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This Song serves as the climax for the third chapter of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

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Unlike previous Songs, this one isn't Sung with the help of a Genom: rather, it is Sung through a Tron device. Its effects are manipulating the main stage of the Planetary Maison Colony: the Maison Hall, and controlling its illumination, special effects and such other devices in a way that they help the Singer to better convey her feelings.

Ion initially was going to Sing this Song through a Cielnotron under the alias Noi, but when it was demonstrated that for some reason she was unable to convey her feelings to the AI that controls the Cielnotrons, REON and thus caused the Song to fail when it was initially tested, a hacker friend of hers, Shirotaka advised using an older model called the G2Tron, and he and an online friend he had called Noer helped by programming this Song for her to use. Thanks to it, Ion was capable of demonstrating to the people and to Kanon that she was being serious about the Trials and about being the Princess for the Tenmon faction, all because she really wanted to save Ra Ciela and all the people living on it.[1][2]

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EX[viez]->{jamb f kinfs};
EX[put]->{granm f pe}->{hyret f zaf};
Taking a step forward with my cowering feet
gives a droplet of courage to my thirsty throat.

    cls(pinspal de hyma yez wean} {
       EX[ste]->{koh pins};
I've decided to stand right here,
and turn these feelings I'm creating into a signpost.

    EX[swel]->{EX[vibra]->{syec memu};};
    EX[farr]->{giran pu}->{fullu};
As if I were to heal the withered sea of trees,
as if I were to sow golden seeds in a wasteland.

  EX[pot]->{hymel} am {hymeli}
    ->{syec hymi}
    ->{nx-que-hyma yez vebe};
I want to convey these feelings I've begun raising, which don't even have a name,
letting them ride my voice, letting them ride my song, into the depths of my heart.

  Cls(wei f ih) {
  Cls(ih) {
    EX[put]<-{fil iz f ihis};
My road will continue endlessly,
but everyone I meet will give me strength.

誰かを助ける 力となるならば 歌おう
moshimo kono omoi ga
dareka wo tasukeru chikara to naru naraba utaou
If these feelings
will turn into power to save someone, I'll sing.

Cls(waln f hyma) {
EXiV[vail]->{goor poow}->{fullu};
Oh, fly through the universe, wings of feelings,
and with all this gathered power, sweep away the gloom from this planet.

  {ein te hyme};
Alongside the bonds,


oh, my precious

kono omoi wo

全てのいのちへと 伝えたい
subete no inochi e to tsutaetai
This is what I want to convey to every life.

空をゆく 白い鳥も 土に咲く 赤い花も
寄り添い 支えあう 明日を願い 謳おう
sora wo yuku shiroi tori mo tsuchi ni saku akai hana mo
yorisoi sasaeau asu wo negai utaou
Even to the white birds flying to the sky, even to the red flowers blooming in the ground,
I will sing wishing for a tomorrow in which we can all be together, supporting each other.

届けや 世界のはてまでも
響けや 祈りの音色よ
小さな 力も重なれば
いつかは 希望の未来(あした)が芽吹くから
todokeya sekai no hate made mo
hibikeya inori no neiro yo
chiisana chikara mo kasanareba
itsuka wa kibou no ashita ga mebuku kara
Oh, reach even the ends of this world!
Oh, resound, tones of prayer!
Because even if small amounts of power join together,
someday they will sprout into a hopeful tomorrow.

Cls(poow f ih) {
     ExEI[]->{vas ic-p};
flip {
     Cls(ih) {
       EX[ec]->{max-b}->{ec-bl f ih};
     Cls(KANON) {
       EX[ec]->{max-b}->{ec-bl f KANON};
けれども 私は私に出来る精一杯を
I might not have much power by myself,
however I'll put all my efforts into whatever I can do,
like how Kanon puts all her efforts into whatever she can do.

     EX[purr]->{max-b}->{hym-eli ih-iz}->{iz};
And if everyone puts all their efforts
into helping those they love,
someday we all we'll be able to become happy.
That's what I believe in.

届けや 嘆きのその夜に
燈せや 名も無き想いを
微かな 光も連なれば
夜空へ 輝く星座になれるから
todokeya nageki no sono yoru ni
tomoseya namonaki omoi wo
kasukana hikari mo tsuranareba
yozora e kagayaku seiza ni nareru kara
Oh, reach these nights of grief!
Oh, illuminate the nameless feelings!
Because even if a faint light stretches out
to the night sky, it'll surely become a shining constellation.

Spoilers end here.


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