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Sakia Lumei (サキア・ルメイ), is one of Saki's personae. A brave and chivalrous swordswoman, her to priority is to accomplish her mission. Thanks to her fighting abilities, Saki continues to survive. She's more energetic than most men, and she speaks like a feudal retainer. Even though she is like that, Sakia Lumei is actually pretty girly. Her strong sense of responsibilty maker her a great ally, or a formidable foe. She derives much pleasure from filling her stomach with ramen, stew, or steak. Her Mind Guardian is Zwelivelle. It is revealed later in the game that Sakia is actually the true body and that Saki is one of her personae's that she let become the main body.

In Hoshimeguri (星巡り), Sakiya Rumei (咲夜琉命) is a star that represents August.


Little is known about Sakia's early childhood, but it is known that she was born in the Archia Think Tank, and designed to retain the persona Saki within her. There is a high chance that she was taught swordsmanship during her time at the Think Tank, allowing her to protect Saki (and herself).

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

Sakia Lumei is created as Archia Think Tank's project for saving the world. She holds the personae, Saki, that is the vaccine for destroying Ar Ru, or an Anti-Antibody weapon. She was created to keep Saki from any harm until that moment. She is shown from the beggining to have protected Saki from the Clustanians. She is shown to be irritated with Aoto and calling him a "perverted little beast". Sakia has been shown to protect Saki a lot of times, though her actual motive was far more darker than Aoto and co. originally thought. She plays as an antagonist, and a protagonist. She originally sides with Archia, but after the event of Arphage, she decides to help Aoto and let him deeper to her cosmosphere. She is the last persona that you will gain if you take Saki's route. During the ending of Saki's Cosmosphere, she and Saki remake their soulspace into a world that represents them both, and Saki begins to refer to Sakia as her "big sister."


She plays as Saki's guardian, to keep her safe. She was only created because she had the personae, Saki and she is assigned to protect her at all costs.


  • Sakia Lumei is actually the original personality of the γ-Sublimate Reyvateil Archia developed, with Saki as the primary persona. She is said to be born as Saki's shadow, which is supposedly never comes to light. Sakia also mentions Archia's original plan to overwrite Sakia Lumei's soul with Saki's, but ultimately co-resides with Saki through Persona Fusion.
  • In Saki's Cosmosphere lvl 9, it is revealed that Sakia Lumei was in charge of the story of "Miracle Angel Sakkyun", which is adopted into Saki's Cosmosphere stories. This exposed more of her girly side and she also wore a pretty dress which Aoto describe as a girly girl's dress.

Sakia Pictures:[]

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