Radolf Schnaizen
RadolfSchnaizen Information
Unaltered NameRadolf Schneizen
Height6'0" / 184 cm
Weight165 lbs / 75 kg
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
English Voice Actor Vic Mignogna
Japanese Voice Actor Masakazu Handa
"There are more important things than the Goddesses' descent, right in front of us! "

Radolf is a Cardinal in the Church of El Elemia. Radolf believes that the Church should be for the people, which opposes the views of Bishop Falss, and has been the cause of numerous disputes between them. Unlike most of the others members in the Church, he supports the Reyvateils and does his best to keep them from being mistreated. He is a very serious man, but he also is very stubborn and will not take back the words that he says easily. He fights using a Grathnode-enhanced spear.

Radolf's Story

Origins and Life Before At1

He hails from Karulu Village, and has always admired the Goddesses of the Trio of Elemia, and the ideals for which the Church supposedly stood. When Radolf joined the Church, he was acknowledged for his skills with his spear, and because of them he became a Cardinal in just 5 years. Although he joined before Bishop Falss, Radolf rising in ranks ended at Cardinal, while Falss was promoted to Bishop because of his knowledge about the Trio of Elemia, and how to use powers that were thought exclusive of the Apostles of Elemia, such as Harmonics. After Aurica joined the Church, Radolf always looked out for her.

Radolf also used to have a partner Reyvateil called Fayma, but he was separated from her once he reached the Cardinal rank.

Story in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

He is first seen at the site where Lyner's airship crashed, telling his men to respect the Reyvateil, given that they had worked very hard during that day. In Nemo, after watching how Jack, Lyner, and Aurica defeated the ABRα robot, which was being controlled by viruses, he was very impressed with their skills. He speaks to them for a while, inviting Lyner to meet Bishop Falss, but upon seeing that Falss wouldn't be able to see them for the remainder of that day, he asked Aurica to lead them to the inn.

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Aurica's Path

After returning to Nemo from Platina, Radolf sees the turmoil that the storm caused by the fall of the Hexagonal Plate is causing. He berates Falss because he isn't paying any attention to the needs of the people, and them storms off, followed by Aurica and Lyner. Then, they decide to climb up to Silvaplate in search of a gate inside of the Tower that would make possible to walk from Nemo to Firefly Alley.

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After the Journey Ends

Once the communications between Platina and the Wings of Horus are reestablished, he becomes an ambassador to help with unification between the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds. Radolf also uses his newly acquired position of Bishop to restructure the Church, and focus its efforts into helping the people that need their services.

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Light Novel

During the events of the light novel, which happen a few days before the three heroines sing EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/., Radolf had to deal with several problems, the main one being the Reyvateils becoming berserk and trying to attack everything around them, as well as the infighting between the factions in which the Church was split after Falss was defeated.

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Ar tonelico 3 Drama CD After Story: side Saki

In here, Radolf comes as a representative of Sol Ciel to Sol Cluster, accompanied by Lyner and Fayma, in search of Goddess Tyria, who was said to live in this area. When he finally meets her, Tyria simply goes away while saying "Ciao~!", and Radolf, somewhat awkwardly, says goodbye to her in that same way.


Strike of Belief - Stabs a enemy with the spear. Normal attack from Lv. 1 to Lv. 2 Harmonics.

Honest Blow - Performs a downward slash with the spear on a enemy. Normal attack from Lv. 3 Harmonics onwards.

Spear of End - Knocks one enemy into the air to then slam it back into the ground. Causes medium physical damage and may paralyze the enemy. Learnt from the beginning. HP consumption per use: 10%

Eternal Rain - Stabs an enemy repeatedly with the spear, for a total of 12 hits, each causing weak physical damage. Learnt at Lv. 20. HP consumption per use: 20%

Divine Punishment - Jumps in the air to then impale an enemy with an electrically charged spear. Causes strong Thunder-elemental damage and may cause paralysis. Learnt at Lv. 40. HP consumption per use: 30%

Blessed Wind - Periodically restores Radolf's HP in battle, similarly to the Regen Grathnode Crystals. The amount restored increases along with Radolf's level. Learnt at Lv. 30.

Thunder Blade (Super Counter) - Creates a ball of electric energy at the tip of the spear, to then use it to release many electrical bolts on all the enemies. Causes Thunder-elemental damage and may cause paralysis.

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