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The Moon Culvert (ムーンカルバート, muun karubaato?) is one of the lower areas of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico, located far below Pastalia. It consists of several walkways and lifts placed above a large hole, whose purpose seems to be unknown. There are several rumors of this place being the location of a hidden treasure, but very few people have actually come in search for it.


Prior to the Ar tonelico II Events[]

The Moon Culvert is in fact one of the multiple redesigns the Second Tower suffered when the AHPP abandoned their support for Tyria and the Third Tower of Ar tonelico project. This hole was made as an alternative shooting point for the XP Shell, and Frelia would perform the tasks that Tyria was supposed to carry out. However, due to the Grathnode Inferia, these plans were never realized, and the Moon Culvert stayed as a great hole because there was no time to add the mechanisms and rails that would be used for the shooting of the Shell.

Several years later, Infel, having discovered that it wouldn't be possible to bring back Nenesha to life after some time researching the Heart of the Land into which her soul was sublimated after their combined Metafalica failed and Raki killed her, decided to store the Heart in this place to keep it away from curious eyes until the day in which Hibernation would be executed. However, the information was somehow leaked, but got twisted in the process, making everyone think it was some kind of rare jewel or incredible treasure.

Some years prior to the game, Leglius Branchesca's daughter, Alicia, went to this place enticed by the rumors of the treasure. Leglius and his wife came after her, knowing the Moon Culvert was a very dangerous place. However, after they had found Alicia, they ran into a berserk IPD, who killed both Alicia and Leglius' wife. This event left a great scar on his heart, which made him continue following blindly the orders his boss, Alfman, issued him.

Current Events[]

(coming later on...)


The Moon Culvert has all the conditions to be a very annoying dungeon: several floors interconnected by lift, a high encounter rate and several treasure chests hidden in an optional path which the player may end skipping by accident if they just rush to the exit. However, the encounter number is thankfully low, although the enemies have gotten stronger once again. Therefore, it's advisable to be careful in battle, as the first time coming here starts a gauntlet of sorts through two other dungeons.

Additionally, it isn't really possible to completely explore the area on the first or second visits, as the first time around the lifts leading to the lowermost level aren't operational, while the final room kicks the player out of the Culvert upon defeating the boss here due to story reasons, so it will be necessary to visit it at least three times in order to find everything this area hides. Similarly, the enemy rosters change after Phase 3 has finished, so the second visit will have much stronger foes awaiting the player.




During Phase 3[]

Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 7

During Phase 4[]

Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 7



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Rose 4 None. Fixed Choco Pom
Lino 4 After Phase 5 begins Fixed Blade Master
Petunia 5 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Bio Planet x2
Shurei 9 After Phase 5 begins. Roaming Heaven Drake
Nonoka 7 After Phase 5 begins. Roaming Type 88

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