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Rinkernator (Harvestasha) 1

Schematic draft that shows how the Rinkernator opens.

Rinkernator (Harvestasha) 2

Schematic drawing of the Rinkernator's plug and Dive Pods.

The Rinkernator (リンカネーション, rinkaneeshon?, lit. "Reincarnation") is a facility located at a high point of the Tower of Harvestasha, called Tower Block A, and it's the structure similar to a white pillar located right between the Grathnode Plates. While both this and the Rinkernator located in the First Tower of Ar tonelico have the same basic functions of serving as power switches for their respective Towers and serving as the facility that makes possible the change of Administrators, the Rinkernator found in the Tower of Harvestasha also has the function of allowing the Tower Administrator, Tyria, to descend into a new body, given her true body was transformed into the entirety of said Tower. For this, its required to use a Reyvateil prime field (biofluid) into one of the Dive Pods found in this place and use the song EXEC_METEMPSYCHOSIS/.. However, if the song is executed without the prime field, the pods will instead create a Holography for Tyria. Of course, given this separates the power plugs of the Rinkernator, this will cut off the Symphonic Power to all of the non-essential systems of the Tower of Harvestasha temporarily, leaving most Guardians incapable of even moving and deactivating the Prome Wall. Finally, if the song is interrupted for any reason, or if certain conditions aren't fulfilled, the Rinkernator will just shut down the Symphonic Power to the Tower temporarily without either creating the new body for Tyria or the Holography.

For details on the purpose it served during the story of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, please go to the page corresponding to Tower Block A.

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