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The Rakshek Resort (ラクシャク保養地, rakushaku hoyouchi?, lit. "Rakshak Resort") is a palace located in a small forest in the outskirts of Trade City Rakshek. This place was destined to be a summer house of sorts for the Maiden and her servants, although due to certain circumstances, it couldn't be used more than once for that purpose. Now, it's pretty much a ruined building. The stairwell in the foyer hides a secret entrance to the Rakshek Resort Basement.



After the Enna Palace was destroyed and left in ruins in the IPD Outbreak that claimed the life of the former Maiden, Arche, 15 years ago; the Grand Bell began building this place as a substitute for it.

Events During Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica[]

IPD Outbreak[]

Many years later, the current Maiden, Cloche Leythal Pastalia, was making use of it to rest for awhile in preparation for her recently announced War Against the Goddess, when an IPD Outbreak started, so the knights had to head for the Resort in order to save her.

After hearing an explosion, Croix Bartel and his adopted sister Cocona entered this place in search of Cloche, as the mission they had been assigned stated. However, as soon as they stepped into the Resort, they were ambushed by a group of Sacred Army knights, and they had to battle them.

After the battle, Croix was convinced that this wasn't actually an IPD Outbreak, and told Cocona they had to hurry, as both the lives of Cloche and their superior, Leglius Branchesca, were at risk.

After advancing a little further, they encountered Leglius and Cloche, who were greatly outnumbered by the Reyvateils sent by the Sacred Army. Leglius noticed they weren't actually berserk IPDs, but Cloche reprimanded him, asking if he couldn't do anything. Croix and Cocona rushed in, with Croix asking Leglius if this actually was an IPD Outbreak, but Leglius told him that wasn't the case, and it was actually an attack planned by someone. However, before they could continue discussing this, they would have to defeat the enemies first.

After they defeated the Reyvateils, Leglius remarked he had used too much energy, and alerted Croix that this wasn't an IPD Outbreak, but a coup d'etat planned to kill Cloche. The instigators were the Sacred Army: an anti-government faction that had been decommissioned by Chancellor Alfman after the previous regime fell. However, Cocona alerted them that more Reyvateils had appeared, so Leglius told Croix he would have to escape from the place with Cloche. Once he managed to do this, they would have to keep themselves hidden until the next full Cello Moon, in which they would meet again at the Coal Lodge in Mikry Forest. Cloche was scandalized to being left in the hands of what she called "an untested rookie", ignorant of Croix's reputation among the knights as a rising star and ace, which also enraged Cocona. Leglius apologized for this, but guaranteed that Croix's skills were second to no one. Then, Croix, Cloche and Cocona escaped from the room, while Leglius told Croix that he would leave everything in his hands.

Once outside, Cloche asked Croix to introduce himself, and asked if he was strong enough to protect her. Croix replied he wouldn't be sure of that until they actually fought, which made Cloche scream that he should be reassuring her, even if that meant lying. Croix retorted that he would never lie in the presence of someone as important as her, and told her they had to hurry and get out of the Resort.

However, they were ambushed once again at the entrance, and seeing no other exit, Croix asked Cloche if she could sing Song Magic. She took this question as an insult, and told him that despite being so young, she had been baptized as Goddess Frelia's Maiden. Croix asked her to lend them her strength, which Cloche remarked would shame her for the rest of her life, but upon getting told by Croix that her life would end right now if she didn't do anything, she told Croix that she would take appropriate measures once they managed to return to the Grand Bell Hall.

After they defeated the enemies, Cloche was enraged because of the fact that Croix has asked her to use Song Magic, and told him that he should make his partner do it instead. Croix politely replied he didn't have a partner, and upon having Cloche's gaze fixed on her, Cocona nervously said she was just a normal and weak girl. Cloche added that in that case, Croix should be ready to die at any moment, but Croix just replied that she wouldn't have any sort of protection if that happened. This left Cloche at a loss for words, and thus, she told Croix that while this didn't make them partners, she would use her Song Magic against her will just because her guardians were so weak. Croix simply thanked her for this, and thus, they retreated back into the forest.

Cloche's Route: Seeking Replekia[]

Croix, Cloche and Cocona, now accompanied by Leglius, returned to this place much later on in order to seek the Hymn Crystal Replekia, which they needed to have a chance at defeating the Goddess. Upon entering, Leglius told them that there was a hidden warp gate at the top of the altar that was located right in front of the Resort's entrance. Cloche expressed her surprise to the fact that the crystal was hidden so close to the entrance.

However, when they tried standing on the altar, nothing happened, and after Croix said this, Leglius remarked that was how it was supposed to be, as there was no point in hiding the entrance if anyone could find it easily. He then asked Cloche to read the writing that was carved in the wall right in front of them. Cloche quickly recognized it as Hymmnos, much to Cocona's surprise, and recited the Hymmnos Spell they formed, thus opening up the warp gate into the Rakshek Resort Basement.


The Rakshek Resort is the very first true dungeon in the game, so given its short length and simple layout, it isn't very hard to fully explore and the enemies in it aren't very strong either, so it serves as a nice warm-up to ease into the game. However, it should be noted that it'll be filled with very strong IPDs from the middle of the game onwards, so the player should be very careful if he or her intends to return here. As mentioned previously, the warp gate to the Rakshek Resort Basement only opens in Cloche's Route, which also leaves that dungeon as an exclusive to that route.



  • PuchiPuni Egg x2
  • PonPom Milk x2
  • 100 Leaf
  • Curel A
  • Curel A
  • PonPom Milk
  • 50 Leaf
  • Curel A
  • PuchiPuni Egg


Number of Random Encounters in This Area: 6


Resort Shop[]

Item Name Item Class Cost Stock Prerequisites
Geugo Material 42 Leaf 99 N/A
Light Feather Material 33 Leaf 99 N/A
Fleck Scanner Material 42 Leaf 99 N/A
Harmonizer Material 18 Leaf 99 N/A
Colored Twig Material 18 Leaf 99 N/A
Curel A Usable Item 50 Leaf 99 N/A
Tranquility Usable Item 150 Leaf 99 N/A
Replica Horn Usable Item 500 Leaf 99 N/A
Giga Milk Usable Item 500 Leaf 99 Added after giving back the Heart of the Land to Cloche/Luca at the end of Phase 2.
Healo B Usable Item 500 Leaf 99 Added after giving back the Heart of the Land to Cloche/Luca at the end of Phase 2.
Attractive Wear Accessory 1000 Leaf 99 N/A

Note: This shop opens right after choosing to protect Luca/Cloche at the Grand Bell Hall.


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Lin 5 None Roaming Nightmare x2
Nikki 9 After Phase 3 starts. Stationary Guardian, Golem
Pai Nai 9 After Phase 3 starts. Stationary Prototype
Lormil 3 None Stationary Wyrm x2
Tentuck 1 After the first IPD battle in Souffle Axis. Roaming None
Lymi 3 After the first battle with ??? in the Speech Plaza at Pastalia. Roaming Boxguard Lizard
Eyesee 3 After the first battle with ??? in the Speech Plaza at Pastalia. Roaming Demon
Nao 3 After the first battle with ??? in the Speech Plaza at Pastalia. Roaming None

Talk Topics[]

  • Resorts?
  • Imitation #2 (after clearing Jacqli's Lv. 3 Cosmosphere)
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