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The Kniehar Signal Station (ニェハル信号所, nieharu shingoujo?, lit. "Niehar Signal Station") is a facility located in the Tower of Harvestasha halfway between the Garvelt Bridge and the Lymph Vessel, and it serves as the point that controls the trafiic for the Tower's vertical railroad system: the Granvert Gauge. Due to the severe measures implemented by Clustania, this is the highest point to which the humans can access, as the entrance to the Lymph Vessel is sealed away with a Hymmnos Spell, and any Archians trying to sneak through the Granvert Gauge are forced to disembark here.


During the course of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel's events, Aoto and his friends infiltrated in this place, assisting Gengai and Luphan in searching for way to deactivate the Prome Wall, which would allow the Great Fang Militia invade Clustania. Upon entering, Luphan told them that the entrance was a mere substation, and that the actual operative center was a little further in. They then ran off in its direction. However, Aoto noticed that Filament was left looking in yearning to the other way, which led to the Lymph Vessel, further inside the Tower. She told Aoto she could hear someone singing from there. Aoto told her that was in the opposite direction to their curent objective, and furthermore, they still didn't have the password for entering. However, he promised Filament that they would go there as soon as they got the code.

As soon as they arrived at the operative center, they noticed that the place was swarming with guards, and they were forced to fight them to make their way to the console room. However, the more guards they killed, the more appeared, so Gengai told them to go on while he kept them busy. However, they found out that the entrance was protected by a force field, so they had to deactivate it unless they wished to die electrified by the lasers.

Once they arrived at the console room, they saw a Reyvateil being attacked by a robot. Katene told them to go on, as he would take care of the robot by himself. After the others went away, he drew a gun and shot it at the robot's eye, leaving it temporarily disabled. The Reyvateil thanked him, while Katene asked her if she was from the higher areas of the Tower, and upon being told "yes", he got all excited and asked her to take him there.

As for the rest of the party, they met Jack and Krusche, who were apparently extracting information from the computers. Tatsumi asked them what they were doing after Jack showed surprise to the fact they had defeated that robot. Tatsumi told Aoto they were the guys they talked about in Sasha's shop, to which Jack replied he never expected to encounter them in this place, and told Krusche the tides seemed to have changed. Krusche told him they had gotten the gateway address, and it was time to get away. They then fled. Luphan asked them to chase them in case they had done anything to the terminals that could hinder their chances of attacking Clustania while he stayed behind to deactivate the Prome Wall. However, before Aoto and the others had any chance to go after them, the robot that Katene had disabled suddenly reactivated, and they had to fight against it. After its defeat, they noticed that Katene wasn't around anymore, but they didn't have any time to worry about him, and returned to the Garvelt Bridge to go after Jack and Krusche.

As soon as they returned to the entrance, they met up again with Gengai, who ordered them to abandon the place at once, as it was surging with Clustanian soldiers: apparently, somehow the information about their invasion got leaked, and if things continued like this, they would be crushed by their fleet. Aoto explained that Luphan was still upstairs deactivating the Prome Wall, so Gengai went to find him. Before he went, Hikari Gojo asked if he had seen Katene anywhere, to which Gengai replied he didn't, but that he would bring him back as soon as he found him. Then, he told the party to escape and meet with him back at the camp before taking off. Filament told Aoto she needed to climb the Tower, to which Aoto replied that they had to escape right now. So they ran off as fast they could and took the elevator back to the Garvelt Bridge.

Shortly later, Aoto used the Hymmnos Spell that Luphan had gotten for them to open the doors into the inner sections of the Tower at the other side of the Station, granting them passage into the Lymph Vessel.


In comparison to previous dungeons, the Kniehar Signal Station is extremely simple, as it's only a large symmetrical room. However, in order to access the treasure chests and gain access to the control room, it's necessary to press the switches that are located almost at the extremes of each side.



Number of Treasure Chests in this Area: 5


Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 5

Encounter Probability: Middle

Talk Topics[]

  • You're Way Too Rough (after beating the K-11G miniboss)


  • Although it was said that it would be possible to deactivate the Prome Wall from here, that was merely false information that Ayatane gave the Great Fang Militia to dispose of them.
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