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The Moebius Factory (刻の輪製作所, toki no wa seisakusho?, lit. "Tokinowa Factory") is a large industrial complex located in the city of Ciela Gate. They have been a major partner of the Archia Think Tank during several centuries, and have recently developed several important technological breakthroughs, such as the Industrial Power Absorption Disc and the DFP. They also serve as the major power provider for both the Archia Corporarchy and the entirety of the Great Fang.



The Moebius Factory is as old as Ciela Gate itself, as it was founded at the same time as the city. They were initially an small power company, but after the Archia Think Tank tasked them with the construction of a power source independent from the Reyvateils, called at the time the Great Symphonic Power Disc, they became suddenly very successful, and branched out in developing all sorts of technologies.

Several years later, they finally managed to complete the project, and from it, they managed to establish a solid and fast power network throughout the Great Fang, thanks to the discovery of the liquefied Grathnode and its enhanced energy conductivity. This allowed the factory and all of the cities in the Great Fang to attain a high level of prosperity. However, this didn't last long: the Factory programmed the Great Symphonic Power Disc to increase its energy absorption levels steadily with the passage of time, until year 3700 AD came, and the increase in the energy absorption level rose to the point in which it triggered an Antibody eruption. This caused Clustania to invade Ciela Gate and order the Factory to halt all of their activities, or receive Cleansing otherwise. Thankfully, like in several past ocassions, the Archia Think Tank stepped in to protect both the city and the Factory, sparing them from further disasters.

Several decades later, the Archia Think Tank had divided into two factions thanks to the discovery of the Hymn Crystal Cosmoflips at the Tower of Origin, and because of the research the Think Tank's researchers managed to perform in the Rinkernator. These two factions were called the Ancient Faction and the Neo Atlas Faction. The Ancient Faction sought to revive the long-forgotten Planet Regeneration Project, for which they would need large amounts of Symphonic Power, and this was why its members began establishing good relationships with the Moebius Factory: at the time, they had begun developing a device that could emit a large pulse of D-Waves (concentrated Symphonic Power) called the DFP, and the Ancient members event took their time to help the factory workers with its creation whenever they weren't busy performing research on the Planet Regeneration Project.

These relationships continued even after Raphael assumed the position of Chairman at the Think Tank and essentially expelled all the members of the Ancient Faction from it. The first members of said faction to quit working at the Think Tank were Aoto's parents, Subaru and Juju, who then changed their names to Leo and Linnelle, and began working in the Moebius Factory. The factory chief heard their reasons for leaving Archia, and agreeing with their sentiments, he allowed them to work at the place. This was also helped because Raphael also cut-off all the relationships between the Factory and the Think Tank after centuries working together, which was all the more the reason for him to help the members of the Ancient Faction.

This wouldn't last much time, however. After Saki was born in the Think Tank and Kiraha took her away, Raphael believed he would most likely hide in the Moebius Factory, and conducted several terrorist attacks against the factory in order to draw him out, which ended killing several of the employees who worked there, Aoto's parents included.

Current Events[]

After getting word on Saki being kidnapped by the Clustanians and taken away to this place, Aoto and his friends infiltrated into Ciela Gate, which was under martial law at that moment, to then use a secret entrance located in the city's walls to reach the inside of the factory. Once there, they saw some Clustanian soldiers trying to force Katene to come out from the room in which he was hiding, prompting Aoto and the others to run to his rescue after Aoto's loud voice alerted the soldiers to their presence.

After they dispatched the Clustanian soldiers, Katene recognized Hikari Gojo's voice, and opened the door to greet him. Aoto explained that they had come to save a Reyvateil that was brought to this place, and Katene offered to guide them to her. However, the room was guarded by some Clustanian soldiers, which didn't give them other option than to break through. After they got rid of them, they found Saki sleeping on a bed inside. Hikari Gojo guessed she must have been put to sleep with a tranquilizer, and used an antidote to get her to wake up. She regained consciousness, and thanked Aoto for coming to her rescue, telling him she always believed he would come for her. Katene told them they should leave the place as soon as possible, but unfortunately, their cover was blown when they got outside the room, as a alarm began sounding throughout the place, which made them run in search of a safe place. After dispatching some Clustanian soldiers, they finally found a place to hide: a storage room. Inside that place, Katene explained the party about the DFP, and how it could be the only way they would have to liberate Ciela Gate from the Clustanians. He then asked Saki to Download the Hymn for activating the DFP, EXEC_EP=NOVA/., into herself. Aoto initially had his doubts about this, but after listening to Saki's willingness to help, he decided to let her do it, and witnessed the Download Ceremony conducted between her and Katene. He then installed a silencer patch on Saki so the DFP wouldn't cause any harm to her. However, as soon as they finished the Download, they were attacked by a few machines that felt the changes in Saki's wave activity, and they had to fend them off. However, more of them appeared when the party destroyed the first ones, so they could only keep on advancing.

