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The Second Tower of Ar tonelico (アルトネリコ第二塔, Aru toneriko Dai-ni Tou?), also called the Tower of Frelia (フレリアの塔, Fureria no Tou?), it's the Tower that was built in

At2 p100 tower

Model of the Second Tower, without its lower parts or the Rim.

the region of Metafalss, and the lowest of the three Towers that form the Ar tonelico amplification complex.

In contrast to the First Tower, this Tower was built through a Reyvateil's Song Magic, using the Rim as the main drafting tool for this purpose. Its creator and Administrator is the Reyvateil Origin Frelia.


The Second Tower has existed since 3036 AD, year in which Frelia ascended to space with the Sol Marta satellite, and began Singing the Hymmnos Extract EXEC_VISIONDANCE_SOCKET/.. At the same time she Sang, she began dancing around, which activated the Divine Drafters, and began making the Tower.

However, when the Tower had been completed only in a 25%, the catastrophe of the Grathnode Inferia occurred. This rendered the Rings of the Divine Drafters inoperable, and Frelia was never able to finish her job.

Sometime later, led by the great sage Jaza, the people of Metafalss created the community of Pastalia on the summit of the Tower, when the Sea of Death had covered all the surface and made impossible the return to solid ground. During many years, the people of Metafalss had to suffer greatly due to the small space in which they could live, and the scarcity of food and water. However, many years later, and led by the first Maiden, Selena, the surface of the Tower was modified with the creation of many artificial waterfalls, reservoirs and waterways, which made possible to turn Pastalia into a green city, and allowed the people to live in better conditions. However, not all of them were lucky, and those who belonged to the former El Elemia agencies, as well the people who sided with them, were ultimately expelled and sent to live in the still inhospitable Rim.

It was then that the Tower took the form that it had during the last 700 years.


  • Lacks a dedicated power source, so it draws its Symphonic Power from the First Tower.
  • Lacks the functions of a Song Server.
  • Serves as part of the scarce land in which the people of Metafalss can still live in the Third Era.
  • Unlike the First Tower, it hasn't suffered damage or erosion from the elements since its creation.

Systems & Mechanisms[]

The Wings of Hynemos[]

The region of Metafalss merely consists of a floating land of sorts, and it takes as the base level the altitude over the Sea of Death, beginning at 0 Stons over the Sea, although the altitude of this region is actually around the same level as the highest mountains of the Himalaya range. Because the environment is so harsh, people had to create an artificial environment to live, and couldn't afford to fail in doing so. The Wings of Hynemos that title this section are the equivalent to the Musical Corridor weather control system that exists in the First Tower.

This is a system mainly for controlling the atmospheric temperature and pressure, the gravity, and the precipitation levels. However, given it wasn't planned to be a system that saw perpetual use for such a long time span, there are some faults on its accuracy, and its range is particularly narrower than the one of the Musical Corridor.

This means that there weren't any plans to build a floating land around the Second Tower, unlike the Wings of Horus that exist around the First Tower. The facility where the controls for the Wings of Hynemos are kept is

At2 p101 control facility for wings of hynemos

Control Facility for the Wings of Hynemos, and its Hexagonal Plates.

inside the upper part of the bell-like section of the Tower, meaning that the system itself is in the inner zones of the Tower. To be more specific, the controls are located in the golden cylindrical structure that can be seen below Pastalia.

While it also has the Hexagonal Plates rotating around its location, similarly to the Musical Corridors from the other two Towers, its unique exterior appearance is pretty impressive. However, the Plates are much smaller than those found in the First Tower, which is the main reason for the Wings of Hynemos having a much narrower effect range.


This is a system designed for the measuring of the Simple Harmonic World Oscillation, a phenomenon unique to Metafalss. When the Tower was still being designed, it was thought that it would be a good idea to have an accurate measuring instrument, a sensor that could perceive the course and amplitude of this world, according to the natural clouts.

This region is supplied with Symphonic Power and sustained by Sol Marta, and because of its pendulum

At2 p101 gyroscope

The Gyroscope.

movement, the Gyroscope is always measuring the amplitude, degree of movement, and change of position of the core, and this is what allowed to increase the accuracy of the calculations, until the point in which it could calculate its absolute position. It had the role of measuring the movements in all directions, and after being corrected by the Gyro Stabilizer, it got used as the main reference during the creation of the Tower. It was established in the region where Mint Block and the Ironplate Desert are located in the current days.

The Gyroscope itself is located in the lower zones of the Second Tower, and has the shape of an enormous ring surrounding the Gyro Stabilizer.

Gyro Stabilizer[]

At2 p101 gyro stabilizer

The Gyro Stabilizer.

The Gyro Stabilizer is a system designed to judge if the measures taken by the Gyroscope have any errors, and correct the direction and amplitude whenever that happens. It's because of this that the Simple Harmonic World Oscillation could be reduced, and removing external factors to the Oscillation itself such as the wind, it had the purpose of allowing the Second Tower to be made without any design mistakes.

The Gyro Stabilizer itself is the protuberance pointing down that can be seen when looking at this region from the underside.

Important Locations & Settlements[]