RikkaRyosya Information
Unaltered NameRikkaRyosha_ox.MAGIC_CATEGORY.teedaria
RacePureblooded β Type Reyvateil
Height57 kg
Weight169 cm
First AppearanceAr tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel
SingerHaruka Togawa
English Voice ActorWendee Lee
Japanese Voice ActorYukana

A Reyvateil that has the position of No. 2 in Archia, she admires a love that surpass trials, kinda like a drama. She even encourages it to her surroundings. She calls Hikari Gojyou "Sensei", indicating a possible relationship between them. She was once the commander of Clusternia's troops (in other words she is Akane's predecessor). She along with her troops were involved with Clusternia plans to infiltrate Arkia to reclaim the SH Server. But the security was tighter than they thought and the result being that all of her troops were annihilated, making her the only survivor. In the Tower of Origin, she found the XP Harvestasha and quickly realized the truth of the Harvestashas. Soon after that, she was found by Raffaele, he choose to spare her life because she is the Reyvateil that sings EXEC_Z/., he threatens that if she objects, then her mind would immediately be terminated with SH Server. Afraid of death, she chose to swear her loyalty to Archia.

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