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The Rakshek Resort Forest (ラクシャク保養地の森, rakushakku hoyouchi no mori?, lit. "Rakshak Resort Forest") is a small, yet abundant forest band located in the outskirts of Trade City Rakshek. As its name indicates, it's the place in which the Rakshek Resort was built for the Maiden at the time, Cloche Leythal Pastalia; and it's a safe area in which monsters haven't been sighted.


Croix Bartel and his adopted sister Cocona came to this place as part of the Grand Bell knight squad that was sent to quell an IPD Outbreak that took place in the Resort proper, as this also put in danger the life of the Maiden. Therefore, Croix met up with other squads of knights at the entrance.

Once there, the commander told them to make sure that Cloche left the premises safely, and after reminding them how important she was to everyone in Metafalss, the knights were ordered to got their posts.

Before they had a chance, a colleague of Croix took his time to tell him how tough he was, as he didn't a Reyvateil partner. Croix told him he didn't need one, so the knight began bragging about how wonderful it was to have a Reyvateil girlfriend, promptly embarrassing her, as she was right beside him. Then, they went their own ways. Cocona asked Croix how great would it be if she was a Reyvateil too, but Croix told him to not begin thinking about these things in a very distant manner, prompting Cocona to remark that the "C for Croix stands for cool", but before they could continue with the discussion, an explosion was heard from the direction of the Resort, and they had to hurry.

Later on, Croix and Cocona managed to rescue Cloche from the Resort, but upon seeing her enraged expression, they asked if she was okay, which she took as a chance to remark Croix should pay more attention to her needs, and told him to quickly find a place to rest. After a short rest, they continued, as their pursuers from the Sacred Army could be lurking nearby.

The group continued their way until they reached the entrance of the forest, making Cocona comment on how easy it was to accomplish this mission, while Cloche commented in a exasperated tone that this had to happen precisely during her vacations. However, an unknown voice was heard, telling them it wasn't so easy, and shortly later, the voice's owner appeared: it was a strange wolf-like creature. Cloche immediately got enraged and took out her sword, pointing it at the strange creature while she began screaming about how rude it was for talking about her as the Maiden of Disaster and Taboo. The creature just laughed telling her how difficult her personality was, and while that kind of attitude was useful in front of the public, it would cause her death in situations like the current one; so Croix and Cocona had to step in to protect Cloche.

Croix and Cocona won, so the creature complimented their ability, but refused to answer when Croix asked who he was. He then advised Croix to do his best in protecting Cloche until they encountered each other again before disappearing. Croix went to check how Cloche was, and upon hearing she was okay, Croix remarked he found the battle difficult, and he took this as meaning he needed more training, to then tell her that once they reached the city of Rakshek, they should be safe. Cloche told him he did pretty well in battle, and that ability could be refined even further with more training. Croix thanked her for the compliments, and explained they were heading to Rakshek to meet up with Luca, a friend of his. He explained that Luca was his childhood friend, although Cocona took the chance to blurt out it was also Croix's girlfriend much to Croix's embarrassment and Cloche's annoyance. After hearing this, Cloche advised them to hurry leaving the place, and thus they left for Rakshek. However, a mysterious woman appeared shortly after they left, watching as they retreated...


The Rakshek Resort Forest is a very simplistic area that has no much more purpose than being an entrance hallway of sorts for the Rakshek Resort proper, so it doesn't have any enemy encounters and can be traversed rather quickly. However, there are a few high-level IPDs in this area in the later stages of the game, so the player should be very careful when backtracking at these points.




Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Junki 3 After the first IPD battle in Souffle Axis. Stationary None
Mia 9 After arriving at Dreamy Fields for the first time. Stationary Primal Coco x2
Luna 5 After arriving at Dreamy Fields for the first time. Roaming Type Zero x2
Ibuki 5 After arriving at Dreamy Fields for the first time. Roaming Necromancer x2


  • ??? (at the start of the game)
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