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The closing Song for Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta's twelfth and final chapter.

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This is the most ambitious and large-scale Song Tenmon developed, and it's also the central piece of the Grand Phoenix Project they were implementing. It has two effects: creating a hyper-gravity well to completely destroy Ra Ciela and then compress its mass to convert it into energy, and the second one is teleporting the people residing in the Hymmnesphere to another inhabitable planet.

However, it must be noted that due to its scale and purpose, it has two requirements that must be fulfilled for it to be successful: the first one is possessing the Imperial Vocal Cords to be able to carry out the step of destroying Ra Ciela, and the second one is having the Oversight power in order to be able to determine accurately the coordinates in the infinity of the universe where the target planet is located.[1]

Strictly speaking, this Song manipulates two different energy lines to carry out its effects: the first one makes the Spherial Rings around the planet spin in order to create the hyper-gravity well, transforming Ra Ciela into the energy body known as the Micro Quasar and allowing Ion to use it. However, since that tremendous amount of energy would kill Ion off if it were allowed to reach her body, the Hymmnesphere absorbs and releases it in her stead, using the capabilities of the Cielnotron Server (Nero) to create a spatial distortion within the Spherial Rings by making use of that energy.

As for the second energy line, it is used to determine the coordinates to the target planet from Ion's Song, and use the spatial distortion to open up a connection (wormhole or quantum window) to the space they define. However, while it seems that the Song summons the target planet to the area inside the Rings, that isn't the case: the Hymmnesphere merely grabs data from the planet and projects it in front of the Rings in a way akin to a holographic screen to conserve energy, as the quantum window that will allow the people to teleport to the new planet can't be kept open all the time due to its large energy consumption. With this, the window will open only whenever someone goes to the planet or returns from it, with the entirety of the planned energy consumption being when the people finally descend from the Hymmnesphere to the new planet.

Thanks to this arrangement, the Micro Quasar will have 30 days worth of energy in it, which allows to delay the migration for enough time to ascertain if the new planet is safe enough for the people. And if that weren't the case, it would be possible to cut off the connection to these coordinates and attempt to find another planet that could be colonized, the max of possible attempts for this being three times.[2]

Ion Sang this Song in order to attempt to save the people, and while she greatly regretted and suffered from it, knowing that they had to abandon Ra Ciela to its fate, and that several people and Genom were left behind to die with the planet due to it, Ra Ciela's Wills of the Planet still gave her Their blessing for her to go ahead with this plan, and wished her the best in the future as they prayed for her to save Their children. After Ion started Singing, Ra Ciela broke apart and got is mass converted into the Micro Quasar, which she then used to open the quantum window to the new planet that would serve as their home, and to the unknown future that awaited them...


  EXmY[ve-le]->{hymli f iz};
  EX[cetal]->{glay-d hymm};
To respond to the prayers of the people,
I'll challenge the grand Song.

遥か彼方 那由多の海を
子等は目指し 次元(ソラ)を繋ぐ
haruka kanata nayuta no umi wo
kora wa mezashi sora wo tsunagu
Crossing beyond the faraway, distant sea of myriads,
The children connect to the sky they aim for.

星を喰らいて 羽ばたく罪を
心に刻みて 誓いを叫ぶ
hoshi wo kuraite habataku tsumi wo
kokoro ni kizamite chikai wo sakebu
Devouring this planet and flying off covered in sins,
We scream the vow we'll engrave in our hearts

割れる大地は 赤く 深く
滅びの時は 訪れる
wareru daichi wa akaku fukaku
horobi no toki wa otozureru
The deep-crimson land splits asunder
The time of destruction comes.

それでも 許し 与う 惑星(ホシ)へ
報いるために 生きてゆこう
soredemo yurushi atau hoshi e
mukuiru tame ni ikiteyukou
But to repay the Planet that gave us Her
Forgiveness, we'll continue living on.

I shall initiate the Ra Ciel Fuser.

空を彩り渡る 虹のように
希望の輝きを 人々に届たいから
sora wo irodoriwataru niji no youni
kibou no kagayaki wo hitobito ni todoketai kara
Because I want the shine of hope
Like a rainbow coloring the entire sky, to reach the people!

謳えや! 燃やせや! 命捧げや!
生々世々(ショウジョウセゼ)の路(ジ)を 皆灯し紡げ!
utae ya! moyase ya! inochi sasage ya!
shoujou seze no ji o mina tomoshi tsumuge!
Sing! Burn! Let us offer our lives!
Let us all light up and craft the eternal road!

森羅の波 愛を協で募れ
生く焔を 爆ぜ開闢(ヒラ)く 詩の奇跡を
shinra no ha ai wo kanade tsunore
iku honoo wo haze hiraku uta no kiseki wo
The waves of creation surge along with love
The miracle of Songs bursts open a new beginning for the flames of life.

終(ツイ)の寄す処(ガ) 夢見た鳥を
蒼の森よ 迎え入れて
tsui no yosuga yumemita tori wo
ao no mori yo mukaeirete
Oh green forest, welcome in
The bird that dreamed about being close to the end

願う楽土は 未だ遠く
憂いは今も こだまする
negau rakudo wa imada tooku
urei wa ima mo kodamasuru
The paradise we wish for is still so far away
And the sorrow continues echoing even now

けれど絡まる 呪縛をとき
永久(トワ)の未来を 探そう
keredo karamaru jubaku wo toki
towa no mirai wo sagasou
But we'll rescind the curse that binds us
and search for an eternal future

wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;

wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;
Space, time, possibilities, collectivity, multiverse
The waves that cross over every world will save this one

謳えや! 燃やせや! 命捧げや!
生々世々(ショウジョウセゼ)の路(ジ)を 皆灯し紡げ!
utae ya! moyase ya! inochi sasage ya!
shoujou seze no ji o mina tomoshi tsumuge!
Sing! Burn! Let us offer our lives!
Let us all light up and craft the eternal road!

励寿(レイジュ)の波 門出の華 開く
幾千もの 魂(タマ)の聲 胸に刻みて
reiju no ha kadode no hana hiraku
ikusen mono tama no koe mune ni kizamite
The waves of encouragement make the flower leaving its home bloom.
I'll engrave in my heart the voices of these thousands of souls!

Spoilers end here.


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