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Lere's emblem

Lere's heraldic emblem.

Lere (レーレ, reere?) is one of Ar Ciel's Wills of the Planet. As a direct subordinate of Horus and the direct superior of Saki and Shelanoir, she is one of the most important Wills in Ar Ciel's hierarchy, being the second Will that was created as part of the Land lineage, and serves as the overseer for Ar Ciel's cycle of life. However, since she has next to no capacity for the generation of life, she leaves these tasks to the two Wills that are under her care: Saki takes care of the animals while Shelanoir is the creator of the plants. In Ar Ciel's mythology, she has the role of Goddess of the souls and the material world; while her proper duties as a Will of the Planet are being the main Goddess of creation and serve as the controller for the H-Waves.

Appearances in the Human World[]

Lere has descended several times to the human world, and she appeared in several myths: she was the Goddess over which Juklizda and Clyuue fought over in what served as the origin story for the sky, people and underworld according to Sol Cluster myth, and she was the one that bestowed the divine protection and power upon Harvestasha during her fight against Salapator in the Afezeria HARVESTASYA story due to her being the demigoddess that was born from her. Likewise, she was the one that gave her help to Soreile when he requested for the creation of animals that could serve as guardians.

However, currently there is only knowledge of a story where she appears in as the main character, which is called "Lere's Water Reservoir". This story was a myth told in the region of Metafalss, and it told how Lere appeared on an abundant city as an old woman, and caused a drought as punishment for the people not giving her any food or drink when she asked, except for a few gentle ones. She then started carrying a water gourd, from which most people continuously stole water, but Lere later on called the people in the city that didn't take part in these thefts and gave them water from a sack she had hidden. The final result was that the people that drank from the sack became healthy and lived long lives, but the ones that stole water from her gourd died from being turned into water themselves, which later on became a large river that ended the drought the region was suffering from. This story also ended serving as the origin for the name of the Lere Water Reservoir that is located in the Rim of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico.

Events prior Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

Sometime after Ar Ru was created, Lere summoned Saki and Shelanoir to her side in order to try and find a way to solve the problem of the planet dying and dissipating the Sea of Death and Blastline. However, no ideas could be gained from it: Shelanoir suggested using plants that could absorb and purify the poison from the Sea of Death, which in Lere's eyes were similar to Ar Ru's Antibodies, and when she stated this, Shelanoir was greatly offended. Saki on the other hand suggested asking the humans for help, but this only ended with her getting chided by Filament.

However, Filament also reported that a strange life form had appeared in the world of the Gods, so Lere asked Saki and Shelanoir to investigate. This had the final consequence that Shelanoir's area of the Gods' world was destroyed and she was left in a comatose state and at the brink of death, so Saki volunteered to go and find a way to save both the world and Shelanoir. Lere was against this, but in the end she decided to allow Saki to do this and wished her the best.

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

While Lere herself doesn't have much of a role or importance in the overall events of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, she does appear in the eight level of Saki's Cosmosphere. Given that Saki decided to be cut off from the other Wills of the Planet and lose her status as such to be able to live with Aoto as a normal Reyvateil, she was left in an eternal sleep from which she would only be able to awaken with a proof of true love. Otherwise, if anyone tried to wake her up, she would turn into foam and die.

Therefore, Aoto was brought by Salapator and Filament to the presence of two Hymmas called Kurt Patio and Kurt Ciela, who were mediums capable of communicating with the higher rank of Gods. Aoto asked for their help in order to find a way to save Saki, and it was in this way that he met Lere. Lere felt the determination in his words, and gave him an orb that would serve to convey his feelings to her. However, she warned him that he should only give the orb to Saki if he was completely sure that he wanted to dedicate his life to her, which depends completely on the choices the player has made to this point in the Cosmospheres and storyline.


While Lere's Purification Site (mistranslated as Leele's Purification Site) in the city of Felion from Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star seems to be a reference to Lere, it's unknown if it has some kind of relation to her.

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