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This Song serves as the capstone for the second chapter of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

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It is used by Kanon to destroy all the Cielnotrons in the Dream Sphere Colonia. This Song borrows directly the power of Cosal, the Genom King, as given the size of the Dream Sphere, it requires a great amount of power to be used in order to reach all the corners of the Colonia.

Kanon decided to craft and Sing this Song in order to reduce the Tz-Wave consumption level, as it was discovered that the gravity generators of the Dream Sphere were failing precisely because the Cielnotrons consumed too many waves, which triggered periodical incidents called Outages in which the gravity field around specific areas of the Colonia disappeared and caused buildings and people to fall down to their deaths to Ra Ciela's surface. Ion tried to stop her by crafting magic with Telefunken, but she was unable to, so in the end she decided to just cover Kanon as she Sang in order for her to save the people, as she was unable to do it herself.[1][2]

While the Tenmon faction of the Colonia tried to stop her from Singing this Song and the security team from the Tz-Tube Company even tried to shoot her, Ion stopped them by standing in their way. In the end, the Song was completed and all the Cielnotrons across the Dream Sphere shattered instantly, saving the Colonia from further Outages, but this also completely ruined the reputation Ion had gathered from the Big Flowers Incident, causing her to fall in depression.

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ah=pau-fao-i tikz-a iz-eq gei-wei-ruu-ny mu-cien-az ri-yan-rey-uii;
ah=pau-fao-i tikz-a iz-eq gei-wei-ruu-ny mu-cien-az ri-yan-rey-uii;
Oh people of Chimon, gather around me.
yah ahih-cyen ih-du mu-cien-i ah=yan-soy-re fuai-low-uiir i-tes;
yah ahih-cyen ih-du mu-cien-i ah=yan-soy-re fuai-low-uiir i-tes;
Come now, let us traverse the correct road together.
iz ah=yen-taa-uii;
iz ah=yen-taa-uii;
This is the decisive time.

夢に映る あの日の星へ
祈り謳い 還りましょう
yume ni utsuru ano hi no hoshi e
inoriutai kaerimashou
Projecting it in our dreams, let us return
to the planet of that day singing and praying.

産まれ生きる 喜びを胸に
希望の種を 育みましょう
umareikiru yorokobi wo mune ni
kibou no tane wo hagukumimashou
With the joy of being born and living in our hearts,
let us raise the seeds of hope.

明日を選び 共に進め
罪の英知 脱ぎ捨て
asu wo erabi tomo ni susume
tsumi no eichi nugisute
Choosing the tomorrow, let us advance together
while throwing away the knowledge of our sins.

ih-cyen fuai-rao-i ah=gga-xa-i syu-wai-yen-du badu-rem-gd-uii;
ih-cyen fuai-rao-i ah=gga-xa-i syu-wai-yen-du badu-rem-gd-uii;
Right now, we will crush the evil deeds.
ag=tau-yan-i N waw ah W ei-tao;
ag=tau-yan-i N waw ah W ei-tao;
Carrying the future of this planet on our shoulders
gei-wei-ruu vei-yon noh-iar-du meya-sye-a;
gei-wei-ruu vei-yon noh-iar-du meya-sye-a;
is a task suitable only to us.

この詩よ 響け
ikusen no negai wo daite
kono uta yo hibike
Embracing the thousands of wishes,
oh my Song, resound!

人を愛し 人を憎み
hito wo itoshi hito wo nikumi
soko ni sukui ga aru no nara
Loving the people, hating the people,
if there is salvation to be found in them...

何を求め 何かを失くし
nani wo motome nanika wo nakushi
erabi erabi yuku no deshou
Seeking something while losing something,
we will go on while constantly making choices.

明日を掴め 迷う子等よ
定め超えて 抗え
asu wo tsukame mayou kora yo
sadame koete aragae
Seize the future, oh lost children.
Surpass your fate, and fight against it.

yah ih-cyen teu-dia-gn-iz-du chef-in-a;
yah ih-cyen teu-dia-gn-iz-du chef-in-a;
Come now, let us overcome the crisis together
soh-nh ai-ur-syen-du xen-ta-a ahih=tau-yan-i;
soh-nh ai-ur-syen-du xen-ta-a ahih=tau-yan-i;
and create the paradise.
ah=iyon-cyen-du yal-a soh-nh iyon-mou-rey-a;
ah=iyon-cyen-du yal-a soh-nh iyon-mou-rey-a;
I will protect and guide you all
N woo ah W ei-tao ah iz-ny yay-syau-du wa-fui-a;
N woo ah W ei-tao ah iz-ny yay-syau-du wa-fui-a;
by shining on the light of hope.

この詩よ 響け
ikusen no nageki wo harai
kono uta yo hibike
Sweeping away the thousands of laments,
oh my Song, resound!

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