Upon reaching the chamber where the Industrial Power Absorption Disc was located, Aoto was left shocked at the size of the device, and Katene took the opportunity to explain to them this was the facility in which the Moebius Factory took the highest pride, as it was the best Symphonic Power-absorbing facility in the modern world. He then mentioned it wasn't still in the same league as the ture most powerful absorber in history, Moocheriel, but before he could continue, Hikari Gojo told him to stop and remember that they were being chased. They then climbed the stairs that were located in front of the Disc, and at the end, they found the DFP. Finnel mentioned how uneasy this made her, but when Saki was about to begin singing, Mute appeared, desiring revenge for all the humiliation the party had caused her. Still, she couldn't do anything, and Saki began singing EP Nova, much to the shock and dismay of everyone present due to how her idea of the song ended out to be. Mute took the song as an insult, and attacked the party, prompting Katene to ask the party to protect Saki until the DFP was ready to be fired.

After Mute's defeat, Katene told the party that the DFP was ready to be fired, and to brace themselves for the wave pulse. At that time, Akane arrived on the scene, but was unable to do anything beside standing in shock in front of the device as it fired its large stream of Symphonic Power, which left incapacitated all of the Reyvateils that weren't protected from it, and made all of the Clustanian airships around the city fall into the Sea of Death.

Akane didn't suffer any effects from it because her pet Kukuro protected her. However, this led to a cold and bitter reunion between her and Finnel. Akane couldn't believe that Finnel was fighting on the enemy's side, and told her to reconsider her decisions, as she wouldn't hesitate to kill her if they encountered each other again. A Reyvateil then rushed in the scene, telling Akane that "Her Divinity" had judged the damage they received was too severed, and had ordered them to withdraw from Ciela Gate immediately. Akane complied, and told her forces to do as she said. After this, the party took the lift back to the lobby of the factory. Once left alone, Katene remarked that the DFP worked jusr as he had expected, but also that there still was a long way to go before he could complete his research. At that moment, Mute woke up from her unconsciousness, and after briefly recognizing Katene, she ran away in embarrassment.

In the lobby, the party was greeted by Archian soldiers, who supposedly were seeking to claim credit for the liberation of the city from the Clustanians. Gengai appeared at that moment to the surprise of everyone, telling them they were about to break open the city's gates, but then the DFP had activated, and he came to see by himself what had happened. Katene then came asked them if they had seen Mute coming around the place, to which Aoto replied they hadn't. Gengai and Katene then introduced each other, but before they could continue talking, Hikari Gojo advised them to leave the place before the Archians began suspecting of them. However, they were awkwardly introduced that moment to Richaryosha, the second-in-command of the Archia Think Tank, who was madly in love with Hikari Gojo. However, she still recognized the party's efforts in saving the city, and offered them a lift to the Archia Corporarchy, located in the lower zones of the Third Tower. As Aoto's main objective was taking Saki back to Ogai, which was located in the city of Archia, he accepted her offer.


This is the largest dungeon found at this point in the game, even longer than the Old Eternus Galleries. However, despite its sheer length, it's pretty straightforward, and it shouldn't be much problem to reach its end. Also make sure to explore carefully, as the third and final normal skills for your vanguards can be found here. This place also has the characteristic of having some of the best monsters for training among its Phase 4 encounters, although they are extremely rare, and may require a lot of battling before being even encountered.



Number of Treasure Chests in this Area: 17


Number of Random Battles in this Area: 10

Encounter Probability: High


Talk Topics[]

  • Do You Understand? (in front of the Industrial Power Absorption Disc)
  • I Want to Use It (in the DFP's room)
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