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The Let's Enjoy the PlayStation© Vita 3G Present Project! (PlayStation® Vita 楽しもう3Gプレゼント企画!, Pureisuteishon Vita Tanoshimou Tsuriiji Purezento Kikaku?) was a special campaign held in collaboration between GUST and NTT Docomo, which had as its prizes the DLC codes for the Planetarium Date Spot and the Cafe de Como costumes for the Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta game, also allowing people who had claimed both pieces of DLC to use them afterward in Ciel nosurge OFFLINE: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta. This campaign also accompanied the release of update version 1.08 for Ciel nosurge.[1][2]

Campaign Details[]

The campaign ran between August 1st and October 31st, 2012, and it consisted of giving the aforementioned DLC codes to Ciel nosurge players who had renewed their phone contract for a Private Data 20 Hours Plan, or a Private Data 100 Hours Plan or Fixed Amount Data Plan with NTT Docomo if they had done the renewal while the campaign was held. Players who did the first would only receive the DLC code for the Planetarium, while those who did the second would receive both the code for the Planetarium and the code for the Cafe de Como.

Prize Claiming Procedure[]

In order to claim these prizes, players would need to own a 3G-capable PlayStation Vita with a Docomo SIM card inserted into the proper slot, start up the 3G functions of the Vita and log into the operator app, to then tap on the "Contract Details Confirmation and Renewal" button.

This would display the current contract the player has to then give place to a screen where they would have to scroll down to the bottom to then tap the "Apply for Contract Renewal Button". This would bring the player to a selection menu where they could choose between the Private Data 20 Hours Plan or the Private Data 100 Hours Plan, each also displaying which DLC codes the player would receive in exchange. Then, the player would have to choose their payment method, either by credit card or through the Docomo phone banking, and once the payment was complete, the player would have to return to the top to confirm the new contract details and exit the app.

The player would then have to open the Settings app and see a notification from docomo stating the contract renewal was successful and indicated the start and ending dates for the contract. Finally, the player would go to the "System Information" option of the Settings app to see their Vita's telephone number to then proceed to a special site[3] where they would have to click on "Obtain Present Applicant Code" and then input the PSN account name and password they were using to play Ciel nosurge. This would give them a "Present Applicant Code" unique to their PSN account, and would present them with a button to the project website.

There the player would have to tap on the button "Apply" under the "3G Continuation OO Present" header. This would bring up a screen where they would have to input the Vita's telephone number, the Present Applicant Code and their personal data to then pick between one of the four prizes of the campaign: the Date Spot, the Date Spot and costume, and two rewards for Ragnarok Odyssey. However, the player would be unable to pick prizes that their contract renewal was not eligible for.

After this procedure was completed, the DLC codes would be sent to the applicants approximately within 3 weeks.[4]