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A Song heard during Phase 3 in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

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This Song was designed by the same people who created Infel Phira, the People of Mio[1], and it serves as a backup restore for the server that restores all of the data its Memory has stored after it has suffered any kind of damage. This also restores the previous status of the SH_RAM, which undoes any damage that might have befallen on the Cosmospheres of the Reyvateils, or any part of them (Tower of Life, Boundary Gate, etc.) This is done through special backup data banks that Infel Phira has inside itself made expressly for this purpose. However, this Song loses its purpose after Metafalica has been created, as the backup data banks are deleted to make space for the land.[2][3] Additionally, while it might seem that this Song was designed to be a counter to EXEC_HIBERNATION/., that isn't the case: it is just a general purpose Song made to rollback Infel Phira to a fully operative state software-wise after data anomalies have arisen in it, which means it also was created before Hibernation had even been planned. Similarly, it can't do anything about the problems that are caused due to Infel Phira's physical damage, like it's the case for the IPD Outbreaks.[4]

Cloche sang this Song shortly after Infel Phira was almost completely reformatted due to Hibernation, in part to accomplish her role as Maiden of Mio, and in part because she greatly regretted the treatment the Grand Bell had given to the IPDs so far, with her being unable to do anything about it. This almost took her life due to her extremely weakened state, but fortunately she managed to carry out the execution of Implanta successfully and restored consciousness to the IPDs, as well as recovering herself. And as mentioned above, this also restored Cocona's Boundary Gate after Croix destroyed it, allowing her to awaken from the coma this act placed her into.[5]

Curiously, this Song shares its melody with the first part of Infelious Rhaplanca due to Cloche sympathizing with the feelings that Rhaplanca had during her story.[6] The name of the song is taken from the holy tree of Implanta, which makes its appearance in most of the versions of the Tale of Rhaplanca, and fittingly, this Song makes up the second and final part of the zodal rhaplanca line.

Also known as Implanter.

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xA rre exali sarr wLYErm anw sphaela/.
xA rre exali sarr wLYErm anw sphaela/.
The dazzling sunlight covered and filled the world
xA sorr aLYEuk zess l.l.n. anw aje harphe/.
xA sorr aLYEuk zess l.l.n. anw aje harphe/.
As if it were blessing the coming of a new morning
xA sorr aLYEuk zess y.y. Ahiew_ayulsa/.
xA sorr aLYEuk zess y.y. Ahiew_ayulsa/.
As if it were healing a long-frozen sadness

xU rre rhaplanca hLYEmYAmArU enw raklya en yLYEzAtU,
xU rre rhaplanca hLYEmYAmArU enw raklya en yLYEzAtU,
Consigning her atonement and hopes to the 1001st seed
jLYEwA dejuy en arhou tes 1001 Implanta/.
jLYEwA dejuy en arhou tes 1001 Implanta/.
Rhaplanca sang and wished as her tears overflowed

花を散じ 朱に染めた指で
Hana wo sanji shu ni someta yubi de
With fingers colored in red that scatter the flowers,
額を飾る 棘を編んで
Hitai wo kazaru toge wo ande
I knit together the thorns that will adorn my forehead
私はいま 贖罪のしるし
Watashi wa ima shokuzai no shirushi
I am now the symbol of the atonement
茨の蔓の冠 戴く
Ibara no tsuru no kauburi itadaku
Accepting a crown made from thorny vines

Hohotsutai ochiru shizuku
The droplets run through my cheeks
渇いた大地に 染みて
Kawaita daichi ni somite
and fall, permeating the dry land
生命の芽 潤すよう
Inochi no me uruosu you
So the sprouts of life may receive water
雨となりて注ぎたい あなたに
Ame to narite sosogitai anata ni
I want to become rain and fall over you

