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Kanon(カノン) is a recurring character in the Surge Concerto games.


Ciel Nosurge[]

She exhibited amazing talent in forming a pact with the Genom King Cosal at the young age of 9[1]. Kanon became the archbishop of Chimon as a fellow Imperial succession candidate with Ion. Ion gave Kanon the title "Enlightened Sovereign".

Ar noSurge[]

She becomes the leader of the Sharl, and as the "Representative of God" she sings yal fii-ne noh-iar at the Alter of Nohiar which summoned or extracted Cosal from the Micro-Quasar.


  • "Kannon-sama" is the Japanese name for Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion.
  • Her Friend Skill is called "Scramble Tag". She throws charged talismans at the enemy to inflict damage and lower defense.


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