Misha Arsellec Lune

YoungmishaMisha in her child form.

Misha Original poseMisha in her true form.

At2mishaMisha as she appears in Ar tonelico II.

Unaltered NameMisya Artcerc Lyune
RacePureblooded β Type Reyvateil
Height5'5" (164 cm)
Weight106 lbs. (48 kg)
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
SingerAkiko Shikata
English Voice ActorKaren Strassman
Japanese Voice ActorSakura Nogawa

Misha is a Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil, one of the main heroines in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, and is also known to the Teru Tribe as the Star Singer. Since she has a pure bloodline, she is able to cast more powerful spells than regular Reyvateils. Her main purpose in life is to sing the Song Chronicle Key to seal Mir away. She and Lyner are childhood friends in Platina, although he does not remember her at first when they meet in Tenba. She is also a good cook. Dispassionate, composed, and sometimes childish, Misha is quite bold and does not hesistate to make move on Lyner. She suffers from acrophobia, and is also quite a klutz. It is worth noting that despite being older than Aurica, Misha is trapped in her 12-year-old body until she recovered the Chronicle Key. In the game, Misha's specialties are thunder and ice magic. Her Mind Guardian is Hama, a spirit that came from the ocarina that Lyner made for Misha before she left to sing the Chronicle Key.


Misha's Mind Guardian, Hama

Misha's Hymns and Costumes


EXEC_PURGER/.#Misha extracting - Disconnects and interrupts a program or song executed in the Tower by cutting off the energy flow to it.

EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/. - Activates the sealing functions of the Crescent Chronicle, sending Mir's mind to sleep so her Shadow virus can't cause problems.

EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. - Calms down the hearts of all the listeners, and allows them to sympathize with the feelings of the singer more easily.

EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. (together with Aurica and Shurelia) - Makes peace between all the living beings in Sol Ciel, though it is more like a prayer for peace.


Child Form

Standard (Default)

Magical Shower (Received after clearing the Lv. 3 Cosmosphere)

Sheep Sweets (Received after clearing the Lv. 4 Cosmosphere)

Elfir (Received after clearing the Lv. E Cosmosphere)

Adult Form

Standard (Default)

Sailor Girl (Received after clearing the Lv. 5 Cosmosphere)

Y (Received after clearing the Lv. 6 Cosmosphere)

SHINOBI (Received after clearing the Lv. 7 Cosmosphere)

KASHA (Received after clearing the Lv. 8 Cosmosphere)

White Kimono (Received after clearing the Lv. 9 Cosmosphere)

China Dress (Received after recovering Misha's Song)

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