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"I want to feel the same emotions with everyone and sing Metafalica, together..."

Luca is a very cheerful girl who was childhood friends with Croix. She works as a Dive Therapist in Rakshek and is extremely knowledgeable in all matters related to Diving and Dive Therapy, being the only one who can heal the IPD Reyvateils that later join Cloche's fan club. She has strange tastes in cooking. Her speciality dish is Chalon de Trois and Croix often indirectly calls her quite bad at cooking it. She seems to harbor a lot of secrets under her cheerful exterior, proving to be rather pessimistic and angry at times. Her Japanese surname "waath" means "revive" in Hymmnos language.



Luca is actually the adopted daughter of Reisha and Batz Trulyworth, and the child of the 32nd Holy Maiden of Pastalia, Lady Arshe. Her true name is Cloche Leythal Pastalia, but her name was changed to Luca to cover up her identity after Arshe was killed as a result of a conspiracy by Alfman.

At 2 years old, she was taken away from Enna Palace by Batz and Reisha for her own protection, and they had to live hiding and running to keep her safe. Finally, after some time, they finally settled in the town of Mint Ward, where Reisha gave birth to another daughter, Leyka. Together, they formed a poor, but very happy family.

However, these times came to an abrupt and sad end when Leyka ended having an IPD outbreak, and was taken away by Dr. Laude and the Grand Bell to be contained. Batz died in this incident trying to save her. This incident ended carving a very deep and unerasable scar in Luca's psyche. Not even the fact that Croix was adopted by Reisha little after this incident was enough to compensate for it.

Later on, she began to suffer more because Reisha chose to act cold and uncaring towards her to avoid hurting her if someday the Grand Bell learned of her true ascendence and took her away. However, this only worsened their relation, and made Luca's personality cheery on the exterior, but cold and bitter inside.

At 13 years old, she entered to work in a restaurant in the nearby town of Rakshek, but she later decided to leave to become a Dive Therapist, given that she had a very good experience with her first Dive session, even though her mother had forbidden her to do it. This also was motivated because her work on the restaurant was too hard because of the costumers, and she was unable to defend herself if any of them decided to pick on her; and also, because the work as therapist offered a much higher pay. Luca quickly showed her talents being able to create a restricted field in her mind in a few tries, but the training sessions were so hard and dangerous, that she might have died during them.

Around this time, she also began going on dates with Croix, and even if she loved him, their relation was pretty shallow, since she was mostly using him as a tool for getting to Pastalia, getting close to the Grand Bell, and rescuing Leyka. A certain day, Croix came back with news that he was accepted into the Knights of the Grand Bell, and departed for Pastalia. Luca was left behind, awaiting anxiously for the day in which she would be able to go to Pastalia with him.

Reunion with Croix[]

6 years later, Luca now 19, receives the fateful message from Croix to come to Pastalia. However, the day before her departure after doing her Therapy shift, she bumps into Croix. She then meets Cocona, Croix's adopted little Sister, and the 33rd Holy Maiden, Cloche Leythal Pastalia. Luca greets Cocona with a kind and cheery attitude, then turns to Cloche. At first she could not believe who she is but Croix erases her doubts. Luca's sudden burst out on meeting the one and only Holy Maiden makes the people around leave or confused at the situation. Cloche introduces herself and Luca replies both cheerily and nervously. Cloche asks Luca about her occupation and when she replies that she is a dive therapist, Cloche recoils in surprise and anger so much she draws her sword stating that Dive Therapy is a dirty and unscrupulous job, and also stating that her relationship with Croix is a disgrace to the name of the Knights. This serves to create a wall of misunderstanding and hatred between Luca and Cloche. Cloche later asks Croix to Dive with her, claiming it is purely for self-defense, but this maybe in spite of Luca being his girlfriend. Luca is surprised at her "bold" words and replies in a very shocked manner. Later on they meet Luca's friend Skycat, a waitress who works at the restaurant where Luca used to work before she became a Dive Therapist. Skycat treats Luca with a lot of respect even though they never worked together.

Croix has also become quite the celebrity in Rakshek as most people recognize him as Luca's boyfriend. Some even call him Luca's fiance which surprises the entire group, even Croix himself. Luca is always acting weird or uncomfortable whenever someone refers to her and Croix as lovers. However she seems to deny spreading exaggerated rumors and only referring to Croix to people as "a boy she used to live with," although it is highly likely she exaggerated the story and deliberately spread it around town. Why she did this is somewhat questionable because Luca is mostly using Croix to save Leyka. Perhaps it is part of her plan to get Croix to help her or maybe it is a sign of some true feelings she has for him.

More coming soon...

Cosmosphere Events[]

After Croix dived into Cloche's Cosmosphere, she welcomed Croix into her Cosmosphere soon afterward. The first level of her Cosmosphere is actually a soulspace specifically made for Dive Therapy, After she heard about Paradigm Shift from Croix during his visit to Luca's soulspace, she tried to made an artificial one. During Croix's next dive, she sealed off many of the area within the level 2 along with her alter ego, but her effort to hide her true self from Croix fails when she collapsed in her own soulspace, and the other Luca revealed the truth to Croix. Croix eventually convinced that she wanted to know the real Luca, and she crafted a Song Magic to tear apart the wall she created to hide her true self.

His subsequent dives with Luca focuses on her mental conflicts, where she try to put a smile on everyone by attempting to fill everyone's wishes in one Cosmosphere Level while she is relied on to save the world while she wanted a normal life on the other. Starting from the Level 5, her Cosmosphere started to becoming crazier and more ridiculous as his Dive into Level 5 of Luca's Cosmosphere is greeted with a eternal trap, only to be saved by the witch Luca, who wants Croix to reach her Cosmosphere Level for a seemingly dangerous motive, as hinted by the child Luca. The child Luca also shares the witch Luca's goal to guide Croix to her Cosmosphere Level, but has a strong distrust on the witch Luca, branding her as a dangerous will. If Croix chooses to get to know Luca more, he can dive deeper into her Cosmosphere (unavailable if Croix chose to protect Cloche).

Luca's Costumes and Hymns[]


EXEC_SOL=FAGE/. - Acts as the activator for the functions of the D-Cellophane, allowing the singer to borrow Frelia's Hymn Code and powers.

EXEC_METAFALICA/. - Half of the Metafalica Hymn. If this part is used alone, it will only create a defective continent that requires the soul of the singer (in other words, her Heart of the Land) to continue existing.

Hartes ciel, melenas walasye. - Despite not having any powers, this songs shows the development Luca underwent during the course of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

EXEC_VIENA/. - Lifts the optical camouflage over a pathway between Pastalia and Sol Marta called the Tower of Heavens.

EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. (together with Cloche) - The successful Metafalica Hymn that gives birth to the continent that everyone in Metafalss dreamed of.

EXEC_VISIONDANCE_PLUGINs/. - Sung while Frelia dances to make use of whatever remains of the Divine Drafters to create a stage that will be used for the annual Ar Ciel Commemorative Festival, which celebrates the revival of Ar Ciel and wishes for everyone in it to always live peacefully and in harmony.


Standard (Available from the start)

Stylishy (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 2)

Lady Emperor (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 3)

Pretty Cherry (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 4)

Assault Pain (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 5)

Sorcerer Maria (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 6)

Venus Torial (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 7)

Bathgirl (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 8)

Vow (Received after clearing Luca's Cosmosphere Level 9)

Tres Super Bien (Received after clearing Frelia's Binary Field Level 3)

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