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The climax Song for the seventh chapter of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

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It was originally created and programmed by Professor Clacket Palmium as part of the research on other dimensions he conducted at the Genomirai Research Institute. The function of this Song is executing a Seventh Axis Shift (movement between worlds/dimensions), but since it requires an absurd amount of energy to be used, the Professor also developed the Center of Power that provides the power for it through the creation of a miniature Quasar (or miniature black hole) by absorbing the matter in the area around it and converting it into energy.

Zillillium Rimonite was the Singer for this Song because it was the only method she had at the moment of sending REON's true form: Nero, back to her dimension. Nero wanted desperately to go back to her home world, and this was why she struck a deal with Zill: if Zill sent her back, she would relinquish her current body to Zill's lover Undu, who was inhabiting as a parasitic Genom inside Nero's vessel ever since he lost his own body in a disaster called the Genomirai Pandemic several decades ago. Given that the energy required for the execution of this Song could end up destroying the body of the Singer, Zill administered to herself several shots of two medicines: one that made possible for her cells to have an instant regeneration capability, and another that would expand her spiritual broadband to allow her to use Songs far more powerful than what she could handle. This would do nothing about the indescribable pain she would feel while the energy surged through her body though.

Ion was in disagreement with this plan due to how Nero modified the world to make it so that she would be sent ahead, and because as Clacket himself said before Nero's changes made him and Sarly agree with the plan of sending her first, sending Nero first was a terrible idea: given that Nero's consciousness served as the Cielnotron Server that allowed all the Cielnotrons in Ra Ciela to work, if she was sent back, all these devices would stop functioning at once, and given that the people had become so reliant on them, this would cause a global-scale pandemonium. Ion tried her best to stop them from sending Nero back, but in the end it was for naught as Nero was sent back to her dimension.[1][2]

Zill later on (or better said, in another possibility of that same world) Sang this Song again during Ciel nosurge's eleventh chapter in order to operate the Tron Revelt needed to send his chosen ones to another planet along with himself while sacrificing Ra Ciela and its people. However, there is suspicion about this being a mere recycling of resources on Gust's part, as the lyrics of this Song don't really align with the situation portrayed there.


今 旋律(しらべ)に織り 解き放つ
神の業火(ほのお)が 身を灼くとも
mitama ni oishi inori wo
ima shirabe ni ori tokihanatsu
kami no honoo ga mi wo yaku tomo
The vivid prayers I offer to the souls
Will be woven and released right now into this melody,
Even if the hellfire of the gods burns away my body.


 Cls(ciol f ih) {
  EX[lid]->{Ciel & gal & wei & fyuf & quo & memu};

My world will regain its blue skies, lands, light, water, wind and greenness.

 Cls(hymi f ih) {
  EX[lid]->{hym-eli & fil f pe} am {dia f ih};

My soul will recover our one feeling, our one everything, and our one Lord.

白き指に掲げよ 我が魂(たま)の剣を
shiroki yubi ni kakage yo waga tama no tsurugi wo
Oh, with these white fingers, raise the sword of my soul!

 Cls(ih) {
  EX[pam]->{hymi f ih syec & fil};

I pledge so, putting my entire soul on the line.

降(くだ)り来たれや 神が軍勢(みくさ)
鳴り渡れ 笛の音(こえ)
降りて注げや 千万(ちよろず)の矢
kudari kitareya kami ga mikusa
nariwatare fue no koe
furitesosogeya chiyorozu no ya
kami ga togameyou tomo
sekai wo hai no ya ni kaetemo
Come and descend now, divine vessel,
Resound far and wide, voices of the flutes.
Rain and downpour, myriads of arrows,
Even if the Gods will challenge us,
Even if the world is reduced to an ashen wasteland!

 Cls(ih) {
  EX[purr]->EX[cez]->{dia & ic-b f ih};

I'll save you, my precious one.


捧げや この歌を
捧げや 無二(ふたつな)き祈りを
sasage ya kono uta wo
sasage ya futatsunaki inori wo
Now, offer this song!
Now, offer this peerless prayer!

  EX[lop]->{syec f nog}<-{nx weak falar};
} ee {

} => {
  EXaD[ruri]->{nog} ee {wilite & ic-p ih-p};
If the Lord has no form or shadow,
The nights will be an eternal moonless abyss,
And I'll be like a lost child in the darkness.

QuelI -> {
 EXiV[najala]->{fil nog n falar}->EXeC->{HW};
Even so, go away, darkness.

 Cls(hymi f ih){
 EX[ch]->{crem fyra}<-{

 EX[resel]->{lopa gsh}

} am {
 Cls(rala f ih){

Change the inner ember of my soul into a flame that will pierce the heavens,
Launch, launch countless embers and destroy everything, so above the ruins
The dearest wish of my soul will be realized,
Transforming even this burning wasteland into a paradise!


捧げや 想い詩…
sasage ya omoi uta...
Now, offer the Song of my feelings...

Spoilers end here.


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