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The Legends of Rhaplanca (ラプランカ伝承, Rhaplanca Denshou?, lit. "Legends of Rhaplanca"), also called sometimes the Myths of Rhaplanca, or the Tale of Rhaplanca, are a series of myths describing the spiritual ideologies and utopia concepts that the people of Metafalss have had ever since they first settled on their land, around the -822 AD year.

The Legends of Rhaplanca are divided in several sub-stories or lines, each of which features a different iteration of the characters Rhaplanca and Maoh, who were stated to be reincarnations of each one in later periods in history. However, each line has also different feelings and themes contained within itself, as it will be explained below.

However, the final line of these myths, the Infelious Rhaplanca line, also serves as a partial retelling of the origin of Metafalss, and also shows how the ideologies and mentality of its people came to be.


varda rhaplanca[]

The varda rhaplanca line, also known by the name Record of Rhaplanca, Who Struggles so Much to Cultivate a Tree (ラプランカ命堪う大樹の手記, Rhaplanca Inochi Tau Taiju no Shuki?), is the line that was used by Jaza and Infel for the creation of their respective parts of Metafalica (EXEC_METAFALICA/. and METHOD_METAFALICA/.), as well as their combined form, EXEC with METHOD METAFALICA/.. It's a tragic story that ended being sublimated into a tale of cooperation and hope.

In this line, Rhaplanca was a girl that lived in a village located in the middle of a desert in which water and food were scarce, and rain never fell. A certain day, she found a seed among the sand, and then, she decided to begin raising it with the goal of allowing it to grow into a large tree, whose fruits would then nurture and save the people. For this purpose, she even sacrificed the little water she had in order to give it to the seed, which slowly began growing under her watchful gaze.

However, the other people saw these efforts as a waste of water and energy, and due to this, they continually attacked her and tried to destroy her seed. Despite this, Rhaplanca attempted to continue raising her seed and protect it from attacks. During these times, a young man called Maoh arrived at this barren land, and upon fixing his eyes on Rhaplanca, and hearing her pure wishes to help everyone he fell on love with her, and decided to help her with the raising of the seed.

During these times, the seed finally sprouted, and a small sapling began growing from it, overjoying both Rhaplanca and Maoh. However, both were dismayed when they noticed that the sapling would require even more water now, and Maoh suggested asking for a least a drop of water from everyone in the village. However, when they tried to do this, the people merely punched and kicked them, treating them as idiotic daydreamers, and chased them away. The people even went to the extent of stealing away the water that Rhaplanca and Maoh were going to give to the sapling!

Despite all their doubts, and the cruelty of the people, they continued protecting the sapling and giving it water. One day, they had the idea of helping the people by doing hard works or carrying luggage in exchange of receiving a few droplets of water, and thus, they did so. However, in other occasions, they had to donate their water to children that were on the verge of death, only to receive mere words of gratitude from their parents. Slowly, the eyes of Rhaplanca and Maoh lost their vigor and dreamy qualities, and were filled with despair. They continually asked themselves if they were doing the right thing, but at least Maoh felt at ease whenever he worked alongside Rhaplanca, and saw her doing her best.

However, this didn't last for much longer: on an especially bright day, Rhaplanca finally collapsed from the excess of work and the lack of water, due to not drinking anything for three straight days. Maoh embraced her and began crying while Rhaplanca felt that she was hit by the despair of the world, while asking herself why everyone had lost their hope to such an extent. Then both stared dazed at their sapling, and finally gave up, thinking that their feelings could only get so far, as their tears fell above it...

However, a second later they noticed that someone else had begun giving water to the sapling, and upon looking up, they saw the children they had saved from death irrigating the sapling. Day after day, the children came and gave a little water to the sapling, and later on their mothers came, and after that, their fathers came: in short, all of the people that both Rhaplanca and Maoh had helped were returning the favor now. All of them began giving water together to the sapling, no matter how small of an amount it was. Then, strangers began giving water to the tree as well. Combined, their efforts finally payed off, and the sapling slowly and slowly grew, until it finally became a large tree that reached the heavens, and it began bearing large and juicy fruits. Maoh and Rhaplanca were then declared as heroes, and everyone began living a more easy and peaceful life.

The Tree of Life, as some began calling it, became the main landmark of the village, and it was named Implanta. The feelings of hope that Rhaplanca had reached everyone in the village, and drove them to continue working together in the cultivation of this sacred tree, until the point in which it reached the skies above.

zodal rhaplanca[]

(more coming later on...)

This part of the tale tells of Rhaplanca's loss of faith and disappointment, and Maoh helping her regain hope in the world.

Part 1 can be read from the feelings section of EXEC_HIBERNATION/.

Part 2 can be read from the feelings section of METHOD_IMPLANTA/.

salavec rhaplanca[]

The salavec rhaplanca line, also known by the name of Legend of Rhaplanca~ Record of the Demon That Rules in Silence ~ (ラプランカ伝承~ 静寂(しじま)司る魔神の手記 ~, rapuranka denshou ~shijima tsukasadoru majin no shuki~?), is the story told in the song Singing Hill - Salavec rhaplanca -. In this one, Maoh and Rhaplanca were a knight and a princess, respectively.

Maoh had lost his parents in a war several years prior, while Rhaplanca's mother abandoned her when she was still very young. Both children came to live together, and grew together. Several years later, Maoh was recruited as a knight in the city of Lelentas, while Rhaplanca went on to become a popular singer in one of the city's bars.

