Krusche Elendia
Krusche Information
Unaltered NameCursye Elendia
Age15 (AT1)
19 (AT3)
Height5'2" / 158 cm (AT1)
5'3" / 160 cm (AT3)
Weight90 lbs / 41 kg (AT1)
93 lbs / 42 kg (AT3)
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
English Voice Actor Jessica Straus
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshino Nanjō
"If I can cross the Blastline, I don't care what I'll find up there. "

Krusche is a Grathmeld engineer who specialized in airship building and repair that lives in Firefly Alley, she has so far built three of her own. She also does the repairs for Jack's arm, and has quite the competitive streak, especially around Misha, the two of them exchanging snark remarks to one another even as they work together as a team. When it comes to money she's all business and she's the type to blurt out a mean joke. Her goal is to cross the Blastline and she uses a giant chainsaw in battle

Krusche's Story

Origins and Life Before Ar tonelico Melody of Elemia

She had a boyfriend named Luke, who had left in an airship to attempt passing the Blastline. He never returned and afterwards Krusche has been determined since then on getting there herself and seeing if she could find any clues about what happened to him.

Story in Ar tonelico Melody of Elemia

She encounters Lyner Barsett while facing off against a virus-infected machine; Lyner quickly jumps in to help her battle it, as does Misha(though not too willingly). They retreat when Bourd shows up and decides to head to Nemo.

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Misha's Path

She goes along with Jack and Misha to get the Hymn Crystal. After retriving it she is employed by Tenba as a chief engineer. She finishes the Airship and enters the Blastline fulfilling her dream. At the Dragon's Nest she finds Luke's toolbox, realizing that he's breaking up with her and she needs to move on.

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End of the Game

She plans to leave on a journey and Jack offers to join her as a bodyguard and they depart together (This can indicate a relationship is forming)

Ar tonelico III

4 years ago, Krusche decided to explore the world. She arrived at Sol Cluster with Jack. She used to work at Tenba, but she is currently in retirement. It seems that Jack and Krusche are in fact not in a relationship, because the reason for her coming to Sol Cluster is to find Luke.

Krusche in Ar Tonelico III


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