この胸の中 溢るる
Kono mune no naka afururu
Brimming within my heart
光 舞い降りる
Hikari maioriru
The light descends
祈りの種は 耀う
Inori no tane wa kagayou
The seeds of prayer will shine
Kiseki ni mebuku
and sprout into a miracle

xN rre harr f.s. tes maoh ess ouvyu sechel/.
xN rre harr f.s. tes maoh ess ouvyu sechel/.
As she stood at the ruins of a city forgotten by time, the girl Rhaplanca whispered to Maoh:
:/xO rre qejyu m.t.y.y. anw daedu/.
:/xO rre qejyu m.t.y.y. anw daedu/.
"Humans will only give birth to unsightly things for as long as they live
Naave wEsLYN ayulsa sphaela/.
Naave wEsLYN ayulsa sphaela/.
Therefore, I have created an eternal world with no fear or unhappiness
xE rre vega a.u.k. ayulsa Asiance_qejyu/:
xE rre vega a.u.k. ayulsa Asiance_qejyu/:
This place itself is the Paradise, and the sole land of hope the people should aim to reach"

xN rre Maoh s.s.w. tie Rhaplanca enw h.k.t.t. has/.
xN rre Maoh s.s.w. tie Rhaplanca enw h.k.t.t. has/.
Maoh hugged Rhaplanca and told her:
:/Reta yorr tYAnU za j.d.r. goa Aujes_qejyu/.
:/Reta yorr tYAnU za j.d.r. goa Aujes_qejyu/.
"Please, don't let yourself to be carried away solely by the foolish part the people have to them

sYAlA Atitia_qejyu/.
sYAlA Atitia_qejyu/.
The humans also have righteous hearts within them
Reta yorr hYArAnAt oucc/.
Reta yorr hYArAnAt oucc/.
Let us both go in a journey
xU yorr vUsUk 1000 Aujes_qejyu/.
xU yorr vUsUk 1000 Aujes_qejyu/.
I feel it's very sorrowful that you had to bear witness to the 1000 malices and lusts of the humans
wYAfA za rYAfrm 1001 Atitia_qejyu en vYAsk yor/:
wYAfA za rYAfrm 1001 Atitia_qejyu en vYAsk yor/:
I want to show you the 1001 righteous hearts of the people, and I wish they may touch your own"

白き脚で 泥土を踏みしめ
Shiroki ashi de deido wo fumishime
I step into the mud with my white feet
翼は終に 穢るるとも
Tsubasa wa tsui ni kegaruru tomo
As my wings finally become stained
私はただ 生命果つるまで
Watashi wa tada inochi hatsuru made
I will just fly away until my life ends,
未来を信じて彼方へ はばたく
Asu wo shinjite kanata e habataku
Heading to the distance while believing in the future

贖いは いつか旅の
Aganai wa itsuka tabi no
My atonement and indefinite journey
全てを終える その日に
Subete wo oeru sono hibi ni
They will all end when that day comes

はてなき願い 謳おう
Hatenaki negai utaou
Let us wish and sing without pause
想い 重ねあう
Omoi kasaneau
Let us join our feelings with each other
つないだ指は 幾重の
Tsunaida yubi wa ikue no
So our connected fingers will be
Hanabira no you ni
Like countless flower petals

この胸の中 溢るる
Kono mune no naka afururu
Brimming inside my heart
光 降り注げ
Hikari furisosoge
Descend, light!
希いの木々は いつしか
Negai no kigi wa itsushika
The trees of the wishes will soon
Sora eto todoku
Reach the Heavens

xN herra h.r.n.t. anw sphaela ttu y.y. 1000 hiewi meryu/.
xN herra h.r.n.t. anw sphaela ttu y.y. 1000 hiewi meryu/.
To heal the 1000 sorrowful memories, both traveled all over the world
xN harr v.s.k. nafa eje en Atitia_qejyu enw h.r.n.t./.
xN harr v.s.k. nafa eje en Atitia_qejyu enw h.r.n.t./.
During the journey, she bore witness to the people's hearts and the warmth they had

xN rre Rhaplanca y.y. eh 1001 Atitia_qejyu,
xN rre Rhaplanca y.y. eh 1001 Atitia_qejyu,
Rhaplanca was healed by the 1001 nice memories she gained from these experiences
en harr w.n.s. anw ouvyu sechel sev maen olo/.
en harr w.n.s. anw ouvyu sechel sev maen olo/.
And during a certain full moon, right at midnight she returned to that land
xN harr h.l.s.s. ess ouvyu sechel.
xN harr h.l.s.s. ess ouvyu sechel.
Standing over the cold and sealed city of the dead, Rhaplanca trembled as she grieved:
:/xU rre vega a.u.k. zz ayulsa siance/.
:/xU rre vega a.u.k. zz ayulsa siance/.
"This place is no more than a dead city
xU rre vega a.u.k. zodal sechel/:
xU rre vega a.u.k. zodal sechel/:
It was never a Paradise or anything similar"
xN harr y.z.t. en y.z.t. enw raklya/.
xN harr y.z.t. en y.z.t. enw raklya/.
And as her tears kept on overflowing, a strong wish took hold on her heart
:/mAtUyYAy 1001 Implanta/:
:/mAtUyYAy 1001 Implanta/:
"I want to craft the 1001st seed"

