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The song heard during the intro to Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica and which serves as its main theme.

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This is the song that Reisha used to sing as a lullaby to Luca when she was very small, and it was left to her as a keepsake from Luca's true mother: the Maiden Arshe. However, this song hides a couple of large secrets: first, what Reisha used to sing is merely the first half, while the second half was passed down among the people of Kanakana Pier.

Both parts are known as the Key of Homura and the Key of Mio: they are separate songs that share the same melody, which when combined are used to unlock Nenesha's Heart of the Land, which was hidden away by Infel in the Moon Culvert 400 years ago. Likewise, Infel was the original creator of this song, and it was according to her will that later it was split in two halves that were handed down by separate people, with the single Hymmnos line in it acting as the dividing line between both halves. Aside of this, it also has the role of fleshing out the world of Metafalss by being an image song for it.

It was sung by Reisha at several points in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, the most poignant ones being the introduction, and when she sang it combining both the Key of Homura and the Key of Mio (the full song) to unlock the Heart of the Land at the Moon Culvert.

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ねんねころりや夜空の月よ いずこへ行く
nenne korori ya yozora no tsuki yo izuko e yuku
It's time to go to bed, oh sleepy moon of the night sky, and go somewhere

夢に浮かびし 影を眺めて
yume ni ukabishi kage wo nagamete
hitori shizuka
Gazing at the shadows floating in the dreams
in a quiet loneliness

唄を唱えて 想い連ねて
uta wo tonaete omoi tsuranete
kono hi wo mukau
Singing a song and connecting feelings
to greet this new day

別れを嘆き 昔を愛でる
ただ 悲しや
wakare wo nageki mukashi wo mederu
tada kanashi ya
Grieving at a parting and admiring the old days,
It will still be sad

紅き髪さえ 翳りを纏い
akaki kami sae kageri wo matoi
wa ga mi wo utsusu
Even the crimson hairs, covered in gloom
They will reflect me

唄う息吹は 夜もすがら
utau ibuki wa yomosugara
ano hito ni todoke ya
itsu no hi ka
The singing breath will last all the night
So it may reach that person

Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor
Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor.
I will be very happy to sing for the sake of your love

空に浮かびし 月を眺めて
sora ni ukabishi tsuki wo nagamete
hitori shizuka
Gazing at the moon floating in the skies
in a quiet loneliness

絆深めて 契り交わして
kizuna fukamete chigiri kawashite
sugisarishi hi yo
Deepening the bonds and exchanging vows
to the passing yesterday

出会いを偲び 現を忘るる
ただ 寂しや
deai wo shinobi ima wo wasururu
tada samishi ya
Remembering a meeting and losing the present
It will still be lonely

懐かしき声 月は囁く
我が身 振るわす
natsukashiki koe tsuki wa sasayaku
wa ga mi furuwasu
Nostalgic voices, whispered by the moon,
I will tremble to their sound.

唄う二声は 風となり
utau futakoe wa kaze to nari
sora wo towa ni mae ya
dokomade mo
The two singing voices will become the wind
dancing eternally through the sky
And go everywhere

Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor
Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor
I will be very happy to sing for the sake of your love

Feelings Contained in this Song[]

(Homura Handed-Down Part)
Wandering in the darkness between dreams and reality, alone inside of this sleepy song
Embracing the great feelings, the one of the red hairs sleeps alone
I shall continue singing, even if my singing voice cannot reach you,
I shall still sing, as I ascend to the sleep
Probably my song will not be able to reach you,
and if that is the case, I shall still convey the breath of my feelings to you
Intermingling the feelings and memories I embrace,
melting them into each other, and setting them on a passionate blaze
The heart of the flame, I sing the yearning part of the song, the one that yearns for you.

(Mio Handed-Down Part)
Oh, looking up to the pale moon, inside of this whispering song
Feeling these great feelings, I look up to the eyes of the blue hairs
If I sharpened myself enough to be able to receive the whispers of the moon,
I would hear the melody of bonds that would melt us into love.
If I touched all of my pale skin,
I would aim towards the end of the waves.
The waves pile up upon each other, feeling the breath of these great feelings, sharpening both of us into one.
The lips of the one of the blue hairs, the eyes of the one of the red hairs, both are united,
the heart of the waterway, the singing of the part of the flame, both will release you.

(Extended Part)
The song of the flame will entangle with the waterway,
and become one heart.
The song of the waterway will entangle with the flame,
and melt away the shell of your heart.

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