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The opening to Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. In contrast to the openings of the previous games, this has a more majestic and grand sound due to having as its main theme the coexistence with the Planet, as well as briefly narrating its history from its birth up to the Grathnode Inferia and telling a brief prophecy about its future.

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Oh, holy power filled with love!

Was yea ra hymme EXA_PICO.
Was yea ra hymme EXA_PICO.
Since very long, long ago... Since the beginning of this world, EXA_PICO has been whispering a Song.

echrra hymme en omnis ciel.
echrra hymme en omnis ciel.
Waves are born from the stillness of the soundless sea, and they then spread in all directions.

sor saash
sor saash
That is the Origin of Life

sor / rol / keenis / sheak
sor / rol / keenis / sheak
That is like the shine of the sun

rre ammue chs near en gyen shen iem!
rre ammue chs near en gyen shen iem!
Now the waves become lives, which have whispered new Songs!

Chorus 1: nha infel shen sos yor,
nha infel shen sos yor,
Now, accept the light of love in the entirety of your self,

Chorus 2: hymme briyante hymmnos, li marta!
hymme briyante hymmnos, li marta!
The one playing the Song of Joy is our Mother!

Chorus 3: Was yea ra Wee yea ra Rrha yea ra pomb oz noes
Was yea ra Wee yea ra Rrha yea ra pomb oz noes
Chorus 4: chs lusye sol vonn chs fane
chs lusye sol vonn chs fane
The Songs become the light that illuminates the darkness,
These many lights become love for the lives they will nurture themselves.

marta! la ar ciel!
marta! la ar ciel!
Oh Motherly Ar Ciel!

その愛の詩で 全てを赦す星
sono ai no uta de subete o yurusu hoshi
The planet that forgives everything through these Songs of love.

Wee yea ra hymme an yanyaue yor,
Wee yea ra hymme an yanyaue yor,
I'll sing with you, my precious,

Wee yea ra echrra eazas ee ciel.
Wee yea ra echrra eazas ee ciel.
And resound together with the universe.

Was yea ra hymme jam fandel manaf,
Was yea ra hymme jam fandel manaf,
I'll sing together with the many lives,

forgandal, manafeeze an yor.
forgandal, manafeeze an yor.
Because we all live together.

星は原初の核 詩囁いて
生命の音霊 (おとだま) 紡ぎ 謳う丘へ宿す
hoshi wa gensho no toki uta sasayaite
seimei no otodama tsumugi utau oka e yadosu
Ever since the Planet was born, it has been whispering a Song,
Crafting the sounds of the lives' souls and entrusting them to the Singing Hill

やがて彼の音たち 詩を操り
皆 母を燒き 我に奇跡を!と 叫ぶ
yagate kare no ototachi uta wa ayatsuri
minna haha wo yaki ware ni kiseki wo! to sakebu
Before long, their sounds began manipulating the Songs,
And they screamed "Everyone, let us burn our Mother, so She may bring miracles to us!"

Was ki ra jass,
Was ki ra jass,
We request

chs hymme en synk mean
chs hymme en synk mean
And we sing while joining our feelings together.

Wee quel ra zenva jouee, got omnis ciel,
Wee quel ra zenva jouee, got omnis ciel,
We want to surpass God! We want to obtain everything on this world!

presia nha pauwel!!
presia nha pauwel!!
Oh Songs! Please bestow power upon us!!

rre pauwel quowjaz, chs saash en gyusya
rre pauwel quowjaz, chs saash en gyusya
Power is justice, we are the dominating Gods.

魂のリズムは パルスに侵されて
想い忘れてただ 刻む
tamashii no rizumu wa parusu ni okasarete
omoi wasurete tada kizamu
The rhythm of the souls was invaded by pulses,
which just keep carving until the feelings are forgotten.

母の意志 畏れ見よ
共に在れば 想い還るだろう
haha no ishi osoremi yo
tomo ni areba omoi kaeru darou
Oh, look at and fear the Will of our Mother.
If we could live together with her again, the feelings should return

Ma ki ga rre enesse ruinie noce.
Ma ki ga rre enesse ruinie noce.
The souls destroyed nature.

en rre guartz, sa en dsier gyusya ar warce dor.
en rre guartz, sa en dsier gyusya ar warce dor.
And this blessed land was covered by anger, greed and karma.

Was granme ra synk spiritum en hymme fandel sol ciel.
Yetere, Was quel ra waath ar ciel.
Was granme ra synk spiritum en hymme fandel sol ciel.
Yetere, Was quel ra waath ar ciel.*
Let us join our souls and sing as a large multitude throughout the world.
If we do so, this world will revive.*

Ar tonelico

想いの木を育てる その根は繋がりて
心重なり合える 詩はいのちの種
omoi no ki o sodateru sono ne wa tsunagarite
kokoro kasanariaeru uta wa inochi no tane
Let's raise the trees of feelings and join their roots,
so our hearts may become one in harmony. The Songs are the seeds of life...

Note: The line marked by a "*" appears in the Hymmnote III, but it isn't actually sung in the song proper.

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

A very long time ago, in the distant past, EXA_PICO whispered a Song for the first time.
Within the soundless sea, many waves were born from the silence and extended in all directions.

The waves vibrated, each vibration becoming new lives, which in turn whispered new Songs.
The Songs became the light that illuminated the darkness, and these countless lights themselves became the love that nurtures life.

Accept the light of love within all your being, as the one playing the Song of Joy is our Mother.
Love everything, forgive, and allow yourself to be embraced by the warmth of these waves.

The origin of life...

Even we, even our motherly Planet, even the sprouting plants, even this Universe,
we are all singing together, because we are all equal: we are lives.

If you clear your ears, you will hear the whispers of the wind, the rhythm of the sea, and the rumbling of the land.
All of these are the Songs that this Planet sings.

These sounds would soon be inherited by the lives that inhabit that Planet:
the little birds chirped, the animals cried, and the humans began to sing.

The melodies that served as the origin for the Songs ignited the light of civilization,
Slowly, and one by one, the people came to learn the art of singing as if they were all one.

In a short time, they would even manage to surpass their Gods,
and they would become great waves, which would become a power mighty enough to make this whole world tremble.

The Song that would destroy the souls began to be sung within this world,
and the shattered hearts soon began to forget the Songs.

And once the one who controls the silence appears,
all the light would be lost and nothingness would rule over the world.

Now it is the time for all the souls to join their hearts and sing together,
so their love and affection may become, without holding back, a screaming power.

And through that power,
may the waves of love move the feelings of this world.

The world will never stop singing,
because it will never stop loving either.

If you sing loudly enough, someone will join with you in that Song
because we all are the same. We all can become a Song.

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