One day, Maoh proposed marriage to Rhaplanca, but she refused his feelings, saying that she would only cause him pain and sadness. The next day, Rhaplanca was kidnapped by the priests of Lelentas, and tried to sacrifice her in order to fulfill the ancient oath that was made many years prior: that a Demon would provide them with power and prosperity as long as they sacrificed to him a girl per year. Maoh immediately understood the situation when he saw Rhaplanca's crying face, and rushed to save her.

When the sacrifice ritual was nearing its climax, the Demon appeared, and Maoh fought against him to protect Rhaplanca. However, none of his attacks seemed to make effect, until a certain sword fell in the ground before him. This was the sword that was used to make the oath with the Demon, and using it, Maoh was able to defeat the Demon. The priests were killed in the chaos that ensued during the Demon's agony, while Rhaplanca and Maoh retreated further into the forest.

When Rhaplanca awakened, Maoh explained to her everything that had happened, and while she insisted on giving up her life in order to fulfill the oath, despite the Demon's death, Maoh calmed her down, and convinced her to keep on living at his side. Thus, Rhaplanca cried long and hard in Maoh's chest, while he consoled her. However, his actions doomed Lelentas, which was filled with famine and plague shortly after, and it fell under the attacks of the neighboring cities shortly after.

No one can say for certain if Maoh's actions were correct or incorrect, as well there being many ways to interpret the ending according to each person's moral compass and values.

Infelious Rhaplanca[]

The final part of Rhaplanca's tale is called Infelious Rhaplanca ~Record of the Eternal Earth and Heavens~ (インフェリオウス・ラプランカ「永劫なる天地の手記」, inferiousu rapuranka [eikounaru amatsuchi no shuki]?), is the story told in the song Infelious Rhaplanca. Heavenly Prayers ~Rhaplanca~/Earthly Atonement ~Maoh~, and tells how the world ended to give birth to the region we now know as Metafalss.

This time, Rhaplanca was born as a priestess, while Maoh was born as the son of the Elm City leader. Maoh acted pretty much like an spoiled prince, and spent all the time trying to gain Rhaplanca's favour, even going as far as forcing her to marry him. On the other hand, Rhaplanca had dedicated herself to help the poor and needed, which the city had in surplus due to the terrible ways in which the people lived back then.

However, all of this soon came to an end: a certain day, Rhaplanca received an oracle of the God Juklizda, who told her that the world would be destroyed together with the people living in it. Only a few would be chosen and taken to the next world: a paradisaical land called Metel Filios. Rhaplanca appealed to Juklizda in an attempt to make him change his mind, but it was fruitless, and even he mocked saying that if she couldn't change her egotistical husband's mind, she didn't have any possibility of doing the same to the rest of the people. Then, he rose his hand, causing a horrible sound to resound throughout the world.

Then next moment, the skies lit up in red, the city was covered in rubble and corpses, and the land split asunder. A part of it, sustained by the divine tree Implanta, continued floating in the skies while the rest of it fell into eternal oblivion. The people then ran and tried to climb Implanta in an attempt to save their lives.

Maoh ran to Rhaplanca, and grabbing her hand he led her to Implanta. Once there, he began pulling the people that were climbing the tree to make a way for himself and Rhaplanca. However, Rhaplanca didn't move and instead, she gave her place to the people that tried to climb the tree. She at first believed she had helped them to save their lives.

However, a loud rumble was heard, indicating that the tree wouldn't be able to support the weight for much longer, and that it would eventually fall down and crash into the ground. Rhaplanca didn't want this to happen and appealed to the Gods to allow her to use a single miracle. They responded to this humble plea, and transformed her into a large rock, so she would be able to keep supporting Implanta eternally.

Upon seeing this, Maoh screamed and jumped off the tree. When he reached Rhaplanca, she had almost completely turned into stone. Even in this state, Rhaplanca told him her last wishes: to help everyone to reach salvation, and once the new land was created, he should make a new country based in the principles of trust, love, and gratitude. Then she turned into rock completely.

Maoh stood in front of his petrified wife for a a moment, and then, he wiped the tears from his eyes, and with a newfound determination he rushed back into the city in order to not leave even a single person behind. He helped the old, the children, and the sick, and led them to Implanta, up to the last moment in which the lava began flowing around the tree's floating island. Once the last person had safely climbed into the tree, the lava poured all around them.

During this time, the island floated in the lava while the people, squeezed in such an small space, prayed. Maoh did the same, but not for himself: his prayers were for Rhaplanca and for this world. Then Juklizda spoke directly to his heart. He told him that now his sins were forgiven, but in order to atone for them, he would have to raise the new world into a beautiful land and keep the promise he made to Rhaplanca until the end of his days.

Thus, Maoh became a fair and kind ruler, and led the people to the promised land of Metel Filios, which was later on renamed as Metafalss. The rugged plateau that was created by the lava served to them as a reminder of the rage of the Gods and the promise that was made with them.


Although not a part of the Tale of Rhaplanca, the feelings contained in METHOD HYMMELI/. are a sequel of sorts to the varda rhaplanca line. Said feelings were created out of Sasha's admiration for Cloche when the latter sang METHOD_METAFALICA/. before an angry crowd, and managed to appease them. She then used these same feelings so Cocona would be able to request the power of the IPDs for their journey in the Tower of Harvestasha.

Additionally, the feelings contained in the Song METHOD_ALTERNATION/. seem to be a line that serves as the definitive conclusion to the Rhaplanca legends, as it chronicles Rhaplanca's ascension into a goddess after having gone many times through the cycle of death and rebirth. However, this line isn't added to the main article because of not having a proper title yet.