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The Song for one of the Normal Endings of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.

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This song is played during Saki's Normal End, and it serves to display the less seen aspect of her character: the tragically short life that she is fated to live. Given her life span is so short, and that Pureblooded Reyvateils are destined to fade away without leaving even corpses, she spends her time creating unique stories that will serve to leave her mark in the world.[1]

The most characteristic of said stories is the Story of the Hero and the Overlord, in which she cast herself in the role of the Overlord, and cast Aoto in the role of the hero, wishing happiness to him even if someday she won't be able to talk with him or touch his hands anymore. In fact, said story serves as the feelings that this song contains inside itself.[2]

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Was ki ra qwitte laa yorr yaha yanje art nasya.
Was ki ra qwitte laa yorr yaha yanje art nasya.
This is for you to always smile.

Was ki ra qwitte laa yaha yanje ware yos erphy.
Was ki ra qwitte laa yaha yanje ware yos erphy.
This is for you to always remember me with a smile on my face.

流れてゆく 雲の船を 遠く見送り
清らかな この景色を 瞳に宿そう
nagareteyuku kumo no fune wo tooku miokuri
kiyorakana kono keshiki wo hitomi ni yadosou
Seeing off at the distance the ship of the flowing clouds,
this clean scenery will be lodged within my eyes.

画用紙に 描いてゆく 優しい世界
大切な 想いすべて あなたに見せたい
gayoushi ni egaiteyuku yasashii sekai
taisetsuna omoi subete anata ni misetai
I want to show you the gentle world I will sketch
in this canvas with all my precious feelings.

ささやかな日々が 嬉しくて
だけど 季節は 足早に過ぎてく
sasayakana hibi ga ureshikute
dakedo kisetsu wa ashibaya ni sugiteku
These modest days are always filled with happiness,
but the seasons always pass at such a quick pace.

時の砂 零れないで
夜が来る その度に
永遠の暗闇が 怖くて
あなたのぬくもり 探してた
toki no suna koborenaide
yoru ga kuru sono tabi ni
eien no kurayami ga kowakute
anata no nukumori sagashiteta
Please, don't let the sands of time continue falling.
Everytime that happens, the night comes,
and scared of the eternal darkness, I always
searched for your warmth.

irea sabl
irea sabl
Silver Sand

kiala sabl
kiala sabl
Golden Sand

gfine sabl
gfine sabl
The Sands of Time

Nn num ra chs rre irea kiala lautyca tienar.
Nn num ra chs rre irea kiala lautyca tienar.
Gold and silver colors softly continue falling.

約束を はぐらかした 帰りの小道
夕焼けが 眩しすぎて 少しうつむいた
yakusoku wo hagurakashita kaeri no komichi
yuuyake ga mabayushisugite sukoshi utsumuita
The path of return filled with evaded promises
and the overly dazzling sunset made me depressed.

いくつもの奇跡 集めても
叶わぬ願い 胸を貫いてゆく
ikutsumono kiseki atsumetemo
kanawanu negai mune wo tsuranuiteyuku
Even if many miracles were gathered,
the unfulfilled wishes would still pierce through my heart.

この体に 流れてる
時の砂 消えてゆく
瞬きさえ 惜しむように
あなたの笑顔を 見つめた
kono karada ni nagareteru
toki no suna kieteyuku
mabataki sae oshimu youni
anata no egao wo mitsumeta
Flowing over my body,
the sands of time disappear.
And to value even a simple
twinkling of light, I searched for your smile.

Nn num ra chs rre irea sabl lautyca tienar,
Nn num ra chs rre irea sabl lautyca tienar,
The silver sand continues falling endlessly,
elle ides tes futare, elle near tes morto.
elle ides tes futare, elle near tes morto.
from past to future, from life to death.
Nn num ra chs rre irea sabl ogbl,
Nn num ra chs rre irea sabl ogbl,
It coils into grayish white swirls,
en pyuf lyrnya ocurp,
en pyuf lyrnya ocurp,
heads into the gentle mouth of a river,
en tilanta wirtamarls.
en tilanta wirtamarls.
and flows towards the country of peace.

