete anata wa itta
As you softly caressed my hairs, you told me:

その涙を拭って さあ詩を謳ってごらん
Sono namida wo nugutte saa uta wo utatte goran
"Please, wipe away those tears, and try singing this song"

Hoshizora ni hibikiwataru kiyorakana shirabe
The pure melody resounding throughout the starry sky

Anata no namae wa merodii
Your name is "Melody"

Kokoro ni sasu hikari
The light that illuminates my heart

Kanashimi wo tsutsumikonde
Embracing my sadness

Yume wo tsumugidasu
I craft my dreams

Kamisama no okurimono
The gift I received from God

Katachi no nai inochi
Is a formless soul

Was yea ra hymme mea ks maya gyen yeal
Was yea ra hymme mea ks maya gyen yeal
I'll pluck and make resound my heartstrings to craft the magic of happiness

Hito wa omoi wo tsutaeru tameni
To express their feelings

Kaze ni nosete utaitsudzukeru
people continue singing songs and make them ride the winds

優しく微笑みかけ あなたは言った
Yasashiku hohoemikake anata wa itta
Gently smiling, you told me:

希望を忘れたなら ほら耳を澄ましてごらん
Kibou wo wasureta nara hora mimi wo sumashite goran
"If you ever forget what hope is, please try clearing your ears"

Doko kara ka kikoetekuru natsukashii shirabe
From an unknown place, a nostalgic melody can be heard

Anata no namae wa merodii
Your name is "Melody"

Kokoro tsunagu hikari
The light that connects our hearts

あなたがそっと囁いた 時間の忘れ物
Anata ga sotto sasayaita toki no wasuremono
What you gently whispered is something forgotten by the time
Sasayakana shiawase wa itsudemo koko ni aru
A simple happiness that will always be here

Was yea ra Wee yea ra
Was yea ra Wee yea ra
I'm happy, I'm happy
chs hymmne
chs hymmne
being able to become the waves
chs frawr
chs frawr
being able to become the flowers
chs yor
chs yor
being able to become you
en chs ar ciel ya
en chs ar ciel ya
being able to become the world

Wee yea ra ene foul enrer
Wee yea ra ene foul enrer
I always think that Songs are mysterious

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