At2-sasyaSasha as she originally appeared in Ar tonelico II.

Sasha at3Sasha as she appeared in Ar tonelico Qoga.

Unaltered NameSasya
Age10 (AT2)
12 (AT3)
Height4'1" / 127 cm (AT2)
4'4" / 132 cm (AT3)
Weight57 lbs / 26 kg (AT2)
74 lbs / 34 kg (AT3)
First AppearanceAr tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
English Voice ActorErin Fitzgerald (AT3)

Sasha (沙亜紗(さーしゃ), Sāsha) (Sasya in JP version)

Owner of the General Store near Rakshek. She is very fond of Croix and Cloche, and looks like she has a little liking to Luca, too. She usually refers to Croix as "Cro-nii" and Cloche as "Cro-nee" in Japanese version, and calls them "Brother Cro" and "Sister Clo" in English.

Ar tonelico 3


Sasha in Ar Tonelico III

Now older, Sasya came to Sol Cluster with Cocona. She opened a synthesis store called "Nyanya Shop" in the Kanpaihachi Hot Springs.


  • Her age given in the US version of Ar tonelico Qoga is 15.
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