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

From the faraway, faraway distance, a boy came to this land.
To the boy, this land was also the hometown of his heart, and like so, it
was where his most important feelings dwelt.
And also, it was the land where the princess that the boy loved so much lived.
Because of that, he felt more despair than anyone.
Because of that, is that this story is overflowing with great feelings like these.

When the boy saw the lamentable state in which this place was, worthy of
being called ruins, he was left speechless.
The people of that place were all dead.
There were only vestiges remaining of all the dead ones that once lived there.
The boy was dazed.
And while he was still snapping out of it, he met an "still living" girl.
He asked the girl:
"Why all the people of this city have died?"
The girl replied with a smile:
"Because they wanted to live without struggles... because they wanted to
live without suffering..."
The boy asked again:
"But they didn't suffer when they died?"
The girl replied smiling:
"But aren't they living in happiness now?"
"Living? Where?"
"Even if their bodies cannot move anymore, their souls are still living"
"I don't think that they are very happy living like that"
The girl knew the boy from somewhere.
His familiar voice and face echoed from her most remote memories.
Because of that, she didn't dare to ask his name.
Because this girl had passed by very bitter experiences too in these remote memories.

The girl told Maoh:
"The humans have coward souls. They have traitorous souls
That cowardice and treachery is what makes them unhappy,
so, I made for them a world where both fear and unhappiness don't exist."
The boy told Rhaplanca:
"The humans have souls that believe in the tomorrow, they also have generous souls
Their feelings and prayers are what will lead this world to happiness,
Therefore, the humans have to live upon this land."
"Come with me, Rhaplanca. I want you to come with me.
Since you have already witnessed the thousand karmas,
I want to show the thousand-and-one loves."

The two of them departed in a journey together.
For the first time, she was looking at the world. For the first time, she
was looking at the people.
In the trip, they both fought each other, and understood each other.
And both of them came to know each other, and to experience many different things.
With the time, there were also things that they could not understand of each other.
Rhaplanca felt the emotion of anger many times.
With the time, they also cultivated fields together.
Rhaplanca began to know what were the true joy and happiness.
And on the times that both of them fell sick,
she felt sad, but at the same time, her feelings got stronger.

Everything was new to Rhaplanca, who always spent her life singing endlessly at the temple.
Maoh continued teaching to her about life that the normal people had.
And eventually, she allowed herself various things that she thought that
at first, these were only dirty things, and thus she forbid herself from experiencing them.
Sometimes she suffered, other times she cried.
And so, the both of them continued their journey, while they supported each other.

Thus, when enough time had passed, they returned to that familiar hill.
Rhaplanca looked down to the dead city from the hill.
The city in which she could not see even one hope.
The city in which she could not see even one light.
It was an scenery so sad that it could not even be described by words.
Rhaplanca began to cry,
while Maoh embraced her.
She just kept on crying, until her tears dried up.

Then, Maoh told just one thing to Rhaplanca:
"Please, craft the thousand-first seed..."

Rhaplanca stood over the hill, in a night illuminated by the round full moon.
And, together with the drop of one of her tears, she began singing.
Together with each one of the words she sang, she began crafting.
The thousand-first seed...
She entrusted her feelings of atonement to that seed.
She entrusted her feelings of hope to that seed.
And when the thousand-first seed was finally crafted, the world was enshrouded
by the morning sun.
And since that morning sun was what breathed life back into this world,
it was the brightest morning sun ever seen.
It was as if God himself had descended inside of that morning light.
And while Rhaplanca was being supported by Maoh,
they gazed together at these plains.
The smoke that rose from the chimneys of the bakeries clouded a little the
morning sun, but it was softly swayed by the wind.
"Hi, new morning..."

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