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RAKA is the second major album released by Akiko Shikata, one of the main composers and singers for the Ar tonelico series. The name means "Full Moon" in Sanskrit, and its the main theme under which the album was made, crystallized by its titular song, "Luna Piena" ("Full Moon" in Italian). This album also holds particular significance to the fans of the Ar tonelico series due to having as its final track a remix of the opening theme to the first game, Singing Hill - Harmonics EOLIA -. Said track is called Singing Hill - EXEC_HARVESTASYA/. -, and also was the first of the remixes for the Ar tonelico opening themes, including an story in its lyrics that pertains directly to the games' world, Ar Ciel, in very ancient themes, even before Sol Ciel had built the First Tower.


Track Number Song Title Length
1 Pulse of the Earth 1:24
2 Annular Eclipse 4:24
3 Revealing of Spring -Raggi di Primavera- 3:34
4 Ideal Land 5:25
5 The Pale Blue Forest 4:23
6 Daybreak -Aurora- 4:30
7 Prayer -Monlam- 3:45
8 Luna Piena 4:39
9 Ephemeral Flowers 3:56
10 Under an Oversunny Sky 3:50
11 AVE MARIA 4:51
12 Singing Hill -EXEC_HARVESTASYA/. 4:51