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An improved version of the MYU robot fought during the Battle of Fate, this is the last boss players will fight in the True End routes prior to the final battle, and it's appropriately as tough as it would seem from that fact alone: its stats beat the ones of its original version by far, and to make matters worse, it has the best properties of the pre-Mode Shift and post-Mode Shift MYU without any of its weaknesses. In other words, it has a monstrous resistance to both Song Magic and physical attacks, as well as high resistance to all elements excepting Wind, so if they are playing in Hard, most likely using the Ultra Supermoves for all the Vanguards and a high-charged Flipsphere won't be enough to destroy it, and they will have to repeat the procedure multiple times to finally kill it off.

Likewise, it hits very hard and can inflict all stat ailments upon hitting any of the characters, not to mention all of its attacks have quite a wide range, so the best players can do to rack up Beat Ups and do some damage while they execute the Purges and wait until the Burst Gauge has charged enough is getting behind it. That way, most of its attacks won't hit them, although they must watch out for whenever it turns around. And like its predecessor, its Ar tonelico Ver. 1 Stored Attack will utterly wreck the party if they don't keep their HP up, so they must be careful with it, although if they want to try interrupting it, they should bring a large stock of Wind-elemental attack items, particularly Stormbringer Buttons, and that should make the task much easier even in the higher difficulties.

Finally, this time around players won't have to worry about a time limit, so they can just focus on keeping themselves alive while they attempt to destroy it.

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