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The Oversight (俯瞰視点, Fukanshiten?, lit. "Overlooking Viewpoint") is the ability to observe any space within the Seven Dimensions, such as the tridimensional one, outside of it, thus gaining perfect and total understanding of everything that exists within it. This also allows the user to gain any sort of information they wish for, though with a flawed understanding because they have never actually experienced what said information entails.


The largest requirement to use Oversight is having crossed through a dimension one level or above over the one that the user wishes to observe. To give an example, people that live in the tridimensional world can grasp in just a glance the bidimensional space, which would in practical terms allow them to easily lead 2D people who are lost in a maze to its exit. Therefore, the higher the dimension a being comes from, the more powerful and more far-reaching their Oversight will be.

Considerations About the Oversight Users[]

In practical terms, normal humans are 2 Different Dimension/3 Dimension Hymmers (2DD/3DH), which means they are tridimensional people and exist outside the Second Dimension from EXA_PICO's Universe viewpoint. In other words, they have the capability of Overseeing space up to the Second Dimension and can also move between different bidimensional planes, feat that would be impossible for people existing in the Second Dimension.

On the other hand, if we apply this to Ionasal.kll.Preciel and Nero, who have an Oversight ability extending up to the Sixth Dimension, they would be 6DD/3DH, meaning they are tridimensional people existing outside the Sixth Dimension. This also means they have the capability of Overseeing not only the First and Second Dimensions, but also all the dimensional planes up to the Sixth Dimension.

So in summary, Oversight users can pry into all the dimensions up to one level below the one they reside in, but they are unable to see anything from the ones that are in the same level as where they live or above.

What Can Be Observed Through Oversight?[]

The following table compiles in a summarized manner what an Oversight user capable of Overseeing up to the Sixth Dimension would be able to observe:

Overseeing the Third Dimension Solve a tridimensional maze in a similar way to seeing a flat surface (seeing through a specific point, zooming into it, overseeing space itself.)
Overseeing the Fourth Dimension See everything from the past to the future similarly to a timeline for the entirety of time or history that extends consecutively above a flat surface or space.
Overseeing the Fifth Dimension Capability for seeing at once all the possibilities that happened in the past or will happen in the future in each instant of time.
Overseeing the Sixth Dimension Capability for seeing at once all the possibilities that happened in the past or will happen in the future across the entire universe.

Limits of Oversight[]

Aside of what was explained previously about Oversight use being limited to the dimensions up to one below the user's home dimensional plane, it must also be mentioned that exceptional beings like Ionasal and Nero are incapable of using the higher levels of their Oversight naturally, thus having only access to the same degree as a normal person.

This is because their soul's level acts as a restraint that impedes them from seeing all the dimensional planes that are at the same height as the Third Dimension or higher. Similarly, Oversight users are precluded from seeing very far regardless of which dimensional plane they are looking into due to physical distances, so the farther their objective is, the more impossible they will find to observe it. However, they can circumvent these limits and gain full access to their Oversight power by doing the following:

Increasing the DNA Chain Number through a Synchronization[]

Humans are naturally endowed with just two DNA Chains despite having a maximum capacity for twelve of them, which accounts partially for their inability to see anything higher than the Third Dimension. However, this number can be increased in a virtual and temporary manner through Synchronizing with a Genom or Cielnotron, which would allow Ionasal and Nero to gain the same status as a Fourth-Dimensional and higher, unlocking their potential to Oversee space, time and possibilities. However, this method has the demerit that it doesn't allow to see very far, so even if they can get up to the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions, they wouldn't be able to see much in them.

Expanding the Qualia through a Synchronization[]

The other method is Chaining with the hosts of other Genoms or Cielnotrons once a Synchronization with one has been established. The Chains have the quality of sharing the power of feelings and Symphonic Power of the people involved in them, but they also allow to increase the perception range of the ones participating in it due to creating a single enormous virtual lifeform. In practical terms, this serves as a pseudo-expansion of the Qualia for Ionasal and Nero, allowing them to see farther, and thus gives their Oversight a greater degree of freedom and power. In fact, the range of expansion could reach astronomical levels if they Chain with beings of a greater order than the humans, such as the Wills of the Planet, or the Will of EXA_PICO itself.

Other Limitations[]

While Oversight can be used to move the world in a direction the user desires, this is exceedingly difficult: Overseeing the present world to locate information about events that are taking place currently is an easy task, but doing so for the past becomes more difficult the more the user heads back, and trying to find the exact sequence of events that leads to a possible future the user wishes to reach is near impossible due to the infinite number of variables that would have to be aligned for that to happen, all of which change with every passing instant, making it even more and more difficult to see. And even though an Oversight user can force such an outcome to happen through an Axis Shift, doing so is extremely dangerous and would require enormous amounts of energy for it to be possible.

For example: using a Sixth Axis Shift to change the mentality of all people in Ra Ciela during the era Ciel nosurge is set in so they would share the same opinion about a particular topic, would require such astronomical energy amounts that not even multiple planets' worth of mass would be enough to cover it.[1]

Additionally, learning to use the ability itself is a difficult endeavor and requires a long time of practice just to start understanding it.

Usage of the Oversight[]

Using Oversight on the same dimension one resides in and lower is done naturally in the act known as seeing and hearing, and thus it requires no special preparations.

However, observing dimensions any higher than the one that serves as one's plane of residence is impossible in this manner due to the body serving as shackles that prevent the Oversight user from seeing anything. Therefore, using the methods described above to circumvent Qualia and DNA Chain limits are useless due to the five senses in the body dampening the user's Oversight ability.

This can be remedied though through methods used to release the soul from the body: in Ra Ciela, such methods are singing a Song, sleeping, carrying out a Genometrics Dive and meditating. By themselves, these methods only allow to see the world through the mind's eye, but on an Oversight user, they also allow them to release themselves from the limits of the Third Dimension.[2]

This is exactly the reason why Ionasal and Nero are never observed to actually use the Oversight in an awake state in Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta and Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

Relationship with Interdimend[]

All machines or living beings that have gotten Interdimend installed into them are capable of using Oversight. Unlike a natural Oversight user though, this is not done through their own abilities, but actually because the player controlling them has access to observe and move through the first five dimensions in the same way a true Oversight user would.

However, they cannot do this to move through the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions due to the natural limits Interdimend has on itself. For more details, please read the Interdimend article.


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