物語の最後は 少し悲しくて
けれど かけがえのない思い出は
まばゆく 輝く
monogatari no saigo wa sukoshi kanashikute
keredo kakegaenonai omoide wa
mabayuku kagayaku
The end to this story is a little sad,
but my irreplaceable memories
will always shine dazzlingly.

Nn num ra urnaa rre gfine wis vigiga en meaql,
Nn num ra urnaa rre gfine wis vigiga en meaql,
At times cold, at times gentle,
forgandal fowrlle anw crudea en rete anw firga.
forgandal fowrlle anw crudea en rete anw firga.
embracing the past to heal these wounds carved in my heart.

時の砂 零れてゆく
瞳閉ざし 眠る日は
色褪せない 笑顔みだけを
あなたへ 残したい
toki no suna koboreteyuku
hitomi tozashi nemuru hi wa
iroasenai hohoemi dake wo
anata e nokoshitai
The sands of time continue falling down,
and at the day when I finally close my eyes and go to sleep,
I want to leave to you just my smile,
which will never fade away.

例えこの手が ふれ合えなくても
ねぇ わたしは ここにいるよ
tatoe kono te ga fureaenakutemo
kono koe ga todokanakutemo
nee watashi wa koko ni iru yo
kokoro wa anata no soba ni iru yo
zutto zutto...
Even if our hands cannot touch each other anymore,
even if my voice cannot reach you anymore,
I will always be here.
My heart will be at your side,
forever, forever...

Feelings Contained in this Song[]

A demon king lived in a castle on the outskirts of a village.
The villages were afraid of the demon king.
The demon king's presence instilled such fear within them that they cannot farm, and spent every day with empty stomachs.

On a certain day, a youngster in the village volunteered to slay the demon king.
The villagers were overjoyed, and praised the youngster as a hero.
The youngster's sense of justice was stronger than most people's, and in hopes of defeating the demon king
He refined his sword skills every day.

The hero summoned up his courage, and headed towards the demon king's castle.
And reached the throne room of the demon king.
There sat the demon king.
Come, let us fight, demon king!! said the brave hero

However, the demon king threw one look at the hero, and timidly hid behind her chair.
The demon king said
I'll give you all the food you want, so please don't take my life!
The hero was shocked.

The demon king took the hero into her garden.
Many seedlings were planted there.
Just by living, I bring misfortune to everyone.
If I cease to exist, then everyone can live happily ever after.
But even if I want to die, I'm too scared to.
I thought that I could at least prevent them from suffering due to hunger, so I planted some watermelons.

Thereafter, the hero and the demon king tended to the watermelons together.
The demon king seemed to be very happy.
Which was expected, really, since it was the first time that she enjoyed farming with another.

True to their efforts, many big watermelons soon sprung up
The demon king and the hero were very happy.
And then the hero took the watermelons to the village for everyone to eat.

The hero returned to the village, and told the villagers about the demon king.
But the villagers would not believe him no matter how hard he persuaded them.
At the end of the day, they thought that the hero betrayed them for the demon king
And threw stones at him, chasing him out of the village.
The watermelons he made just for them were smashed.

The hero returned to the demon king's side and cried in regret.
The demon king comforted him.
And together, they ate the watermelons.
The hero was shocked at how good they tasted.
He expressed his thoughts to the demon king, and made the demon king happy.

The next day, the demon king was nowhere to be found as the hero woke up.
In the garden, the harvested watermelons were piled up like mountains, and a letter was left behind.

I'm going on a little trip.
I'll leave these watermelons and this castle to you, Mr. hero.
Please tell the villagers that you've defeated the demon king and taken these watermelon fields.
I'm very, very sure that they'll be happy.
Please don't worry about me.
Mr. hero, when you helped me plant these watermelons
For the first time, I thought it was okay for me to be alive.
I felt like you were telling me that.
Because you were always by my side to cheer me on, I was able to make so many watermelons
I was able to find hope in this world.
So, thank you.
I don't feel lonely anymore. I'm very content.
You saved me, my hero
Even if we can't meet, I'll always be with you.

The hero stared at the mountain of watermelons, and cried.

Spoilers end here.


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